CodeSpark Academy Free Trial – Kids Learn To Code From Home!

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CodeSpark Academy Free Trial – Kids Learn To Code!

Do you have a child who is interested in learning how to code? You might want to check out this free trial offer from CodeSpark Academy, available right now.

CodeSpark Academy is the #1 at home learn to code program for kids 5-9, and it makes learning the ABCs of computer science and how to code fun! Now, you do not have to feel bad about giving your kids screen time, as they will be learning valuable skills while having fun.

CodeSpark’s mission is to make computer science education accessible to kids everywhere. They offer a word-free interface, which also makes learning to code accessible to pre-readers and non-English speakers.

How Much Does CodeSpark Academy Cost?

There are a number of options available, from free trials to monthly plans and annual plans. We have listed these out here.

CodeSpark Academy Discounts Available:

I love that they have made it affordable for your kids to learn coding. Here are the best deals we were able to find for CodeSpark Academy –

Get a FREE Trial of CodeSpark, to see if it is a good fit for your child here. You can start by signing up for a free 7 day trial, have your kiddo try it out and see if they like it before committing to a longer term option.


    • Save 25% off Annual Membership here – This is probably the best overall deal for CodeSpark, and is a good fit if you know it is something your child will use year round.
    • Just use CodeSpark promo code BTS59 at checkout for an annual membership to get this discount.

Pay Monthly for just $9.99 per month directly from CodeSpark here

Or get 3 months of the monthly plan for just $9 per month from Groupon here.

Is CodeSpark free?

codeSpark Academy offers a 100% FREE version for verified teachers and librarians of public schools in North America and non-profit organizations.

Find out more about the CodeSpark Free Plan for Educators here – if you are an educator you can go here to learn more about free access via schools here.

One really cool thing, is that you can register up to three children on one codeSpark Academy account. Each child can then customize their avatars and usernames, and they can use codeSpark Academy at the same time, if they are using different devices. This is unusual, as many other plans require you to get one subscription per child, so this makes it more like $3.33 per month per kiddo, if you have three that will be using it.

How Does CodeSpark Academy Work:

Kids will learn to code by using fun online games that include puzzles, sequencing, problem solving and more.

  • Completely word free
  • Based on research-backed curriculum from MIT and Princeton.
  • Built with girls in mind without pandering.
  • Self-directed – no experience required.

You can run codeSpark Academy with the Foos on smart devices that run Apple and Android operating systems, or create an account to play on the web too.

Another thing we love about this program is that it is safe for kids online. Players cannot send any messages to each other. The only communication between players is to send a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating on a community-created level. There are NO OTHER means of communication between players.

CodeSpark Play for Girls

If you have girls who are interested in coding, CodeSpark has built in quite a few things targeted to help girls learn coding in a way they will enjoy the most too. Things like girls characters that range from queens to police officers, and more. They have specifically worked to test codeSpark Academy with girl players in order to make sure that the characters and gameplay appeal to them too.

You can head here to sign up for a free trial, or learn more about how CodeSpark play works too.

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