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6 Reasons Boulder Beach is our Favorite Waterpark in the Pacific Northwest!

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6 Reasons why boulder beach is our favorite waterpark

6 Reasons Boulder Beach is our Favorite Waterpark in the Pacific Northwest!

After visiting indoor & outdoor waterparks all over the Northwest, we can assure you – Boulder Beach is by far our favorite waterpark in the Northwest for a multitude of reasons! Here are just 6 of the reasons why we think Boulder Beach at Silverwood Theme Park can’t be beat for the ultimate waterpark the whole family will love!

One of the Largest Pacific Northwest Water Parks

Wave Pool at Boulder Beach with Crowds

Silverwood’s Boulder Beach waterpark is definitely one of the biggest, if not the biggest, waterpark in the northwest! With over 16 acres, it has not just one but TWO large wave pools. We love that having 2 wave pools spreads out the people so it’s more enjoyable, while you can ride the big waves.  Plus, it has a huge lazy river that both kids AND parents will love as a place to relax & unwind after a busy day at the theme park or the waterpark.

There are multiple areas for younger kids to play as well as a number of thrill-seeking rides that your older kids & teens will love too. We love that even though it’s a large waterpark, lifeguards are well stationed all around the park, too, so it feels very safe for all ages of kids.

Proximity to Amusement Park Rides

Boulder Beach Entrance

We love that Boulder Beach is right next to an amazing amusement park so you can go back & forth between the rollercoasters & rides & water slides. In the heat of the summertime in north Idaho, it’s the perfect way to cool down & take a break from the heat with a trip to the lazy river or wave pool to get cooled off. Visit the theme park for a few hours, then when rides are busy & you need a break, head to Boulder Beach for a chance to cool off on one of the many water attractions. Then you can head back to the rollercoasters for the evening. It makes for a perfect day! Or we like to split it up with one day at the amusement park & one day at Boulder Beach & then head over to end our time at the theme park for the later evening after Boulder Beach closes.

Wide Variety of Waterpark Options

Elkhorn Creek at Silverwood

Boulder Beach definitely has something that everyone will enjoy – whether you love the thrill-seeking waterpark rides or you’d rather just have a chill afternoon. Spend time relaxing on the Elkhorn Creek lazy river, a mile long float with a swim-up bar midway thru (with alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks) to enjoy while you’re relaxing. {This is the only PNW waterpark where I’ve seen the swim up bar on the lazy river – a fun perk to make you feel like you’re at a tropical resort!}

Waterslides at Boulder Beach Silverwood

Thrill seekers will love Velocity Peak, the high speed water slide tower, where you’ll hit 55mph on one of 3 slides speeding to the bottom. Or try Riptide Racers, a mat racing waterslide at almost 60 feet tall, with side by side racing lanes perfect for you & your friends to see who will make it down first.

Want to hang with your friends or the family – try one of the multi-person raft rides such as Ricochet Rapids or Avalanche Mountain. You’ll love the feeling of rafting down one of Idaho’s rivers on Avalanche Mountain, while Ricochet Rapids will drop you down into an enclosed huge tube similar to a half-pipe for some extra thrills.

Toddler Friendly 

Polliwog Play area at Boulder Beach

Use Toddler Springs as a base camp while at Boulder Beach – it sits back from the rest of the park & is easy to let your kids play while you watch them. Thanks to fewer crowds, you can meet up with the rest of your family easily while keeping an eye on your younger kids. Polliwog Park is another spot that tots & preschoolers will love as there are smaller slides as well as a dump bucket to splash around. Overall, the multiple elements of water play as well as the ease of keeping track of younger kids makes this waterpark a favorite for families of littles!

Clean & Well Kept Grounds

Waterslides at Boulder Beach Silverwood Idaho

One of the most important aspects to me for visiting a water park is how clean the grounds are, especially the locker rooms and bathrooms (as we have definitely seen quite the opposite at other waterparks which has kept me from visiting again). Silverwood works hard to keep their entire park very clean & Boulder Beach is no exception.  It’s so nice to not have to worry about cleanliness when you’re enjoying all of the water rides. And that’s one of the biggest reasons i will visit Boulder Beach again & again!

Everything You Need without Leaving the Park

Boulder Beach Trading Co store

It never fails – we always seem to forget something at home when we head to the water park. So, I love that Boulder Beach has all the amenities you could think of right on site if you forgot anything at home. You’ll find life jackets for younger kids, plenty of lockers around the park for safe storage of your belongings & you can even rent towels if you left yours at home. Plus, the Boulder Beach Trading Co store has everything from sunglasses, hats, sunscreen & even swimwear if you need anything while at the park.
These are just a few of the many reasons we love Boulder Beach & we think you will, too! Let us know your favorite reason you love visiting Boulder Beach water park!

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