iFly Seattle Review & Ways To Save on iFly Seattle Tickets Too!

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iFly Seattle Review & Ways To Save on iFly Seattle Tickets Too!

Looking for iFly Seattle Tickets at a discount? We share ways to save on iFly admission, plus our iFly review from our visit there (for kids and adults) here.

iFly Seattle Review and Ways to Save

iFly Seattle Tickets + Ways to Save + Review!

If you have been wanting to try out iFly Seattle (which is actually in Tukwila, near the Westfield Mall), we found some great savings offers currently available. We also share some tips and a revie of our experience at the iFly Seattle location, to give you more information on how it works.

Before we get to the IFly Seattle review, here are the current deals available to save on your iFly Seattle tickets.

We also share ideas of many more things to do in the South Sound area here. If you are planning a trip to the iFly Seattle location / IFly Tukwila, then you might want to check these things out while in the area too:

iFly Seattle Tickets:

We share lots of ways you can save on IFly Seattle Tickets below, but here are their regular prices you can get online through their website directly, to compare the discount offers too. Most of the IFly Seattle Ticket Packages should include:

  • Flight Gear Rental
  • Pre-Flight Training
  • One-on-One Flight Instruction
  • Personalized Flight Certificate

The entry level pricing is $89.99 for a 2 flight for one person deal. The price will go down, depending on how many people you want to purchase for. For example, if you bought their largest package that you can split between 5 people (2 flights each) the price drops to $84.40 pp.

Ways to Save on iFly Seattle Tickets (Tukwila Location):

  • iFly Groupon Offers
    • Groupon has a deal for two flights for one person for $89.99 (making them $45 per flight). Sometimes they will drop this down to a discounted rate offer too, so be sure to check it out here to see if a lower price is available.
    • Currently, this is the same price as you can buy online, but Groupon does offer promo codes from time to time, so if you find one for 20% off or 25% off, that would make the IFly Groupon deal a great one.
    • Also, if you are new to Groupon you may get a $20 credit when you sign up, also making this a great deal if you use that.
  • Buy a Super Saver Flight – if you have flexibility in your schedule, you can get the 2 Flights for 1 person, Super Saver Option for $69.99. The Super Saver offer is valid Monday-Friday from 11am-4:30pm and select times on Saturday and Sunday, excluding peak times.
  • Goldstar.com iFly Seattle discount tickets iFly also sometimes offers discounts on Goldstar, so check to see if those are available.
  • iFly Discount Gift Cards from Costco. All of the gear and instruction you need is provided for 2 one minute flights and a video of the experience!  At Costco, the package is $48.99/person the last time we found them.
  • iFly Coupons (Seattle location) – Once you have already flown with iFly, they do offer a discounted return package (because you wont have to go through the class again). The discount price is $49.99 for two one minute flights plus gear, so the Costco deal is still better if you can get that one.
  • IFly Military Discounts – 20% off First Time Flyer Packages for Active Duty and Veterans
  • IFly also offers special 20% off discounts for select weekday packages to Healthcare workers, Emergency Personell and Teachers. Check all of their current discount offers here.
  • iFly TukwilaThe day of your flight you can book discounted rates for future flights – but this offer is only made the day of your current flight, so you will need to be prepared to buy this one on site for the discount. If you loved your session, then this is a way to save on future flights.

More info about iFly Indoor Skydiving Seattle:

If you’re looking for some adventure, indoor skydiving is your ticket! iFly Seatle, is one way that the average person can experience a taste of Sky Diving in a safe environment. One of my kids has been wanting to go for quite some time now, so we finally took her this past week. She loved it! Although it is the Seattle location, it is actually located in Tukwila, Washington – south of Seattle.

IFly Seattle Review – My Experience at the iFly Indoor Skydiving Seattle

Its not a cheap activity, but we do have some ideas on ways to save below. All together the experience takes around an hour, but that is waiting, learning, suiting up and then fly time. The time you spend in the wind tunnel is just a few minutes (two one minute turns of flying time is what we had).

They provide all of the gear you need to fly (even shoes if you need them), so there is nothing special you need to do in terms of dressing for the event (although I do recommend bringing your own tennis shoes if your not comfortable wearing others). You will want to make a reservation, then when you arrive you get to watch the instructors doing some tricks in the wind tunnel (if you have some wait time) and then go through a brief training video before your flight time. You will need to remove all your jewelry, etc. too (they do have lockers there you can use to store items).

When you are flying, on your last turn they will ask you if you want to go high. If you choose to, the instructor will take you up in the wind tunnel (this is an extra fee to do this, it was $10 at the time of our visit, so be sure to consider the extra cost ahead of time). One of my kids did this, and she thought it was awesome. I did it also (the instructor takes you up), and it was fun, but it could easily be skipped if you want to save the money.

You can also purchase videos and photos for extra fees at the end of your visit too (they snap a number of photos, and take videos of you while you are in the wind tunnel), but be prepared to pay extra for those unless they are part of your package.

ifly seattle review

This is my middle child. She loves adventure, and roller coasters. She had a blast at iFly. She cannot wait to go back one day. She got it down right away, and was able to fly pretty high on her own. She nailed it, and loved every minute of her flying time in the wind tunnel. Since her younger sister did not like it as much, they allowed her to take her sisters second turn (rather then forfeiting that time). By her third turn she was able to turn herself in circles both ways, and was really loving life in the wind tunnel.

ifly seattle tickets and review

If you have a kiddo who is apprehensive about trying it, I can tell you the instructors were great with my kids. My youngest was not sure if she was going to like it or not (she does not like roller coasters, etc). You are suppose to fall into the wind tunnel with the air blowing, but because of her apprehension, the instructor started with the wind super low and started her on the net. The wind blowing in her face made her feel like she could not breathe (she was able to, she just panicked), which scared her, so they got her a special helmet to wear that would cover her face. By then, she had decided she just did not want to do it anymore, so the instructor allowed her sister to use her time, so there was no loss in turns. I was very impressed with how they dealt with my young kids. When I asked, they said they had seen kids in there as young as 3! The same instructor was very careful with my youngest, who expressed fear, and then at the same time noticed how much my other daughter loved it and allowed her a little bit more adventure. I appreciated the time he took to make my kids comfortable more then anything else about this experience!

Disclosure:  iFly provided us the flight experience to see how the process worked. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. We love iFly! The instructors we had were the best (we went to Orlando and Tukwila). We bought the Costco package last year for one of our teenagers, so he could have a “date night” at iFly. It was a huge hit.

  2. When we went to the local Seattle area Costco the price was $48.99. I also checked online – the price varies at different locations but Tukwila and Portland were $48.99. We bought 4 packages but might return 2.

    1. Thank you Jan – sounds like they bumped their prices up – I will get that updated ASAP! Thank you for letting us know!

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