Get Out Pass Washington, Get Out Pass Oregon & Get Out Pass Idaho

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Get Out Pass

Get Out Pass Washington, Get Out Pass Oregon & Get Out Pass Idaho

Discounts + Review!

Have you heard of the Get Out Pass yet? It is a super way for families to save on favorite local activities all summer long. We will share more details on the Get Out Pass Washington, Get Out Pass Oregon, and Get Out Pass Idaho here, but it is also available in many more locations too? It is a way to buy an annual pass to get into multiple attractions / venues in Washington & Oregon for one price. If you are a family who likes to get out and do a lot of activities at various attractions and venues in the Puget Sound area, then this could help you save quite a bit. It includes visiting places like Wild Waves, Family Fun Center, Race Tracks, Escape Rooms, Paint Ball, Bowling and so much more.

If you are looking for ways to get the kids out for the summer to have fun on a budget, be sure to check these deals out too:

What is a Get Out Pass?

The Get Out Pass is a pass you can buy for various states, that offers a list of attractions and activities in that state that you will get free access to, once you have paid for the pass. It can help families save big on summer fun.

If you plan to visit some of the spots listed for your state more than once, it can save you over the course of the year (versus paying for each attraction or venue each time you visit). This could also be a great idea if you have a vacation planned for the summer, and plan to visit some of the attractions available in that state.

Many of the attractions are a one time use, and some have multi-visits available, so you will need to do the math to find out if it will be a good deal for your family.

Is Get Out Pass Legit?

Yes, it is completely legit. We have used it personally, and thought it was a super value and a 100% legitimate way to save on family outings for the summer.

Is the Get Out Pass Worth It?

Absolutely, especially if you can grab it on sale (like the current sale going on now) and will use at least a couple of locations over the course of the summer. It is especially great if you have elementary age kids in my opnion, but there are activities that both older and younger kids will enjoy as well. The best way to know if it will be worth it for your family, is to check out the state you live in, and the list of activities available for that state. In most cases if you will use 2 – 3 of those activites over the summer, you will have paid for the pass and be saving at that point. If you get in on a really good sale, it could pay itself off in as little as one visit to one of the premium activities.

Another thing to consider is where you live in each state. For example, for the Washington pass most of the activities are in the Puget Sound area. If you live on the other side of the state, you might be more interested in the Idaho pass. So it is important to check out the activities before purchasing to make sure you will visit them.

It is an annual membership, but I am thinking it would pay itself off easily in the summer. If you will be doing some of these things anyway with your kids while they are out of school, then it could be a great deal for you.

Update – It does look like they have added a ton of new states, and activities (including some more adult activities) so it is not just for families with younger kids anymore. 

Get Out Pass Discount Offers :

Get Out Pass Washington:

(Note that the activities can change at anytime. These are the ones that were available at the time of publishing, and ones we visited for our review of the Get Out Pass Washington. Be sure to confirm current offerings before your purchase). 

You will just need to use it one or two times, to more than pay for it (depending on what activities you use it on). Some examples of activities on the Get Out Pass Washington list include:

  • A visit to the Woodland Park Zoo – one adult ticket (13 and older) is $27, so one visit here almost pays for your pass and you are already saving!

  • Bullwinkles Family Fun Center – a 250 pt card (this will cost you more than the pass itself) + use it one time per week. This activity alone will pay for your pass!
  • Arena Sports – one free bowling game or laser tag
  • Plus, various sporting events, Beneath the Streets Seattle Tour and so many more things.
  • The Washington Pass includes 58 venues.
  • They recently added High Trek Adventures and High Trek Chelan. We love this spot, and you should make your money back just on a visit here!

Tip – Many of the regular activities (meaning the ones you can do more than one time) are only available on weekdays. Most of the larger one time uses are available on weekends too. Check the details to make sure it is a fit for your family!

Get Out Pass Oregon

(Note that the activities can change at anytime. These are the ones that were available at the time of publishing. Be sure to confirm current offerings before your purchase). 

For the Get Out Oregon Pass, it is a steal right now as it includes some big ticket attractions. There is a Portland Trailblazers game admission as well as a Hoodoo Night Ski lift ticket.  It includes spots like Oaks Amusement Park, Wild Life Safari, bowling, mini golf and so much more!

For example, you will get one days admission to Oaks Amusement Park, and that is over $45 right now – so that alone would cover the cost of the pass. Some other fun highlights include:

get out pass oregon bike tour

  • One Free Hour of a Pedal Bike Tour.
  • Free Admission to a Portland Trail Blazers Game
  • There are 48 attractions included in the Get Out Pass Oregon, so lots of options!

Get Out Pass Idaho

(Note that the activities can change at anytime. These are the ones that were available at the time of publishing. Be sure to confirm current offerings before your purchase). 

The Get Pass for Idaho costs more than Washington and Oregon, but it has some really big ticket items on it. Like a visit ot the Roaring Springs Waterpark, and a visit to the Lagoon Theme Park (actually in Utah). More highlights for the Idaho area include:

  • A visit to the Lava Hot Springs
  • Yellowstones Bear Through Drive Thru Wild Life Park
  • A Boise Hawks baseball game
  • Cat Tails Wildlife Center
  • The Get Out Pass Idaho has a total of 82 venues included for their pass.

Get Out Pass Review – Our Personal Experience Using the Passes:

Note – that the available activities change yearly. These are some of the things Jen and I did during the summer that we had the passes for our families. 

Both Jen and I were given Get Out Passes to use during a previous summer, to provide real world experience for how it worked for us. We are in the Washington area, and we both found them easy to use and a super value if you like to get out a lot with your family during the summer months.

I used mine to enjoy Bullwinkles Family Fun Center regularly, a visit to the zoo, they had Wild Waves on there the summer we used it and that was super, and so much more!

Mariners Game Tickets with Get Out Pass

Jen’s Get Out Pass Review – 

We were given Get Out Passes by the company to try it out & see how it worked to share the experience with you. My family used it for the first time at a Mariners game. They have select dates you can attend a game.

The way it works is that you choose to attend one game & you will have to make sure to request (redeem) your tickets at least 24 hours ahead of time through Get Out Pass.

Several days before the game (must be at least 24 hours), I redeemed the Mariners tickets under my account on the Get OutPass site.  You only get 1 Mariners ticket per person with the Get Out Pass, so you choose which game you want to attend out of 5 possibilities (there are 3 dates available now in the summer). The day of the game, we then received an email from Ticketmaster with our tickets around 10:30am (the game was a night game).  You just have to accept the tickets to your account. Then, we were able to use our phones to show the tickets at the game.

Mariners tickets with Get Out Pass

Our seats were up on the View Level (3rd level) & off past 3rd base but ours were down near the bottom of that level (it was light attendance the day we went, so it may vary). But they are actual seats (as compared to bleacher seats) & any seat in Tmobile Stadium is beautiful, right?!

We actually ended up upgrading our tickets once we got to the stadium at the Mariners ticket booth (I’d try calling first to ask if you can do this or just go in with the expectation that it may or may not work). These ticket dates are on Mariner Value Days, which means that View level & bleacher seats are $15 & Main Level & Root Sports Terrace Club level are only $30. So, we decided to pay the extra $15/person to splurge & sit on the main level as my husband hasn’t been to a Mariners game in a few years, so he was really excited to sit down closer for this game.  So this is an option if you’d like closer seats but you still won’t be paying full price.

Mariners at Tmobile Stadium at Sunset


We were so blessed as the night we went to the Mariners game was the evening of that crazy beautiful sunset in the Puget Sound area! Everyone was posting their sunset pictures – it was just gorgeous! And we were able to enjoy it watching the Mariners with this gorgeous view! (the seats we upgraded were on the first base side)

If you are headed to the Mariners game with the Get Out Pass, make sure to check out all of our tips on ways to save at the Mariners game, too!

We’re excited to use our Get Out Pass at more locations for family fun this summer! Find out more here.



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