Wildlife Safari, Oregon – Big Ticket Discounts! Drive Through Park

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Wildlife Safari, Oregon – Big Ticket Discounts! Drive Through Park

Here is a fun deal for the Wildlife Safari in Oregon, if you are looking for family friendly activities to do with your kids right now! We found a couple of savings opportunities for the Wildlife Safari, Winston Oregon – a drive through attraction great for families . This is one that might interest families right now, as you can enjoy the park and animals from the comfort of your vehicle, and could be a fun idea for Spring Break, Summer Vacation or Winter Breaks for families.


Current promotions available for Wildlife Safari, Oregon:

Regular prices at the Wildlife Safari website to compare to : Adults: 23.95 | Children: 17.95 | Seniors: 20.95

Get an Extra 25% off sales promotion (good through tonight 8/29 – promo code:SAVE)

Groupon is selling adult tickets for $19.99 right now.
Final price is $15 per adult ticket after extra savings!

If you buy in quantities of 2, the adult tickets are $19.49, making them just $9.75/ea

Groupon is selling Kids tickets for $15.99 and you can get them for $11.99 per ticket in this sale

If you buy in quantities of 2, the kids tickets are $13.12 for 2, making them just $6.56 per kids ticket.

We were looking for a deal to visit on our last trip to OR, and could not find anything – so this looks like a great offer to me!

Deals for Specialty Experiences at Wildlife Safari –

Wildlife Safari Group Elephant Encounter

Get the Wildlife Safari Group Elephant Encounter for $19.99 here. (use promo code: SAVE for an extra 25% off thru 8/29) – drops to $14.99

This includes:

Head on down to the elephant barn and meet our elephant herd up close! What does it mean when an elephant has big ears or small? Elephant fingers, what’s that about? Learn all about the largest land mammals in world as you get to see just how large they are up close. While only be one of the over one hundred animal species at Wildlife Safari, these animals definitely make their presence known. They love meeting new people and having the chance to let new people adore them.

Cheetah Photo Booth Encounter

Cheetah Photo Booth Encounter for $15.99 here. This includes:

Get your picture taken with the fastest of land animals, the cheetah! Head out with our keepers and learn about the speediest cats. Do they purr, or do they roar? Learn all this and more on Wildlife Safari’s Cheetah Photo encounter. The parks mascot animal became the superstars they are for a reason. Cheetahs are the cool cats you don’t want to miss. Prints are included in purchase of the encounter.

If you want to turn it into an overnight getaway we loved our stay at the Seven Feathers RV Park, and they offered discount tickets through their office too (although the discount was not this good – so grab these prices if you want to visit)! It is about a 30 minute trip from this park, and then you can relax before and after your visit (and the RV park has plenty of amenities too, see our full review here).

Jen’s Family has been in the past and here are her comments on the Wildlife Safari:

My husband and I visited the Wildlife Safari years ago before we had kids and we had a blast. There is a section where it’s similar to a zoo that you can walk around and see the animals. And then the really fun part is where you drive through the park and some of the animals can come right up to your car. I’ll have to look for pictures later of when we had an ostrich become obsessed with our car  – it was hilarious to watch! You definitely get to see the animals very close up & personal! 


More Details on this Wildlife Safari Offer:

  • Wildlife Safari is home to more than 600 animals from over 80 different species – come and see them all!
  • Wildlife Safari is a 600 acre Drive-Thru animal park. Driving your own vehicle, It takes about 1-1/2 hours to complete. You will receive a map of the park upon arrival to enhance your experience and help identify animals.

Find the Groupon deals for it here.

Be sure to check out our Pacific Northwest pages for deals and things for families to do in the area.


  1. My children & I have been there 3 times. We have done the giraffe feeding and bear feedings. AWESOME place to take the family! The animals are well cared for and its one of the areas for vetinary students to do their internship from all over the world. Fun place.

  2. Has anyone tried to purchase this deal and enter the promo code into the My Perks site? I’m trying to purchase tickets, but cannot find a spot to enter the promo code for additional 25% off. Thanks!

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