Silverwood Theme Park – Budget Friendly Getaway in Idaho

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Silverwood Main

Silverwood Theme Park Vacation

Do you love theme park vacations? If so, you will want to consider Silverwood Theme Park if you have not already visited. Its a wonderful getaway that will cost you MUCH less then Disneyland, but offers great family fun, shorter lines, and there are a number of other things you can do in Northern Idaho beyond just the theme park. My family first discovered Silverwood when our kids were much younger, and we have been visiting every couple of years ever since.

Silverwood Theme Park makes a great family get-a-way option for a couple of reasons:

  • Its close enough to drive to from Seattle and Portland areas (not a short drive, but can be done in around 5 and half hours).
  • There is fun for all ages. Its a great vacation option if you have kids of multiple age ranges, as there is something for everyone to do.
  • Affordable for a vacation if you plan carefully. Especially for a Theme Park vacation!
  • There is water park fun, as well as theme park fun.
  • Northern Idaho is a beautiful backdrop, and there are many more outdoor activities to plan into your vacation.
  • Its an easy short vacation (we usually take 4 days out of the week to head over).

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SIlverwood Park

You could plan a vacation to Silverwood Park for a budget as low as $500 (for a family of 5) if you plan carefully. We cannot even get our tickets to Disneyland for this price, so its a wonderful alternative.
Sample budget breakdown based on our trip is:
  • Gas $120 RT (took us one tank there and one back, and a little extra to drive around while in Idaho)
  • Campground (4 days/3 nights) – as low as $69 if staying in State Park (with tax) or $90 + tax if staying at Silverwood
  • 1 day of park tickets – $123.96 (price you can get if you stay at Silverwood camp ground – see below for more discount ticket ideas)
  • Food/Entertainment – $150 (we went shopping at the Walmart in town for food to cook at the campsite, and purchased some treats and drinks in the park).

Silverwood fun

Silverwood always makes for a fun family vacation!

Getting There:

It took us one tank of gas to get there, and one tank of gas to get home. With gas prices like they are, we spent just over $100 on fuel. Not a bad price for transportation for a theme park vacation for a family of five! The drive is about 5 and half hour drive.

We left at 8am and were checked into our campsite getting ready to set up by 2pm. Some trips we start by heading to Spokane for the first night and enjoy the Riverfront park first, and then heading to Silverwood the next day


Feeding your family on a Silverwood vacation includes eating in the park, and out of the park. The most frugal option is to use your regular grocery budget and eat your own food! This is what we did for our out of the park time (we cooked over the fire at our camp spot with groceries we packed from home and some we picked up at the local Walmart).


Park like grass area you can eat your own food on (at picnic tables or on the grass). Its a short walk out from the park, in front of the parking lot area.

Bring Your Own Food – 

We chose to visit the park for 2 days, but if you are on a tight budget you could do one day and spend another free day at Lake Coeur d’Alene. The first day we ate in the park. The second day we packed a lunch in the cooler (you will have to leave the park to eat your own food, they do not allow food and drink in), and then returned to the park for an ice cream snack (we ate at the Ice Creamery two days in a row!). I like to eat out, so was not looking forward to heading out of the park for lunch, but ended up really enjoying the break. We enjoyed a peaceful lunch, and some time to just sit and relax, and were refreshed when we headed back to the park. There are picnic tables that border the Silverwood Campground that you could use to bring a picnic from your car out to, if you want a table setting.

Ice Cream at Silverwood

Snack Tips – 

The ice cream cones  at the Creamery were huge! My kids started eating them so quickly I did not get a picture of the full size, but they were HUGE. The adult cones or bowls (shown in picture above) were $4.79, and you could get more then one flavor. These are easily big enough for two people to share. The kids cones were $2.99 ea (shown in top picture) and were still a very generous size.  I let the kids get their own large ones this year, but you could let two kids each pick a flavor and get two spoons, and they would both have a sizable snack for under $5 if they share one!

Free refills at Silverwood

I highly recommend buying the refillable sodas (comes to around $8.49 for the jug or $1 less if you buy with a meal). You can refill it for free all day long on the day you purchase it, and for $.99 per refill on the second day. We were there during exceptionally hot weather so it was well worth it to purchase one on the first day of our trip just to stay hydrated easily.

Silverwood Main Street

You can find the Theater I mention below, or the saloon (with entertainment) and other spots to eat on Main Street pictured above.

If you want an affordable snack, and way to get away from the crowds in a cool spot mid day, head to the movie theater on main street. We had our refillable soda, and ordered a popcorn for a couple of bucks. We then went into the movie theater to watch the old black and white movies and share the soda and popcorn. We were the only ones in the air conditioned theater, so it was a nice break from the heat and crowds.

Pizza Board

Meals In The Park –

Another park favorite for us is to visit the Pizzeria for the Illusions show and order the Family Special ($24.99 for a large pizza, breadsticks, and 4 sodas this year). We think its a great deal because you can eat while watching the show (or you can go watch the show for completely free without ordering food too). It gets crowded so you will want to get their early.

Silverwood coffee house

If your looking for a quiet spot to get away and take a break, stop in at the Coffee shop at the front of the park. Its right inside the tickets gates, and since most people are deeper in the park it seems to never have large crowds and there is plenty of seating and air conditioning to take a break.

Tips for Eating Outside The Park – 

We subscribed to Groupon and Living Social for Spokane/Coeur D’Alene ahead of time to watch for deals on restaurants over there.  There are many restaurants to choose from (like Olive Garden and other chain restaurants) between Couer D’Alene and the Silverwood area, so you could bring a coupon for one of those and do something along those lines (or check the local zip code on before you leave to see if they have any restaurants you want to eat at).

There is also a Costco in Coeur d’Alene you could stop at their food bar, or a Burger King on the way up that has $1.49 kids meals too. There is also a Walmart, Fred Meyer and other shopping options in the area if you prefer to wait to get your groceries over there.



The highlight of our vacation was visiting Silverwood Theme Park! My family always has a great time here. Silverwood has both a theme park and a water park, all accessible to you, once you pay the one admission price.

Theme Park –

We always start our trip out on the Theme Park side (just a personal preference). The teens seem to like to spend more time at the waterpark, and my younger kids like the theme park better. There is a great section for young kids with lots of rides for them to choose from, and a tree house to play in if mom or dad needs a break.

Elephant ride

This is their Elephant ride, similar to the one you will find at Disneyland. They actually bought this one from Disneyland years ago! I love this, as my girls have always loved this ride and the line at Disneyland is CRAZY…but at Silverwood we can generally walk right up to the ride with little to no line!

Silverwood Swing Ride

Silverwood Rides

For the big kids there are many great roller coasters, a river rafting ride (yes you will get soaked), log ride, carnival area and more. Its all set in an old west theme, which is fun.

We love to take a break by getting on the train from main street. It runs on the hour, but you will want to board early to get seats. Its about a 30 minute excursion, including some entertainment, so its a nice opportunity to sit down for awhile with the family.

Water Park –

The water park is again set up great for both big and little kids. For the big kids there are many large slides, a lazy river, two wave pools and the raptor (green slide that you go down in a raft with a group of people). For the little kids there is a toddler spray park (above) and then a larger toddler area with slides, water guns and much more (below).

One tip we have is to head back to the toddler spray park (all the way at the back of the park by the raptor). Its usually easier to find seats back there, and there is even a covered area with picnic tables if you get there early enough). We found it to be a bit less crazy then the rest of the park, and a good spot to gather everyone together before we all went our own way.

There are plenty of big kid slides and activities. My teen spends most of his time in the waterpark.

Wavepool at Silverwood

The whole family love the TWO wave pools, and the teens loved the bigger slides

In addition to the waterslides and kids areas, there is a lazy river, and two wave pools, as well as swim up bars to get something to drink in the lazy river area. There are tubes available to rent, lockers to store your stuff ($5 for regular size, or $7 for family locker), bathrooms to change in and places to eat and drink. It does close a few hours earlier then the theme park side, and the theme park are can get crowded after that time, so plan accordingly.

You can find more details on the attractions available, and hours for when you will be visiting at the Silverwood website.

Silverwood Grounds

One of the things I love about Silverwood is how clean the grounds are, and its so well themed with beautiful gardens, lots of spots to rest (they even had water mists you could walk under on the hot days we were there). All of these things make it not only a fun theme park getaway, but I do not leave Silverwood as exhausted as I do other parks I have visited. It really is kept up well, and beautiful!

In general, my entire family loves to vacation at Silverwood, from mom and dad down to our youngest, teen, and everyone in between. Its not too hectic, but plenty to do at the same time. We find it a great, and more importantly affordable, option to visiting the larger Theme Parks located in other states.

Do you vacation in Silverwood / Lake Coeur d’Alene? What are your favorite travel tips for this area? 

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Disclaimer – Silverwood did provide my family and I free passes to check the park, as well as a camping site to stay in. Idaho Tourism provided a stay at the Days Inn to be able to check that option out for families looking for budget friendly options. All opinions are strictly my own!

Silverwood Campground & Other Places To Stay Near Silverwood!

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Silverwood Campground Main Image

Silverwood Campground and Other Places to Stay When Visiting Silverwood Theme Park!

There are many budget friendly options  for a family getaway to Silverwood! These include tent camping, RV parks, hotels and motels, and more! We generally choose to camp every year, to keep our visit as budget friendly as possible. It can be tough to decide where to stay when visiting Silverwood if you have not been to the area before. We have done a handful of trips to Silverwood, and wanted to share some insights on spots to stay.

We have stayed at a handful of places over the years, and I will share some experiences below, but a couple of resources to check out if you’re trying to decide where to stay include:

Visit Idaho Site (this is a great planning resource, as you can select Northern Idaho as your region and then look for places to stay based on the type of accommodations you are interested in (hotel, RV, etc). You can also see what activities are in your area, if you want to do more in Northern Idaho in addition to visiting Silverwood.

Silverwood Theme Park Lodging Resources Page – Find hotels near Silverwood on their site, or stay right on site at their RV park (see review below from our stay)

Some Ideas on Places to Stay When Visiting Silverwood


Camping is our favorite way to visit Silverwood. Well, actually we like to camp most of the time and break it up with a night or two at a hotel/motel in the Northern Idaho or Spokane area. The reason we prefer camping for this area is that: a) it makes the vacation very budget friendly (can camp for as low as $20 + tax per night in the area) and b) the weather is so nice in the summer, and the area beautiful. Here are a couple of our preferred spots when visiting Silverwood.

silvewood campground 2

The General Store at Silverwood Campground

Silverwood Campground & RV Park

We have stayed at the Silverwood Campground & RV Park twice now. It’s the most convenient spot in terms of location. You can simply walk right into the park from your campground…no driving or parking fees!

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Silverwood Tickets – Where to Get Silverwood Discount Tickets

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Silverwood discount tickets

Silverwood Tickets – Silverwood Discount Tickets 2015

Looking for Silverwood discount tickets? Silverwood offers many money saving options to help you save on your vacation. We have included this seasons regular prices below for reference, but with a little planning there is no reason to pay full price to visit Silverwood.

Be sure to check out our posts on:

– Where to stay when visiting Silverwood

– And our review of Silverwood Theme Park

for more money saving tips on visiting the park!

Regular price tickets are as follows: General admission $46.99, Youth/Senior $23.99, 2 and under are free.

There are a number of Silverwood discount tickets available, and if all else fails simply purchase them online ahead of time. When you buy your tickets online you get an automatic $3 per ticket savings. Adult tickets are $42.99 (8-64) and kids (3-7) & Seniors are $21.99 per day for 2015 prices.

If you want to visit Silverwood for more then 2 days, your best bet is to probably purchase a multi-day pass at their online prices, for the best rate. You will pay $36.50 per day (adult tickets) or $18.50 per youth ticket for two day, or $34.33 for three day tickets (adult) and $16.66 for youth for three days.

(Check out our review of Silverwood here, if you have never been and are wondering how many days to visit for).

Places to Find Silverwood Discount Tickets:

To save even more start by checking out the Silverwood Deals Page, and select the month you plan to travel. There are many opportunities to save that way if you can be flexible with your dates. I also recommend signing up for the Silverwood newsletter. Each month they will send you coupons and sometimes there are even promo codes available. You can also follow them on Facebook as they run a handful of ticket giveaways throughout the season you can enter to win free Silverwood tickets!

Stay at the Silverwood Campground – They offer discounted rates to those who are staying at the Silverwood RV and Campground. Current rates for campers are $40.99 (ages 8-64) and Youth/Senior admission $20.99 (ages 3-7 and 65+). You can buy these tickets from the general store at the campground.

Get Silverwood Tickets at Costco – I found the ticket prices shown in the top picture for $38.99 at my local Seattle area Costco this year (2015). I have also heard they can often be purchased at the Costco in Coeur d’Alene (you might want to call ahead to see if they are available if you want those tickets).

Consider Planning your Trip with friends and family. If you can get a few families to go, you could qualify for a group discount (minimum of 15 people). When you have kids in the mix it often only takes 3 – 4 families to hit that minimum number. Not only will you get discount tickets for buying as a group, but they offer an all-you-can eat buffet for as low as $9.99 pp (great deal in the park).

AAA Discount for Members – Are you a AAA member? If so they currently offer the tickets at $39.99 for adults and $18.99 for kids!

Police, Fire or Military Members can get discounted pricing at the gate (ID required). They are $41.99 per adult ticket, and $20.99 for youth/senior tickets.

Search for promo codes to use online – We did this one year, and saved $10 per ticket. RetailMeNot currently has a $5 off promo code available. The best way to do this is just to google for promo codes that are available when you visit, and then purchase your tickets online at Silverwood with those promo codes.

Visit after 5pm for discounted rates and pay $23.99 per ticket (all ages).  This discount works well if you plan on driving in one day and setting up camp, and then can take advantage of some evening fun in the park. We did this for one day this year, and picked up one the kids tickets for $20.99, then used this discount for the adults.  If its a Friday or Saturday night in the summer, the park stays open until 10pm, so its a good way to get some fun it at a big discount. Note that Boulder Beach closes earlier (generally at 7pm in the summer) so you will want to head their first if you want to fit water fun in with this option.

Plan your trip around Special Discount Days – Silverwood offers a variety of promotions throughout the season. Sometimes you can get buy one ticket get one free, or other discounts. Upcoming deal days for the 2015 season include:

September 12 & 13, 2015 – Grandparent’s Day than at Silverwood Theme Park! Get one FREE ticket for Grandpa OR Grandma. Plus everyone receives a special pricing of only $37.99 for General Admission (ages 8-64) and $20.99 for youth/senior admission (ages 3-7, 65+).

September 12 & 13; 19 & 20; 26 & 27, 2015 – Save money and help our local food banks! This weekend save up to $18 dollars on admission

Check their deals page here to plan your trip around one of the discount days!

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Great Wolf Lodge Promo Code – Rooms as low as $149.99 After Coupon Code!

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Great Wolf Lodge Promo Code

Great Wolf Lodge Promo Code!

(Updated Regularly)

There are some new promo codes available for Great Wolf Lodge at the Grand Mound, WA location that will help you save on stays right now.

Check out this new Great Wolf Lodge promo code that will help you get rooms for as low as $149.99 per night, if you book by 8/25, for members (sign up for free here) with promo code EARLY! The lowest prices will be for mid-week stays (costs go up for weekend stays if they are available), and you will need to stay between 9/7/15 and 10/30/15 for this rate. You can also get themed suites (like the bear den) for $187.99 after promo code for the same dates.

If you are looking for dates for this summer, you can stay starting at $169.99 through 9/4/15 with promo code SAVINGS (again the lowest prices will be for family suites on weekdays, but it should provide you a 20% savings). This code will save you 15%-20% depending on the length of your stay (need to book by 8/25 to use this code).  There is also a summer offer going on where you can stay for as low as $215.99 plus get a $25 per day resort fee (so its like paying $190.99 for the room) with promo code SIGNIN15, in case this one works better with your dates. This code is good for stays through 9/4, but you only have until 7/17 to use it!

Military Members can use promo code HEROES to get rates starting at $159.99 through 12/31/15 too!

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Tips on Saving at Great Wolf Lodge


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And we share Great Wolf Lodge Groupon deal here too, when available!

Virgin America Flights Seattle to SAN FRANCISCO As Low As $68! (Today Only Sale)

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Virgin America Flights

Virgin America is back with another awesome sale! They just launched an eight-hour sale on California fares from Seattle for fall and winter travel. You can get deals as low as $68 for Seattle to San Francisco.

More info about Virgin America:

Named the Best Domestic Airline from Travel + Leisure magazine for the sixth year in a row, Virgin America’s upscale in-flight experience is complete with Wi-Fi, food on demand, live TV and pay-per-view movies.

Few Flights You Will Find:

  • Seattle to San Francisco $68
  • Seattle to Los Angeles $78
  • Portland to San Francisco $58

Check out other ways to save on your next Disneyland trip!  And our Disney Travel Pinterest board You may also want to check out Disney hotel deals and resort deals.

Make sure to check out our Travel Tips Pinterest board for some inspiration & ideas for when you travel.

Fine Print:

  • Tickets must be purchased by 4:59pm PT on Tuesday, July 7, 2015. Main Cabin fares are one-way and require a 21- day advance purchase. Travel must occur between September 9, 2015 and February 10, 2016. Additional service dates include: FLL-SFO begins on September 25, 2015, SFO-HNL begins on November 3, 2015, FLL-JFK begins on November 3, 2015, and SFO-OGG begins on December 3, 2015. Lowest sale fares are available only on certain itineraries. Lowest sale fares are only valid for travel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. For SFO-HNL/OGG, lowest sale fares are only valid on Tuesday and Wednesday. Blackout dates include: 10/9/15, 10/12/15, 11/6/15, 11/9/15, 11/20/15– 11/30/15, 12/18/15 – 12/31/15, 1/1/16 – 1/4/16, 1/15/16, and 1/18/16. Seats are limited, subject to availability, and may not be available on all flights. Flights may not operate daily. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. For travel solely between points in the Continental Western Region (LAS/LAX/PDX/PSP/PVR/SAN/SEA/SFO/SJD only) and AUS-DAL, changes or cancellations can be made for a $100 fee per guest through all channels, plus any increase in fare, if applicable. For all other itineraries, changes or cancellations can be made for a $150 fee per guest through all channels, plus any increase in fare, if applicable. Any remaining balance will be placed in a guest’s travel bank, good for travel on Virgin America for one year from date of issue. Changes or cancellations of a booking made with Elevate Points will be subject to a $100 redeposit fee per guest. Guests who no-show without a change or cancellation prior to the scheduled departure time will forfeit the amount of this fare. In addition, any future flights booked in the same reservation will also be canceled and the fare will be forfeited. Tickets purchased from Virgin America through our reservation call center will cost an additional $20 per guest per itinerary. Any added cost associated with purchasing tickets from Virgin America through our reservation call center will be non-refundable. Fares will not be honored retroactively or in exchange for any wholly or partially used ticket. Fares, routes, fees and schedules are subject to change without notice. Virgin America will accept up to ten pieces of checked baggage, up to 50 pounds each, per ticketed guest traveling within the U.S. The fee for each piece of checked baggage up to 50 pounds is $25. Additional fees apply to baggage exceeding these weight limitations, and other baggage restrictions may apply.† Points required to redeem an Elevate travel reward on Virgin America will be publicly available on a seat and flight-specific basis and are subject to change. Domestic reward bookings are subject to a security fee of $5.60 per one-way trip payable by credit card or Virgin America credit file, where each one-way trip may include a connection or stopover between two domestic flights not exceeding 4 hours. There may be multiple one-way trips on the same reward booking. The Passenger Facility Charge and Segment Fees are waived for domestic reward bookings. For international reward bookings, Virgin America guests are responsible for any taxes and fees incurred from international travel. These taxes and fees are subject to change at the discretion of each country’s government and also vary from country to country depending on the origin and destination.

Hotels and Disneyland – How to Save On Your Disneyland Stay! (Plus Current Hotel Deals)

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Hotels and Disneyland

Staying at Disneyland (and Disneyland Hotel Deals) –

Here are some tips on how to save the most on Hotels and Disneyland stays in the Anaheim area. Be sure to check out our Disneyland Deals page too, for more great ways to save on a Disneyland Vacation!

We will also be updating this with current hot Disneyland Hotel deals as they become available. See the section below on current Disneyland Hotel Deals to see what might be available this month!

There are two ways to save the most on your stay when looking at Disneyland Hotel Deals:

1) Stay during the off season. The off season for Disneyland runs from:

  • Mid-January through mid-March (except for President’s Day Weekend)
  • Mid-April through mid-May (except during Spring Break)
  • Mid-September through mid-November (except during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort)

Generally speaking, you will save more if you book a weekday stay vs weekends too (plus you miss more crowds this week, but may run into shorter hours, etc).

Disneyland offers a resource here on when to visit Disneyland, with information on what to expect for weather, crowds and more.

Fairfield Anahiem

We spent one night at the Fairfield Marriott Anahiem, across the street from Disneyland

2) Stay off site at one of the Disneyland good neighbor hotels ( a non-Disney Hotel) – Staying at one of the Disneyland good neighbor hotels vs a Disney Resort will save you lots of money! I have to be honest and tell you that I am a Disney Resort fan personally, but its really a personal decision so I will point out some of the pros and cons of both (and where to find the best deals). My family has stayed onsite at all three Disneyland Resorts, and off-site in walking distance and off-site requiring a shuttle. Every stay was great, and I recommend them all. Here is some more info when trying to decide whether to stay onsite or off site.

The Disneyland Main Gate area is a great place to stay if you want to be in walking distance to Disneyland. Some of these hotels are directly across the street from the Disneyland Maingate (you walk through the transportation area of Disney where the shuttles drop people off). Two that get great recommendations are The Fairfield Disneyland Maingate and The Howard Johnson Anahiem. We stayed at the Fairfield for a night on our latest trip and we had a front row seat for the evening fireworks from our balcony. The room also accommodated our family of 5 nicely (pull out couch and two queen beds). Customer service was great, there was a pizza hut and arcade on the third floor, Mcdonalds in the parking lot, nice swimming pool and a really easy walk to Disneyland! Plus their online booking system is awesome. Book your hotel stay in advance to secure your rate, but you can keep an eye on the rates and if they drop you can cancel and rebook for the lower rate with no penalty (as long as you are more then 24 hours out from your stay)!!

Howard Johnson Hotel

Photo Credit: Howard Johnson website

The Howard Johnson is a little bit of a longer walk, but it includes a small water park on site, so may be fun if you have little ones. I have not stayed here personally, but the reviews are good, and it is the only non-Disney hotel with a waterpark.

Another benefit of staying offsite is that you will have easy access to many more affordable restaurants then if you stay in a Disney resort.

I find Trip Advisor to be a great spot to read the reviews and decide which hotel might best suite your family.

Best ways to save on Off Site hotels near Disneyland:

  1. Cheap Tickets is a branch of Orbitz (legit site for both Disneyland hotels and park tickets – we bought ours through them for our recent stay). They almost always offer a 20% off coupon code, that can really help you save. Find their current promo codes here!
  2. Orbitz also offers promo codes good to use on Hotel deals. Find a list of current promo codes with them here.
  3. Expedia often offers special promotions too. See site for details.
  • Get Away Today offers some of the best Disneyland discounts as far as travel sites go.  They often include extra promotions (like currently they are offering a free night stays, free kid’s backpacks, discounted Character Meals and more).  I found one deal for the Clarion in Anahiem for my family for around $1500 for a 4 day 3 night stay, and includes free parking and free breakfast (and kids eat free for other meals too). This included a 3 day park hopper ticket, and the price of the tickets alone for my family ran around $1200, so this is a pretty amazing deal! I was looking at packages with tickets included, and they were running approx. $500 less then comparable packages on the Disneyland site. Plus TNWM readers can save an extra $10 off with promo code ThriftyNW14  Another benefit for Get Away Today is that you can use their layaway program and make payments on your vacation to spread the cost out over time.
  • Check to see if your preferred hotel has an online booking site that will not cost you any cancellation penalties (like the Marriott site I mentioned above). That way you can book far in advance, and then keep an eye on rates and cancel and rebook at the lowest rate you find. Many of these sites guarantee lowest rates too, so if you found a lower rate on one of the travel sites you can submit for that rate.
  • Don’t forget to join the rewards programs of these hotel sites too. You could get close to a free nights stay with some, if you are booking 4 or 5 night trips.


Current Disneyland Hotel Deals:


Red Lion Hotel – Anaheim, CA – as low as $89/nt!  Close to Disneyland, this hotel offers the atmosphere of a friendly Inn.  You can even view the Disney fireworks on the weekends by an outdoor fire pit.  In-room amenities include refrigerator, microwave, iPod docking station, flat-screen TV, Keurig coffeemaker, and free WiFi.  The hotel’s newly-remodeled restaurant serves all-American favorites and showcases their pool bar and smoothies. On Fridays and Saturdays, enjoy complimentary poolside s’mores.  Request a premium guest room for views of Disneyland.  Dates available into November.

[Read more…]

Discount Great Wolf Lodge Deal – Summer Dates (Start at $199 NT for Suites + $25 Resort Credit)!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy here.

discount great wolf lodge

 Discount Great Wolf Lodge Deal!

Just a reminder, that its the last chance to take advantage of this offer if you are interested!

Looking for Great Wolf Lodge deal? Here is another great Great Wolf Lodge deal available right now from Zulily, that is perfect for summer dates!  They are offering deals for the family suite, for a two night stay. The rates work out to be $199/ nt for suites plus get a $25 nt resort credit. That is a good price for this time of the year, if you are looking to make visit through September (read fine print below as there are a few blackout dates)! This is also only for Sun. – Wed. stays

They did sell out some of the options when they last offered this promotion, so you may want to shop early if your interested. Its generally the Friday night stay option that sells out first.

**You can find current Great Wolf Lodge promo codes and savings in this post here too if you want to compare prices!

Great Wolf Lodge Discounts Available for the Grand Mound, Wa. Location:  (you can find other location offers here too)

  • This $399 zulily-exclusive voucher is good for a two-night stay with arrival dates between Sunday and Wednesday from July 5, 2015 to Sept. 3, 2015 at Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA.
  • Stay in the Family Suite, which offers two queen size beds and a full size sleeper sofa, as well as a semi-private sitting area with a 32-inch television for when you’re kicking back in the room.
  • You also receive four passes to the indoor water park with the option to buy two more and $25 per night in resort credit that can be used at any outlet.

Fine Print:

  • Limit two vouchers per zulily member
  • Promotional value expires Sept. 3, 2015; paid value does not expire
  • $399 for a Two-Night Stay in Grand Mound, WA 7/5 to 9/3
  • Blackout dates: Aug. 9
  • Does not include tax, shipping, handling, gift certificates or resort fees

Make sure to check out our tips for ways to save while you’re at Great Wolf Lodge, too.  For more ways to save, make sure to check out additional ways to save at Great Wolf Lodge using the military discount, signing up for E-mail alerts on discounts and more.

Southwest Airlines Sale – Flights as low as $49 & Up

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Southwest Airlines Sale

Southwest Airlines Sale – Flights as low as $49 & Up

I got an email today about a 72 hour day sale happening at Southwest Airlines, with fares starting as low as $49 one way & up! This sale is only lasting through Thursday, October 16th at midnight. This sale is for travel between December 3rd, 2014 through December 17th, 2014 and again January 6th, 2015 through February 11th, 2015. {Make sure to check out blackout dates & other exceptions – not valid for travel on Fridays or Saturdays.}


Here are a few sample rates that I saw listed at Southwest Airlines:


  • Seattle – Orange County – Starting at $99 one-way
  • Seattle – Chicago (Midway), IL – Starting at $149 one-way
  • Seattle – Las Vegas, NV – Starting at $99 one-way
  • Seattle – Sacramento, CA – Starting at $99 one-way
  • Seattle – San Diego, CA – Starting at $99 one-way


  • Portland – Chicago (Midway), IL – Starting at $149 one-way
  • Portland – Denver, CO – Starting at $99 one-way
  • Portland – Las Vegas, NV – Starting at $99 one-way
  • Portland – Phoenix, AZ – Starting at $99 one-way
  • Portland – Sacremento, CA – Starting at $49 one-way

Fine Print (make sure to check their site for all the fine print details):

  • Purchase from October 14th through October 16th, 2014, 11:59 pm for the respective time zone of the originating city.
  • Travel December 3rd through December 17th, 2014 and January 6th though February 11th, 2015.
  • Blackout Dates Apply: Travel to Florida or Nevada is valid Sunday through Wednesday only.  Additionally, travel from Florida or Nevada is valid Tuesday through Friday only.  Travel between Nevada and Florida is valid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.
  • Some flights operated by AirTran® Airways.
  • Fares valid on nonstop service only.
  • Displayed prices include all U.S. and international government taxes and fees.
  • Seats and days are limited. Fares may vary by destination, flight, and day of week and won’t be available on some flights that operate during very busy travel times and holiday periods.
  • Travel is available for one-way Wanna Get Away® Fares.
  • Fares are nonrefundable but may be applied toward future travel on Southwest Airlines, so long as you cancel your reservations at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. Failure to cancel prior to departure will result in forfeiture of remaining funds on the reservation.
  • Any change in itinerary may result in an increase in fare. Standby travel requires an upgrade to the Anytime Fare.
  • Fares are subject to change until ticketed.
  • Offer applies to published, scheduled service only.

Staycation Seattle – Things To Do In Seattle (& Greater Seattle)!

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100 Staycation Ideas for Seattle

Looking for budget friendly vacation ideas for the Pacific Northwest this year?  With the high cost of airfare you might want to consider taking a “Staycation” in Seattle (or a mini vacation in Seattle if you live within driving distance)! Seattle, the “Emerald City”, offers many things to do and explore beyond the well known Space Needle.

We have compiled a huge list of things to do in Seattle  that are budget friendly. You can also check out these Discount Tickets for Seattle if your planning to attend an event or show!

Find activities by area of interest:

Always Free In Seattle / Frugal Fun In Seattle
Free Museum Days
Festivals, Fairs & Events
National, State and Local Parks
Beaches, Pools & Lighthouses
Movies & Concerts
Sightseeing & Attractions
Discount Tickets for Sporting Events, Theater & More
Open Air Markets
Seattle Staycation Tips

If you are interested in what to do in the Greater Puget Sound area this summer be sure to check out the following:

Fun & Frugal Weekly Events in the Pacific Northwest
Summer Fun Ideas for the Pacific Northwest
Pacific NW Travel Reviews/Ideas
Weekly Budget Friendly Getaways post
Kids Eat Free in Seattle and Portland Areas

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Local Getaway – Great Deals at NEW Angel Of The Winds Casino Hotel

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Angel of the Winds

Angel of the Winds – Budget Friendly Option in Skagit Valley!

My husband had to work out of town for some time this year, and we were looking for a chance to getaway and reconnect now that he is back. With three kids still at home, we were looking for a local option that was not too far, and was affordable. So, when the opportunity presented itself to try out the new hotel at the Angel of the Winds Casino, we called in grandma to watch the kids and packed our bags.

We had a wonderful time, and scoped out tons of money saving opportunities for you too! If you’re looking for a couples getaway where you can relax, reconnect, but still have some things to do, then this is a great option.

The hotel has some great savings packages, and there are a number of great budget friendly food options. There also are quite a few free things to do throughout the area as well. A couple could do a great overnight getaway for under $200 including food, room and some entertainment. You could even do it for less if you really planned well!

Angel of the Winds Casino opened up in 2004. There was no hotel at that time, and the casino space was much smaller than it is today, but they adopted the mantra “Worlds Friendliest Casino” and the casino grew mostly from Word of Mouth as they lived up to that friendly reputation. Fast forward to today, and the expansion includes a brand new hotel, along with new casino space, and continued plans for growth. Since the hotel is new, and they want more folks to become aware of it, it is a great time to get a good deal. The hotel itself just opened this past December, so its all new and very cozy. The hotel is on one side (no smoking at all in that area) and the casino on the other side, so it can be a good budget friendly option even if you don’t game at all.

Hotel Savings Packages for Angel of the Winds:

Hotel Overview – 

The Angel of the Winds Casino and Hotel is new (opened in December) and the rooms are very nice. They offer a number of savings packages, and we found some really great values for the quality of room and stay.

angel of the winds hotel room

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