Disneyland Hotels & Hotels Near Disneyland- Best Deals For Your Stay!

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Should you stay at Disneyland or one of the Hotels Near Disneyland, and what are the best current deals for Disneyland area hotels?

Here are some tips on how to save the most on Hotels and Disneyland stays in the Anaheim area. Be sure to check out our Disneyland Deals page too, for more great ways to save on a Disneyland Vacation! We have general tips on how to save on Disneyland Resort Hotels, as well as current hotel promotions and specials in the Disneyland area for Disneyland Resort Hotels as well as Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels.

Hotels and Disneyland Save on Your Vacation to Disney

For more details on some of the good neighbor hotel options, check out this article that reviews some of our favorite hotels near Disneyland and provides more detail on staying there.

We have included lots of ways to save the most on hotels near Disneyland in this post. The topics you will find covered below include: 

  1. Current Disneyland Hotel Deals (the best promotions we could find available – update weekly on Thursdays)
  2. Save by staying at Good Neighbor Hotels (or offsite hotels) – Includes tips and tricks to save the most in general
  3. How to Save the Most on Disney Hotels – Includes tips on the benefits of staying at the Disneyland Hotels and how to find the best savings for these.
  4. Be sure to order your FREE Disneyland Vacation Planning video here as well. They are fun to watch, in addition to helping you start to plan the best Disney vacation for your family!

Current Disneyland Hotel Deals:

Here are some of the best hotel deals we could find for Disneyland for this week. If you are looking to do a package deal we recommend that you check out Get Away Today. We have heard from many readers that they have purchased their packages through Get Away Today and had a great experience. Plus, if you are purchasing a package deal with them, save an extra $10 off with promo code THRIFTYNWMOM

We have also found great Hotel + Ticket and just Hotel deals through aRes Travel. This is another trusted travel site that focuses quite a bit on Disneyland area travel. If you are just looking for the most affordable stay, they offers for as low as $50 per night.

We have listed out some of the best deal highlights below, with some info on the hotel/motel and location, etc.

Current Disneyland Resort Hotel Deals:

Here are some of the discounts available from Get Away Today:

Plus, be sure to check out some of the details on these Good Neighbor hotels here: Staying Off-Site When Visiting Disneyland – Best Hotels By Disneyland To Stay At!

Good Neighbor Hotel Deals:

Clarion Hotel Anaheim Resort (3-star review on Trip Advisor) – Anaheim, CA starting at $100 per night. This hotel offers an outdoor pool, free WiFi, fitness center, game room, guest laundromat and more. It is less than two blocks from Disneyland.

Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites (4-star review on Trip Advisor) – Anaheim, CA starting at $149 per night. This hotel offers an indoor pool, indoor hot tub, free WiFi, game room, complimentary continental breakfast and more.

Red Lion Hotel Anaheim Resort (3.5-star review on Trip Advisor) – Anaheim, CA starting at $91 per night. From the outside of this hotel, you can watch the Disneyland fireworks. They offer a heated outdoor pool, fitness center, outdoor fire pits, complimentary WiFi and more.

Extended Stay America (3.5-star review on Trip Advisor) – Anaheim, CA starting at $108 per night. This hotel is designed for longer stays with studios featuring fully-equipped kitchens. Amenities include an outdoor pool, vending machines, exercise facility and more.

Ayres Hotel Anaheim(4.5-star review on Trip Advisor) – Anaheim, CA starting at $116 per night. This hotel is about 2 miles from Disneyland. They offer MP3 player docking stations, outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub, in-room microwave and fridge, fitness center, complimentary breakfast and more!

More Tips on Ways to Save on Disneyland Hotels

There are two ways to save the most on your stay when looking at Disneyland Hotel Deals:

1) Stay during the off season. The off season for Disneyland runs from:

  • Mid-January through mid-March (except for President’s Day Weekend)
  • Mid-April through mid-May (except during Spring Break)
  • Mid-September through mid-November (except during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort)

Generally speaking, you will save more if you book a weekday stay vs weekends too (plus you miss more crowds this week, but may run into shorter hours, etc).

We have a resource here: Best Times of Year to Save BIG at the Disneyland Resort (+ Fewer Crowds), with information on what times of the year you can save the most, what to expect for crowds and more. You can also check out Disneyland Vacations – Save By Traveling During Off Peak Times for more details on traveling during the off season. It is one of my favorite times of the year to visit.

Disneyland Hotels & Hotels Near Disneyland

We spent one night at the Fairfield Marriott Anahiem, across the street from Disneyland

2) Stay off site at one of the Disneyland good neighbor hotels ( a non-Disney Hotel) – Staying at one of the Disneyland good neighbor hotels vs a Disney Resort will save you lots of money! I have to be honest and tell you that I am a Disney Resort fan personally, but its really a personal decision so I will point out some of the pros and cons of both (and where to find the best deals). My family has stayed onsite at all three Disneyland Resorts, and off-site in walking distance and off-site requiring a shuttle. Every stay was great, and I recommend them all. We share some specific suggestions, and reviews of many of the good neighbor hotels in the Disneyland area in this article: Staying Off-Site When Visiting Disneyland – Best Hotels By Disneyland To Stay At!  A few even have small water parks!

The Disneyland Main Gate area is a great place to stay if you want to be in walking distance to Disneyland. Some of these hotels are directly across the street from the Disneyland Maingate (you walk through the transportation area of Disney where the shuttles drop people off).

Staying off site can be a particular good option for larger families, as Disney rooms will require you to get multiple rooms generally. There are larger suites at some hotels, that will accommodate larger families better.

Another benefit of staying offsite is that you will have easy access to many more affordable restaurants then if you stay in a Disney resort. Many even include free breakfast with your stay, which is a big perk! Be sure to pay attention to things like parking costs, and transportation to the parks when looking at good neighbor hotels too (or transportation to the hotel from the airport if you will not have a car).

Best ways to save on Off Site hotels near Disneyland:

  • Get Away Today offers some of the best Disneyland discounts as far as travel sites go.  They often include extra promotions (like currently they are offering a free night stays, free kid’s backpacks, discounted Character Meals and more).  I found one deal for the Clarion in Anahiem for my family for around $1500 for a 4 day 3 night stay, and includes free parking and free breakfast (and kids eat free for other meals too). This included a 3 day park hopper ticket, and the price of the tickets alone for my family ran around $1200, so this is a pretty amazing deal! I was looking at packages with tickets included, and they were running approx. $500 less then comparable packages on the Disneyland site. Plus TNWM readers can save an extra $10 off with promo code ThriftyNW14  Another benefit for Get Away Today is that you can use their layaway program and make payments on your vacation to spread the cost out over time.
  1. ARes specializes in offers in the Southern California area, so you can often find some great hotel prices through their site.
  2. Cheap Tickets is a branch of Orbitz (legit site for both Disneyland hotels and park tickets – we bought ours through them for our recent stay). They almost always offer a 20% off coupon code, that can really help you save. Find their current promo codes here!
  3. Orbitz also offers promo codes good to use on Hotel deals. Find a list of current promo codes with them here.
  4. Expedia often offers special promotions too. See site for details.
  • Check to see if your preferred hotel has an online booking site that will not cost you any cancellation penalties (like the Marriott site ). That way you can book far in advance, and then keep an eye on rates and cancel and rebook at the lowest rate you find. Many of these sites guarantee lowest rates too, so if you found a lower rate on one of the travel sites you can submit for that rate.
  • Don’t forget to join the rewards programs of these hotel sites too. You could get close to a free nights stay with some, if you are booking 4 or 5 night trips.

Disneyland Hotels:

Here are some of benefits of staying on-site at a Disneyland Resort:

Early Park Entrance Hours – this is the best benefit in my opinion. When you stay at a Disneyland Resort you get early entrance into one park or the other each day of your visit. You can get one day of early entrance with a multi-day ticket if you stay off-site too, but having this option each morning of our visit was great! We were able to easily get on Cars one day by utilizing early entrance. It was a nice way to enjoy many of the harder to get on rides, and then we would take a breakfast break during the morning rush after they opened the park to all. Even better, the Monorail is open during this early hour for hotel guests so you can avoid the crowds at the front gate.

Disney Theming throughout the hotel and grounds (you never leave the magic of Disney). Our headboard in the Disneyland Hotel could light up at night with a fireworks theme, they played Disney music from the alarm clocks, you can have a Disney bed time story on the TV in the evenings and more. You can also request to have a character call in the morning to wake you up!

– There are many other Disney events for your downtime out of the park (like movies, storytime, character sightings and more).

Convenience. We were able to enjoy many conveniences while staying at the Disneyland Hotel. We were able to pick up our park tickets at the front desk while checking in, and avoid the ticket lines. If we purchased anything in the parks (or won prizes) we could have them sent back to our hotel for free, and not carry them around the park all day. Guest services is located right in the hotel so we were able to easily set up restaurant reservations, get info, etc.

Be sure to check out the Disneyland Insiders Tips, for more ideas on how to plan your Best Disneyland Vacation possible!


Ways to Save on Disneyland Resort Hotels:

We got our rooms for 25% off this year, by using a promo code they sent us. As far as I can tell nobody knows exactly how to get on their mailing list to get these codes, but we get them yearly usually, and I think it may have started when we booked a Disneyland hotel stay (or possibly ordered the vacation planning DVD). Sometimes they provide the promo codes on their deals page too, for slower times of the year (which are our favorite times to travel to Disneyland).

Here are some tips for saving on Disneyland Hotels beyond just booking during the off season:

  • Check out the Disneyland Offers and Promotions page for current specials.
  • Check Get Away Today for current promotions (Plus TNWM readers can save an extra $10 off with promo code ThriftyNW14 )
  • Get on Disney’s mailing list, to get emails from Disney and promotions (they sent ours to us in the mail). Some speculate that you can do this when you request a free Disney Planning DVD or Cruise Planning DVD, or if you have stayed with them before, but we do not know for sure how to get on that list.
  • If you are booking online at the Disneyland website, pull up a chat box and ask the representative if there are any travel promotions available (they sent me a link to book the 25% off directly online, so I would have been able to do that even if I had not received the post card from them).
  • Book  your Disneyland travel through Costco Travel to get extra perks. Costco is a popular spot for families to check out Disneyland deals, but be sure to compare – they are not always cheaper.  For my family this worked out to be more then $200 in extras! Costco does sometimes offer packages with free character dining vouchers, or extra perks like those, so if you can get one of those they can be a good deal.
  • Call the Walt Disney travel company directly and ask for promotions (note – I always do this just in case they have a lower rate for me – but in this years case I found a rate online that was lower then they could even find in their system, so be sure to check all avenues first!). The number is (714) 520-5060.
  • Take advantage of Expedia.com or Orbitz.com or Cheap Tickets promotion codes (see the staying at Non-Disney hotels above for current promotions)!
  • Military Discounts – Members of the U.S. Military Can Get Great Rates at Disneyland Resort Hotels . Disneyland offers some direct deals to members of the military and their family. You will also want to check out this Military Disney Tips site, for more tips and discounts available. You can also call their travel company for more info (714) 520-5060.
  • Check Mouse Savers for current promotions.

Lastly, if you have your own RV, here is a list of RV parks near Disneyland that you could stay at. If you really want to save, you can consider camping near Disneyland. There is a list here of some sites that include actual camp sites (but I recommend checking reviews on Trip Advisor too).

Do you have any great tips on how to save on your stay at Disneyland that we missed?

You might also be interested in this article (and stay tuned for more posts on saving on food at Disneyland, How to Get There, Souvenirs, Tickets and more coming soon!).

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