Great Wolf Lodge Promo Code – Up to 50% Off Coupon Codes!

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Great Wolf Lodge Promo Codes

Great Wolf Lodge Promo Code!

(Great Wolf Lodge Coupons Updated Regularly)

There are some new Great Wolf Lodge promo codes available at the Grand Mound, WA location that will help you save on stays right now.

Check out this month’s current Great Wolf Lodge promo codes below, to help you get rooms for the  lowest rates. Remember that you will generally find the lowest rates when you select a mid week stay (from Sunday to Thursday). You can select the room type you are looking for, under the promotion you are interested in, and then select the rate calendar to find the lowest prices. This is a great way to book the lowest cost room if your dates are flexible.

Great Wolf Lodge Rate Calendar

To find the rate calendar, you will need to search for a room on a specific date, with the promo code you want to use added in the promo code field. Once you are looking at the pricing, you will see that there is a check rate calendar option under the pricing (circled in yellow above). If you click on that it will bring up a window that will show you what prices are available for the months that promo code offer is good.  You will also want to have the kind of room type you are looking for selected (we were looking for lowest price so we selected the family suite).

Great Wolf Lodge Coupon Codes

Here is an example of the rate calendar we pulled up for an offer, just to show you how it works. If you have a Great Wolf Lodge coupon, add it into the promo code field first and it will pull up rates with that discount applied.

Great Wolf Lodge Promo Code

Here are a couple of current coupon codes available to use on your stays:

(Note – select the “Check Rate Calendar” option once you have selected the room type, to find the lowest rates if your dates are flexible) 

Great Wolf Lodge Promo Codes available: 

Looks like the Grand Mound location is currently open. Be sure to check your location for open date announcements.  

Great Summer Sale Save up to 30% off on your stay

(We found dates for as low as $119.99 a night in October and November at the time of publishing. This rate may sell out quickly, so check it out soon if interested!)

Stay Dates: through 11/18/2021
Book By: 08/22/2021

Save up to 30% off your stay.

Use coupon code: ACOUNTDOWN or COUNTDOWN

All in One Deal 15% off on your stay & $250 for All in One package

Stay Dates: through 09/06/202
Book By: 09/06/202

Save up to 15% off your stay.

Use coupon code: ALLONE

Summer Camp In SavingsOne complimentary package with your room rate

Stay Dates: through 09/06/2021
Book By: 09/06/2021

Save up to 20% off your stay.

Use coupon code: EMD

Early Saver Coupon Code

Stay Dates: Stay Dates through 12/20/2021  We found rates as low as $149.99 on select dates with 3 night stay.

Save up to 20% off 1 night stay or up to 50% off a 2+ night stay if you reserve your suite at least 60 days in advance. Once reserved, the deposit is non-refundable, but if you find a better rate on GreatWolf.com, they will match it at no extra charge.

Use coupon code: ESAVER

More Fun for Less DealMulti-Night Coupon Code. We found rates starting at $169.99 in July

Stay Dates: Stay Dates: through 12/21/2021

Save up to 40% off when you stay 2 or more nights. You’ll need to book within 60 days of when you want to go.

Use coupon code: MOREFUN

Military & First Responders Coupon Code: We found rates as low as $179 in September

Stay Dates: 01/01/2021 – 08/31/2021
Book By: 07/01/2021

Military Members can use promo code HEROES to get 30% off the price! This is available to military, fire, emergency medical service personnel, police and correctional officers.

Here is how you Can Save Big at Great Wolf Lodge Right Now!

In addition to the Great Wolf Lodge promo codes that are currently available you might want to check these articles out on other ways to save on Great Wold Lodge stays, as well as ways to save once you are at the resort!

Tips on Saving at Great Wolf Lodge


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  1. I wanted to add a Police and Fire Promo code that we use all the time It’s only good at the Traverse City MI location….


    1. Leigh – have you tried calling them as I know my friends have used that rate when they’ve called & gotten more of a discount. I wonder if it’s just not working on the website right now? Let us know your experience if you do call! Thanks!

  3. I worked for Safeway for 31 years and have used there discount promo code in past visits. I am unable to reach them for this weeks trip. Are they still with you for discounts?

    1. Hi John – I would recommend you contact Great Wolf Lodge directly – we do not know of any discounts with Safeway, but they could tell you if they work with them. Hope that helps!

  4. I am trying to help a friend out she is a single mom with a limit income. She wants to take her kids to Great Wolf Lodge before they go to school but can not afford it. She can go on August 4 to 5. Is there anyway she can get a room for less then 300.00?
    I appreciate anything you can do to help her.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Heather – I recommend calling Great Wolf Lodge directly to find out if they will honor the discount for Veterans. I have called them in the past, and they said that they do – but I cannot find anything in writing that confirms that, so the policy could change at any time Thanks!

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