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Kiwi Crates – Subscription Boxes for Kids!

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Kiwi Crates Subscription Boxes for kids

Kiwi Crates – Subscription Boxes for Kids

KiwiCo is a company that offers a variety of subscription boxes for kids of any age,  as well as other STEAM products on their website in their “Shop” section that help kids learn while having fun.  I have given Kiwi Crate boxes as gifts for nieces & nephews & cousins’ kids & they are one of the most popular gifts we have given. Every box is unique & they have so many different projects that kids will enjoy the activities, while also learning some important skills.

I have one daughter who loves the creative outlets so she has really loved the Doodle boxes with all the fun & unique crafting projects. My other daughter loves trying out more of the science or engineering type of projects

Kiwi Crates Promotion:

Doodle Crate Handcrafted Paper Bowls

Kids can really learn about so many areas they might have an interest in, as they have science and art projects, chemistry sets, electronics kits and so much more. You can shop their store with the promo codes listed below, or sign up for monthly crates to be delivered to you.

Here are some of the sale offerings at Kiwi Crate available right now:

  • Get a your first month for $11.95 (reg. $23.95) with promo code:  SPRING (you can order up to 3 boxes with this code)
  • Get up to 30% off KiwiCo Store if you just want to purchase kits without the subscription.
    • 20% off no minimum with code GIFT
    • Or get / 25% off $100+ / 30% off $150+ with code GIFT
  •  Get your first month free with this Kiwi Crates Free Trial offer Just pay $4.95 for shipping and handling (and you will automatically be enrolled in a monthly subscription and can cancel at any time). (we will let you know if this offer comes back)
  • Use promo code: KIWIPARTNER to save 50% off for a limited time
  • Join their email list to get 25% off (they will send you a code)

How It Works:

Holding the finished handcrafted bowl

Click on the green box “Get a Crate” – choose the box that you are interested in for your child

Want to order a box for more than one child?  Next to the price after you order the first one, it will say “Save & add another box to this address” & then you can put in more kids’ names & boxes. {If it doesn’t work on mobile to order more than 1, you may need to switch to a computer.}

At checkout, you can use a promo code if available.

Your child, or the child you gift it to, will be sent a box filled with items to create a project. Everything that is needed for that project (including materials like glue, tape, tools, etc) will be included in the box along with detailed instructions & pictures.

Finished handcrafted bowl from KiwiCo

Are Kiwi Crates Worth It?

Yes, absolutely, one of the best gifts we have given to family & friends. This is a great way to pick up some fun gifts too for your kids at a super price if they love projects or crafts.

You can get the first KiwiCo box and then decide of you want to continue on with the subscription (you can cancel at any time, if you do not). Then you will have at least one box under the tree for a super price – and if you like it, you can let your kids know they will be getting more!

One of my daughters absolutely loves these kits and when she says “I’m bored”, I love being able to tell her to go get a Kiwi Crate to create. She has made her own light string, a scratch art lantern, and spinning art machine so far. Depending on the age, the projects can be more or less complex. You can choose from art designs, engineering, and more.

Gluing on the paper strips for handcrafted bowl from KiwiCo

These would be great to have on hand for kids to do projects with as boredom busters (have fun and learn)!

If you order the subscription box to be sent to your house regularly, prices are $22.95/box.  If you order more months on your subscription, they are as low as $17.50/mo. They offer 3, 6, 9 & 12 month subscriptions, great for gifts!  It does say that the boxes typically ship out within 2 days from when you order. This is a great deal for the Kiwi Crates,  great way to keep your kids off of screen-time and getting active with these STEM projects.

This makes an excellent gift idea as all of the materials & information the child needs to make the project or projects will come within the box, so the parent does not need to provide anything, but they can have a great gift for their child that’s engaging & fun, but also a good learning opportunity too.

Perfect way to keep kids entertained, while learning for  the new year with their STEM projects!

What is in a Kiwi Crate – subscription options available:

Kiwi Crate Subscriptions

  • Panda Crate – Ages 0-36 Months – Explore & Discover
  • Koala Crate – Ages 3-4 – Play & Learn
  • Kiwi Crate – Ages 5 – 8 – Science, Art & more
  • Atlas Crate – Ages 6-11 – Geography & Culture
  • Yummy Crate – Ages 6 – 14 – Science of Cooking
  • Doodle Crate – Ages 9-16 – Art & Design
  • Tinker Crate – Ages 9 – 14+ – Science & Engineering
  • Eureka Crate – Ages 12 – 104  – Engineering & Design
  • Maker Crate – Ages 14 – 104 – Art & Design

The newest Kiwi Co crate is the Yummy Crate! They are “designed to foster a love for science and cooking in kids ages 6 to 14, with recipes and
activities that explore hands-on experimentation in and out of the kitchen”.

Here’s what’s included in the Yummy Crate

  • Portfolio of Recipe Cards: 3 delicious family-friendly recipes that teach kitchen
    skills and explore the science of cooking
  • STEAM Activities: 2 hands-on projects for more creative fun and learning in (and
    out) of the kitchen
  • Yummy Zine Magazine: Kid-friendly science, comics, history, and fun facts about
  • Grownup Guide: Easy-to-use shopping list to customize your grocery needs for
    your family’s preferences
  • What you won’t get: the ingredients!
  • Allows for flexibility in dietary restrictions

Kiwi Crate Reviews:

Making the handcrafted bowl for Kiwi Co

My girls have enjoyed doing the Kiwi Crate for several years now! They got a subscription from their grandparents one year for 6 months & it was the perfect gift as they loved getting the mail & then having a package just for them every month! And it was hours of fun & creativity and a final end project they enjoyed keeping, too!  These make such great gifts as they are not just toys or other material items they will eventually grow tired of, but they are great learning projects and activities that you can do with your kids, they can do on their own or maybe they can work on with the person who gifted it to them like a grandparent /child activity time!

We partnered with Kiwi Co this holiday season & they sent us the Doodle Crate for my younger daughter & this is her favorite crate because she loves any sort of crafting! This was such a unique craft too as it was making a handcrafted bowl, like a paper mache bowl. There were multiple steps & drying processes, so it did take some time (you can speed that up by using a hair dryer too if you don’t want to let it dry overnight or several hours). But she loved the end result of a paper bowl!

Making paper mache bowl from KiwiCo

What I love about this project is that she not only created this fun project and has a pretty craft to display on her desk (she used the colors of Jupiter on the outside as she loves space right now) but she has the bowl template now so she can create more of these. She has enough supplies to create another bowl & use the pattern for this one. But she also can create these paper mache bowls any time she wants – all she needs is colored tissue paper and she has everything else she needs with the plastic bowl template & the pattern for making square shapes on the bowl.

So, in this case, it’s really a gift that can keep on giving. It also taught her the idea of making paper mache items, so she’s now interested in making more items like this now that she’s experimented with this type of craft medium, which i love as it taught her new skills and she is now expanding on that with more ideas of her own as it really sparked her creativity. As she practices, she can learn how to make different designs & such, too.

Supplies & Materials for Kiwi Co Handcrafted Paper Bowls

As you can see by the pictures, they really do include everything you need for the projects. They have all of the tools, materials & supplies, as well as very thorough & easy to follow instructions & pictures for kids. And you get to keep the cool tools or materials that they send you with the projects, which I love.

The items inside Kiwi Crates would also work for boys or girls, as they are gender-neutral colors. So it’s a fit for either of them, which works well especially when you are providing these subscription boxes as a gift. Overall, they’ve definitely been a hit with my girls over the years (at least 3 years of using them). I love that they have so many options based on their interests, too. I think we want to try the Yummy Crates next as my daughter loves to bake!

KiwiCo Handcrafted Bowl with girl outside

I love to have these boxes on hand to get the kids set up when they are looking for a boredom buster. It makes it so easy, as all I have to do is give them the box and let them run with it – and I can feel great that they are also learning while creating or making. From that perspective, I love them as a mom too! My daughters love having friends over for crafting dates (especially my younger one) so we will pull out these Kiwi Crates as a fun activity they can do together.

One other thing I love, is that they also make great gifts. You can gift a full subscription, but when the boxes come I let my girls do the projects when they want, but if there is a month we are too busy, I store that box away and if there is a birthday party I can use it as a super cool birthday gift. One of the last project boxes we got was for a spinning paint machine, and the kids thought that was an awesome present.

Let us know what you think of Kiwi Crate Subscription Boxes if you have tried these with your kids or have given them as a gift!  Head on over HERE to purchase a KiwiCo subscription box!

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