Entertainment Book Sale – Digital Memberships for $2.99 a Month!

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Entertainment Book Sale

Entertainment Book Sale – Digital Memberships for $2.99 a Month!

If you have been thinking about getting the Entertainment book, find Digital Memberships for just $2.99 a Month! 

Digital subscription, which includes over 75,000 coupons all conveniently accessed on their mobile app and online. This is great for traveling and coupons are added all the time!

Entertainment Books are full of coupons that will help you save on everything from eating out to attractions and shopping in your area. We find they can pay themselves off in one use often, and definitely by the second use, so they are a great deal at this price. 

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland or some other location this upcoming year, you might want to consider buying one for your home area, as well as the vacation destination, so you can save on eating out and entertainment while on vacation too.

I love the digital coupons through the Mobile App – if you have your phone settings to show notifications, it will actually notify you any time you are near a location where there is a coupon too!  See more about that below!

For those of you in the Northwest – here are the book options:

Seattle, Puget Sound & Spokane

  Portland, Eugene & Salem, Oregon

Popular Vacation Destinations:


Orange County, CA

Central Florida – Tampa Bay & Orlando

Why to Buy an Entertainment Book:

This Entertainment Book Sale is a wonderful opportunity for those in the Northwest as there are multiple books that will work for the different areas (especially around the Puget Sound area). In previous years, I have bought both the South Sound book (for my area) as well as the main Seattle book, just to have access to the BOGO coupons for specific attractions where I wanted to save.

In addition to saving locally, we have heard from many readers who love to buy them for any upcoming vacations they have planned to major cities (they purchase an Entertainment book for their travel destination to help save on attractions and restaurants while on vacations. This is one of our tips in our Disneyland savings series, and you will most certainly make your purchase price back in no time at all)!

Entertainment books are great ways to save locally on your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, movies and more. Plus, you can also get digital access with your purchase.   These books usually sell for $35. This includes both online & mobile coupons! Great ways to save on a staycation or if you’re heading out on a vacation  – buy a book in advance for the vacation location!

Mobile App/ Online Coupons:

And don’t forget, that Entertainment.com now has a Mobile App to get your coupons that way too, if you buy the book. I bought the Entertainment book with one of the sales & immediately I received an email with information about using the Mobile App right away to take advantage of discounts, which was great, so that I didn’t have to wait for the book to be shipped. (Just make sure you write down your confirmation code when you make your order or print it off as you will need that to set it up.)

If you turn on the notifications, it will even notify you when you are close to locations that offer Entertainment coupons, which is really cool, as I didn’t even know I was near a restaurant with coupons when we were at the mall, so we were able to save with that BOGO coupon.

We’ve bought Entertainment books for a number of years and even just using a few of the coupons, you’ll get back what you paid!

Northwest Coupons:

I buy one every year & here are the coupons you’ll find in the WA book:

  • Woodland Park Zoo Admission
  • Pacific Science Museum Admission
  • Pioneer Farm & OHOP Native American Village
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Jim’s U-Fish at Old McDebbie’s Farm

You can check out their website to see the types of discounts you’ll find – just find the category on the side of the types of coupons you’re interested in (sporting events, zoos/aquariums, museums, etc) & you’ll see some examples of where they offer coupons. It’s a great way to save on places that rarely have discounts.










  1. Do you know if this applies only to the Entertainment Book in your area? I’m from Utah and I went right through to the payment details after having enrolled in the auto-renewal program but my total is still coming out to be $30?

    1. Hi Charming Cho – I just checked and it seems to only be taking $5 off for me at this time too for some reason – but they are still advertising the 75% off. Let me contact the company and see if I can find out why the 75% is not coming off. I will reply again as soon as I have an update for you.

  2. I just bought one for Pugent Sound in Washington State for $10.41. I first unknowingly added the book for Pnoenix and then added Pugent Sound and deleted the one for Phoenix and it didn’t change the price.

  3. I clicked on the ad above but when I get to the website the main page just lists a sale of $8.99ea plus free shipping. I know that’s a better price than one for $10, but I was hopping to take advantage of the 3 for $6ea. Do you know if the 3 for $6ea deal is regional? thanks!

    1. Hi Jessica – That is so strange, its taking me to the page with the volume discount offer. Can you try opening the link in a new browser (or clearing your cache and then clicking on the link again) and see if you see the current offer that way? If not, let us know and we will contact the folks at Entertainment to see if they might be able to help you access the correct page.


  4. I just ordered two books. When I checked my bank account, they have already charged me 8 times. There is no contact number. I had to send an email, and now I wait. Be careful. I only submitted once! :-/

    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that, Tara. Definitely let us know what happens & hope it gets resolved without any further issues. That’s the first time we’ve heard of problems with their site.

    1. Thanks A – there is a problem with the link currently, so we are working to get a link that will take us to that correct, hidden sale! WE’ll update as soon as we have that fixed. THanks for letting us know!

  5. trying to purchase the $5 Seattle & North Pugent Sound as shown in this webpage.. how? I click on link and it shows as $35 plus ship. Purchase over the phone?

    1. Hi Ed, we shared that offer back in July and it looks like it is no longer available. We will look into upcoming offers and see if we can get you some information on when the next promotion will be available!

  6. Your deals are not accurate most of the time. Once again, one cannot get the Entertainment book for $20.
    Entertainment Book Sale All Books $20 Shipped!! – Thrifty NW Mom
    Jan 18, 2018 – One of the best ways to save on dining, entertainment, shopping & more is to take advantage of the Entertainment Book Sale. … This is one of our tips in our Disneyland savings series, and you will most certainly make your purchase price back in no time at all)!. I bought the Puget Sound South book the last …

    1. Unfortunately it looks like it ended today, 2/9 in the morning, which we didn’t know the time that it would end. We will definitely update if we see any more great sales like that though!

  7. I just tried ordering the San Francisco book and it comes up as $35 with the discount of 50% it’s still $17.50. How do get it for $10?

    1. Hi Laurie, it looks like we had the wrong price in there for the 50% off. It should bring it down to $17.50. We have updated the post, and apologize for that error!

  8. Despite showing Point Defiance Zoo, Fort Nisqually, Northwest Trek, and Pioneer Farm coupons as digital and print, once I log in to my online membership I can’t find any. I don’t know if the books have the coupons, but I think they are falsely advertising. There are a lot of online complaints. :(

    1. Hi Morgan, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will check in with the company and see what we can learn about those coupons and update as soon as we have a response. Thanks!

  9. I have purchased these books for years. This year I am very disappointed. A lot of the coupons I enjoy are no longer in the book. Mostly has coupons for Seattle and I live in Tacoma. I won’t be buying any more books.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about the changes Pennie, we are looking into these to see if we can confirm what the changes are. Did you get the south sound version?


  10. Where can I buy the 2020 book itself within the South Puget Sound area or Pierce County, Washington? Are there any on sale in any of the malls, or from church groups or clubs?

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