Mel Science Kits – 30% off for Science Subscription Boxes

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mel science kits for kids

Mel Science Kits – 30% off!

Are you looking for science kits for kids? Check out this offer from Mel Science Kits for 30% off all MEL science kits! This makes the kits just $24.37, which includes hands-on STEM projects, AR lessons & live science lessons. This is a really good deal, and it’s only available thru September 1, 2021, so just a limited time.

Right now you can get your first box for 30% off Use promo code: BACK2SCHOOL at checkout. This is a great way to try it out and see what your kids think of the program!

Another thing that I like about these kits are that they include VR glasses (you can insert your phone in to watch VR videos explaining experiments, as well as live science classes with teachers and all.

When you sign up for the science kit for kids\ or chemistry kits, you are signing up for the subscription service. After the first box, other boxes will be $34.90, but you can can cancel or pause your subscription any time online. This is a great way to try the kits out to see if they are a good fit for your kids!

Here is how it works: 

  1. Subscribe to a monthly plan.
  2. Get your MEL science kit for 30% off with promo code: BACK2SCHOOL with all reagents and lab equipment inside. All of the kits are on sale for 30% off!
  3. Access VR Lessons and Live Lessons with professional science teachers immediately.

Your science experiment set arrives within 2 weeks of registration. Subsequent monthly packages will be delivered within 3 weeks of each monthly charge.

If you choose to cancel your subscription at any time, it’s easy to do online from your profile.

Here are the Mel Science Kits for Kids that you can order right now:

mels science kit for kids

Mel Kids Science Kit  – $24.37 after 30% off with promo code: BACK2SCHOOL .

Hands-on STEM projects, AR lessons, and live science classes – all in one subscription. Ages 5–9+. Everything you need! Our kits include all the necessary components and instructions to complete a successful project.

Mels Chemistry Kit for Kids

Mel Chemistry Set  $24.37 with promo code: BACK2SCHOOL at checkout.

Get hands-on experiments, VR lessons, and live chemistry classes with science teachers in one subscription. This is great for ages 10 – 16+. You’ll receive 2-3 experiments each month in your box.

Mel Science Chemistry Kit

In your first box, you’ll receive a free Starter Kit with 8 tools valued at over $50. This comprehensive Starter Kit contains all the equipment you’ll need to conduct your experiments. It also includes accessories for your smartphone or tablet to help you learn chemistry more effectively. You’ll use the items in this kit repeatedly throughout your subscription.

MEL Chemistry VR lessons:

  • Make chemistry visual and interactive
  • Cover all the basic topics of a standard school curriculum
  • Help to get higher scores in exams and class grades – proven by the research of New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Compatible with Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Oculus Mobile, Pico VR

Mels Physics Kit for Kids

Mel Physics Set  $24.37 with promo code: BACK2SCHOOL at checkout.

Hands-on experiments, VR lessons, and live physics lessons – all in one subscription. Ages 8–14+. . When you sign up for the physics set, you’ll get 2-3 physics experiments in your box. Physics explains how the world around us works. Your children can assemble devices we all use every day and understand how they function through firsthand experience.

Explore physics in virtual reality with our interactive 3D app! VR headset not included.

  • Understand complex concepts by observing the micro world, not by rote memorization
  • Over 30 VR lessons and tests covering a standard school physics curriculum
  • Called the best science app by the best teachers worldwide

Mel Science Reviews:

Mel Science Kit Items in Box

We decided to try out the Mel Science Kit to see what was included & what it was like. We chose the basic Mel Science Kit, which is geared towards kids ages 5 – 9+. As you can see, they also have the Chemistry & Physics sets available too. My daughter is 12, so the booklet was definitely geared more towards younger kids, but she had fun with the actual experiment, so I think these could definitely work for all elementary/early middle school grades.

Booklets from Mel Science Kit

The box arrived in about a week and a half from when we ordered. It has all of the materials you need to do the science experiment including a booklet with a little cartoon story explaining more about the type of experiment, as well as step by step photos to show kids how to put together the experiment.

Putting together Mel Science Kit

The kit that we received was for a hydraulic lift & the only item you needed from home to complete the set is water! Everything else is included. There is also a Live Science Lesson with different times they offer the lesson so that kids can do the lesson at the same time with the teacher to learn the science behind what they are doing with putting together the kit.

There is also a card that you can scan to use the app for an AR experience to go along with making the kit, for even more interactive fun for the kids. The project on the app is animated & gives a very detailed description of how the project works for another way to explain it for kids to understand.

Mel Science Hydraulic Kit

The box includes 2 separate little boxes to keep the parts separated – one box contains the parts to the lift & the other box contains the parts to the actual hydraulic system. The booklet does not have any words, but the pictures are very easy to follow & self-explanatory. My daughter first put together the lift following the simple instructions & the pieces fit well together. Then she got out the pieces for the hydraulic system & was able to easily add this to the lift & get the hydraulic system going quickly. She was thrilled with the way the system worked so well when she had it all put together!

Mel Science Hydraulic Kit

I loved that the booklet also explained the different ways that hydraulic systems are used in everyday life, with picture examples such as bicycle brakes & even the heart in our body. This helps kids to have more connection to the science experiment that they are doing at home to understand how it relates to larger things that work in our world. Definitely a great science lesson for my daughter & I love that they have multiple ways to learn not just thru the hands-on science kit, but also thru the live science lesson & the AR experience on the app, too, to reinforce the same scientific concepts.

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