DIY Dollar Tree Crafts – Wine Style Projects on a Beer Budget!

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DIY Dollar Tree Craft Ideas

DIY Dollar Tree Crafts

Wine Style Projects on a Beer Budget!

I love to craft and getting my craft supplies at my local Dollar Tree store is something I do often, to keep costs down. Another fun thing is that they rotate their stock seasonally, so it is always an adventure to check out what is avaiable. It can be overwhelming once you are in the store sometimes to figure out what to buy to create with. To help with that, ee have a big list of DIY Dollar Tree Crafts for all seasons, to inspire your crafting projects.

Items at the Dollar Tree are now $1.25 per item, and some of these projects use just a few items, so it really can be cost effective. There are a number of specific project items shared here, but the Dollar Tree is also a great spot to grab general craft supplies. Things like paint, or Mod Podge and even Cricut supplies these days. My local Dollar Tree has a huge crafting section, but youc an also buy items online here too!

Dollar Tree Craft Ideas

You will find craft ideas that you can make year round here, all using Dollar Tree supplies. From Spring craft ideas, to summer garden projects, fall signs and more, adn lots of Christmas craft ideas too!

Note that their inventory will rotate seasonally. Often we find the same/similar popular items returning each season (sometimes with just a new design). So although you may not find these exact supplie lists at the time you are shopping, they should be able to help guide you to look for similiar ideas to create similar projects with.

Dollar Tree Easter Crafts & Spring Craft Ideas

Here are a few projects we love to make to inspire your Dollar Tree Easter Crafts & Dollar Tree Spring Craft ideas.

Dollar Tree Cutting Board Crafts

Farmhouse Milk Crate To Hold Flowers

Although we made our Farmhouse milk crates for a Mothers Day gift, these can really be used year round as decor items in your home, and gift boxes to gift as well.

herb garden made from dollar store supplies

Dollar Store Garden Projects & Crafts

There are so many fun projects to make for your garden from the Dollar store items. I love to do herb gardens as gifts, Find ideas on herb gardens and more Dollar store garden projects and crafts too!

Tin Flowers Made from Dollar Tree Cookie Sheets

DIY Tin Flowers Made from Tin Cookie Sheets

This has to be one of my very favorite dollar store projects. You can use them in your garden, or mount them on a wall in the house for home decor. I made the one shown above a few years ago, and still enjoy it in my garden year round. It is hard to get beautiful garden art for the price you will pay for these!

diy cake stand from dollar tree pizza pan

DIY Cake Stands

These are some of my favorite items to make for both entertaining and home decor. Keep an eye out at your local dollar tree for plates, chargers, and pie pans you like. Look for candle sticks and vases or glasses for the base. You can use them to display plants on, or bring them out when you are entertaining. They are super versatile, and no one will ever know you made them from dollar store items!

DIY Paper Flower Pots

Mini Spring Flower Pots

The Dollar Tree has started carrying many supplies to use with your Cricut or other cutting machines. Or, there are lots of options to make paper flowers without a cutting machine too. This project is perfect to use dollar store supplies for, just find a small pot you love, beautiful paper options, and some of their greenery and start creating.

Succulent Trees from Dollar Store plants

Succulent Trees

I made these for Christmas and lit them up, but they are perfect for spring time too! In fact it is probably easier to find a larger assortment of faux succulents in the spring time.

Dollar Tree Fall Crafts + Dollar Tree Halloween Crafts

Fall time is one of my very favorite times to start creating, and using Dollar Tree supplies is one of the most affordable ways to do that. I just love to put on a great pot of pumpkin spice coffee and sit down to some crafting. Here are some of my favorite Dollar Tree Fall Crafts to make.

Dollar Tree Calendar Projects

10 Fall Decor Items you can make from Dollar Store products

This has lots of ideas from fun fall signs and boxes, to halloween themed night lights or candle holders. Check them all out for tons of fall crafting inspiration.

Dollar Tree Fall Craft Ideas

Fall Signs Made from Dollar Store products

Signs are one fo my very favorite things to make from the Dollar Tree supplies, and fall seems to be a great time to grab supplies. This is one of my very favorite signs using Dollar Tree items, as it is a substantial size and turned out so cute. I was making mine for a party where we had a Caramel Apple Bar, but you could make any saying you want on your sign. This one is so simple, as you are taking three dollar store signs and combining them into one big one.

Plus, here are two more kinds of signs you make with different signs: 

Fall Porch Signs

Fall Porch Signs Made from Dollar Tree Pumpkin Signs.

Dollar Tree Fall signs

Custom Fall Signs Made From Dollar Tree Calendars

These are simple signs you make from mod podge a square sign and a calendar page!

DIY Acorn Harvest sign

Fall Acorn Craft

These fall acorns are a fun craft to make for home decor, and can also be fun to do with kids!

Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts

Dollar Tree Christmas crafts

We share lots of Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts here .

These are some of our favorite Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts. You will find Christmas wagons you can make out of cake pans, and spatulas, gnomes out of mops, splatter screen snowmen and so much more!

Dollar Tree Wood Crafts

Dollar Store Wood Truck Christmas Craft

These wood truck boxes, are one of my personal favorite Dollar Store Wood crafts to make. I use them to decorate at Christmas or as a gift box to hand out cookies or candy to neighbors with. You do not have to make them Christmas themed though. You would do a more general farmhouse theme and keep them up year round!

succulent Christmas Trees

Mini Succulent Christmas Trees

Make these Mini Succulent Christmas Trees with items from the dollar store! I added little fairy lights to mine, so it adds some nice ambiance to my hallway at night. It was so simple to make that kids can do it, but fun enough for adults too!

Paint Stick Farmhouse Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

These fun Advent Calendars can be made from craft sticks or paint sticks and hot glue. They are a fun way to count down the days until Christmas with your family.

Dollar Tree Valentine Crafts

Dollar tree sock gnomes

Dollar Tree Sock Gnomes

These gnomes are made with Dollar Tree socks and the little monkeys they sell. You can make them during any season, but they are especially fun to make for Valentines day with all the cute options available..

coffee filter pencils crafts

Coffee Filter Pencil Flowers

These are fun to use as school valentines or just for crafts at home. Grab a pack of coffee filters and some pencils at your local dollar store.

Dollar Tree Valentine Crafts

Valentines Hot Cocoa In a Jar

The cups available at the Dollar Tree will change, but you can usually find one that will work for this – and they seem to always have hot cocoa mix and marshmallows!

You will also find a ton of Valentines Day cards and classroom Valentines you can make, using many items you can often find at the Dollar Tree here.

Dollar Tree Cutting Board Crafts

I love to make Dollar Tree Cutting Board Crafts! I have found small (cheese board style) plastic cutting boards, cutting board shaped signs, and if you are lucky you will find small wood cutting boards in stock too. The wooden ones do not usually have the handle (and I prefer the handle design personally), but there are some fun things you can make out of both designs.

Some ideas for Dollar Tree Cutting Board Crafts Include: 

  • Make signs to hang in the kitchen with them.
  • Make the Milk Crates that we shared above.
  • You could also tweek the Milk Crate design into a DIY toolbox (to store items for your craft room).
  • Make Recipe Boards as a gift – simply print and decoupage your favorite recipe onto one of the boards. Hang in a special spot in your kitchen, from the hole in the handle.

dollar tree craft supplies

Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

Plus, Dollar Tree Craft Supplies are just great to stock your craft room or supply area with in general. They have a number of craft projects (like ceramic or wood pieces you can paint), ready to go – or use them for your own favorite craft projects!

If you want to skip a trip in the store, you can stock up on all of these great deals by shopping the Dollar Tree Craft Supplies online here too

More Dollar Tree DIY Crafts

Here are a few more ideas of fun Dollar Tree Crafts to make too.

DIY Straw Bracelets Craft with Dollar Tree Straws

Make DIY Straw Bracelets with Dollar Tree Straws!

The plastic straws are almost always available at the Dollar Tree, but also check back in the wedding and party section (or seasonal sections) and you can sometimes find paper straws too!

Magnetic Board with Dollar Tree Pizza Tray

Magnet boards made from Dollar Store Baking Trays

Grab a metal cookie tray and some magnetic backing and paint to make one of these fun magnet boards.

Make a Doll Closet with Dollar Store products

We show you how we used some Dollar store closet organization items to make a doll closet for our 18″ dolls.

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