St Patrick’s Day – Watercolor Gift Idea + FREE Printable Gift Tag!

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Free St Patricks Day Printable Tag

If you’re looking for a fun gift idea to hand out to your children’s teachers or maybe a fun little gift for your child to give to a few friends for St Patrick’s Day, then this is the perfect idea for you -a St Patrick’s Day Watercolor Gift! It’s so simple & easy that your child can make it with you!

It’s very affordable, too, as you can find the kids watercolor sets at the dollar store or around $1 at many stores. I had to resort to buying a Crayola set at Target as the Up & Up brand was wiped out after a mobile coupon made them only $.08 last week. The Crayola watercolor set was $1.99, plus a bag of candies.

Free Printable St Patricks Day Pot of Gold Tag

We’ve now updated this to include a FREE St Patrick’s Day printable tag as well that says “You are the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow”- so that this will literally just take you five minutes to put together once you have your supplies. This is a very versatile tag as you can not only use this with this St Patty’s Day Watercolor gift, but you could also attach it to green lollipops, a bag of chocolate gold coins, a bag of rainbow licorice & some Rolos & more! {Don’t forget that Winco has some great options for bulk candy – I found the chocolate gold coins there around Valentine’s Day}

St Patricks Day Watercolor Gift:

Items Needed:

Supplies for St Patricks Day Watercolor gift

  • Watercolor Paint Set (find these at the Dollar store, Target Up & Up brand for $1 & more)
  • Candy of your choice – Rolos, Chocolate Gold Coins, Hershey’s kiss, Reese’s peanut butter cup, Hershey’s Nuggets (shaped like little treasure boxes)- whatever you think the recipient would enjoy the most. Just make sure your candies are individually wrapped (I made that mistake by buying a roll of Rolos at first)
  • Cardstock for your printable St Patrick’s Day tag
  • Adhesive for attaching everything (tape, glue dots, glue, etc) – I just used regular tape


St Patricks Day Watercolor Gift

  1. Print off the FREE St Patrick’s Day printable  “You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” gift tag  – cut on the dotted lines to make it into a flag shape
  2. Take out the inside label for the watercolor set (this is just preference, but I thought it made it look cleaner with just the white background)
  3. Attach a Rolo, chocolate gold coin (or candy of your choice) to the tag – you could use a glue dot or regular glue/tape or a piece of scrapbook adhesive, or double-sided tape
  4.  Attach the tag with candy to the paint set using double-sided tape or a glue-dot.

See how simple that is! Perfect little gift to give or for you to make for your kiddos to give them on St Patrick’s Day!

What are some fun ideas you’ve done for St Patrick’s Day?

St Patricks Day watercolor gift

Thanks to Chickie Momma Crafts‘ inspiration for this fun gift idea! 


DIY Duct Tape American Girl Doll Shoes!

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American Girl Doll Duct Tape Shoes Final

Duct Tape Shoes for American Girl Dolls (or 18″ Dolls)

My kids love to accessorize their dolls, but sewing projects can get complicated. I do light sewing, but not much in general, and I wanted to make shoes the kids could help design (and make too if they want), so we made duct tape shoes for the dolls the other day.

Once you get the concept down, each pair can take less then 5 minutes to make (for adults – it takes the kids longer), and duct tape is a pretty affordable material (considering one roll will make multiple pairs). I found all of the rolls shown in the photo above at my local Dollar Store, for just $1 a roll!

One idea to save on materials is to invite a few friends over, and have everyone bring one roll of their favorite duct tape. That way you each only have to buy one roll, but can make multiple pairs of shoes with different designs!

Materials needed to make Duct Tape Shoes for American Girl Dolls:

  • Duct Tape (it comes in so many fun designs now days)
  • Material for the Sole of the Shoe (we used sticky felt, I paid $1 per sheet at craft store, so this is a much better deal if you will use more) but you can also use foam, cork, etc.
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue (to secure the sole)
  • Foil
  • Doll that you want to make the shoes for (for fittings)
  • Free American Girl Shoe Pattern Printable (or one of your dolls shoes that you can trace)

American Girl Doll Duct Tape Shoes

How to Make No Sew Duct Tape Shoes for American Girl Dolls:

#1 – Start by cutting out your shoe base (you can use this pattern, or trace an american girl doll shoe you already have). You can use craft foam, cork, or cardboard for your base. We got a $1 placemat from the dollar store, in flexible plastic material, which is what we used.

Once your base is cut, stand your american girl doll on it to figure out how long you need that first strap that goes across the top to be. We used a 3 1/2 inch strips. You can use a string to measure. Wrap it over the top, and leave a few centimeters on each side so that you will be able to wrap it under the bottom of the shoe.

To make the strap that goes across the top of the shoe, simply cut a piece of duct tape the length you measured, and fold it in half. Wrap it around the top of the doll foot, to figure out how much room you need for the doll foot to fit, and then secure it to the bottom of the sole with a small piece of duct tape on each side.

#2 – To make the back of your shoe, you will use a similar method. Take your string and measure how long you will need a strip of duct tape, so that it will go from the middle of the strap all the way around the back of the shoe. For us, it ended up being about the same size as the strap piece.

For the back strip, fold the tape over 1/3 of the way, so half of the tape is left exposed (you will use this to tape it to the shoe sole).

#3 – Next, wrap that strap carefully around the back of the shoe so that the sticky part of the tape sits below the sole. You can then slowly fold the sticky part of the tape under the sole to attach.

#4 – Now you can use a small piece of the duct tape to secure the back strip to the front strip on each side.

At this point, you could use the shoe as a sandal by jumping down to step 8 if you want to.

#5 – To turn it into a full shoe, put the dolls foot back into the shoe. Use a small piece of foil to wrap around the toe of the shoe, to create a form for what your shoe should look like.

Carefully remove the dolls foot at this point, and keep the foil form in place.

#6 – Cut a piece of duct tape long enough to cover the top of the shoe, with room to fold over to the bottom of the shoe on both sides.

Cover the foil with the duct tape (overlapping it some, so no foil peaks through at all). Wrap it around the bottom of the shoe, and attach it to the sole. Take your time on this step, as it can be a little tricky to wrap it around the curve of the front of the shoe.

#7 – Use small pieces of duct tape secure the wrapped duct tape to the bottom of the sole. Make sure everything is nice and secure on the bottom at this stage.

#8 – Attach a finished sole to the bottom of your shoe, to complete the shoe. For this step you can use sticky felt, or hot glue on a second piece of foam or cork. Simply cut it out of the same pattern you used for the shoe sole.

 This would also make a fun gift idea for a child you know who has an 18″ doll. Grab a box and add in the materials we have mentioned above. Print out directions, and let her know you have given them a craft box to make doll shoes!

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Create A Chalkboard – Super Simple Idea!

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Create a chalkboard

Create a Chalkboard Sign with a Few Simple Materials!

Create a chalkboard sign with these two simple supplies: a wood remnant (cut off from a stump) and chalkboard paint! This is a really affordable way to add some new decor (and functional decor too) to your kitchen, or any other room of the house you want to use it in.

Supplies Needed Create a Chalkboard (like the one pictured above):

*Optionally, you can use a second wood round and hot glue or wood glue if your wood is not smooth enough.

Wood chips

We cut our own wood off of a stump we had in the yard. If you are not able to cut wood from yours or a friend or family members yard, sometimes craft stores will sell pre-cut (and sanded) wood rounds.

Wood Cuts

You can even order them off of Amazon here.

The trick with using a cut off stump as a chalkboard is that you will need to make sure it’s sanded really smooth if you want to be able to erase and rewrite on your sign.

The first chalkboard I made using a stump was not so smooth, and although I loved the rough look, I was never able to really use it well after this first sign that we made for a Seahawks party, so that one became a permanent Seahawks sign. The reason is that it never erased to a clean looking slate again with all of the grooves.

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Paper Flowers Made from Coffee Filters – Easy Last Minute Valentines!

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coffee filter paper flowers

If your like me, and often end up doing things at the last minute, here is a super easy idea for kids Valentines to hand out for school, using some items you may already have around the house, coffee filters!

We made these simple paper flowers, and attached them to a pack of Valentines pencils we got at the Dollar store for the stem. The pencils make it fun, but you could even just make the flower as the valentine if you did not have access to those (or use a small candy for the base).

I made 12 for my daughters class last night, and it took me about 10 – 15 minutes. The kids even helped, so its one that you could have the kids do on their own if you prefer. And my daughter loved the result, and is excited to hand them out to the class!

To make the flowers shown above you will need:

  • 2 coffee filters per flower
  • Tape (we used craft tape as it is easy to take off when the kids want to use the pencils, but regular scotch tape would work fine too)
  • Pencils if you choose to use for the base (optional)
  • Construction paper for the leaf (this is where you will write the childs name who you plan to give the valentine too). We chose to go with the traditional green color here, but any paper color cut into the shape of a leaf would work fine.

PicMonkey Collage (1)

How to make your paper flowers with coffee filters:

Step 1: (Optional) Coloring your filters

I made both all white flowers, all pink, and ones with white and pink. I loved them all, so you can certainly skip this step and still end up with pretty white flowers.

This step will need to be done one day in advance if you choose to color them, so they have time to fully dry. I added a half cup of water to a shallow bowl and about 4 drops of food coloring. I then submerged my filters into the colored water. I did all of my filters at one time, but you can do them one at a time if you want. I left them in there for a few minutes and made sure all the filters were absorbing the color. You will end up with more of a tint then a strong color, but its perfect for valentines.

I then put them on a piece of cardboard to dry overnight. Be careful of the surface you dry them on, so you don’t risk staining anything with the food coloring that drips out.

Step 2: Making the Flower

Once your filters are dry, or if you are making all white flowers, simple stack two filters on top of each other.

Next fold them in half.

Then wrinkle them up into a flower shape by twisting a base at the bottom and adjusting the filters until you get the look you like.

(Note – these are simple flowers for kids valentines. If you wanted a more robust flower you could stack 4-6 filters, or fold them into 4ths and cut a scalloped edge around the filters for a more refined flower look too). 

Step 3: Attach them to your Pencil Base

For this step you will want to have your tape handy. Wrap the bottom of the flower around the eraser of the pencil and attach with tape. Craft tape is my preferred tape, as it is easy to remove later on, but regular scotch tape will work fine too.

Step 3: Make the Leaf

Cut out a leaf shape from the paper of your choice (we used green construction paper) and write the recipients name on the leaf. Attach it to the pencil just under the flower, and thats it. Your Flower Pencil Valentine is now ready to hand out!

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DIY Bubble Gum Machine (For Just a Few Dollars – Perfect for Parties)!

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Bubble Gum Machines

DIY Gumball Machines for Just a Few Dollars!

Make a DIY Bubble Gum Machine for just a few dollars! These are great for birthday parties, Valentines Day gift baskets, baby showers or just because! My kids have been begging for a bubble gum machine, and they had a blast making these.

I got most of my supplies at my local Dollar Store, but you can really use items you may even have on hand. I found the pre-made plastic bubble gum machine shown in the pictures above at the Dollar Store. While my kids loved them, they did not hold up real well as they tried to get gum out. So I decided to make these fun homemade versions, and they worked great. They are a nice alternative if you don’t have the pre-made versions at your Dollar Store too. You can use various materials for them. The key is to shop for shapes (and in various colors too if you’re throwing a theme party).

Some Suggested Materials to Use for the Gumball Machine: 

  • Round plastic bottles (ex: Aqua Water, or coke bottles if you can find the round variety). You could also use the single serve Martinelli apple juice bottles, but they are glass).
  • Small Mason Jelly Jars (this pack of 12 mason jelly jars is $10.02 (so you are getting a better deal then the Dollar Store, as that is just $.84 per jar)!
  • Small semi- round jars we found at Ikea (shown below)
  • Small Glass fish bowls found at the dollar store (you will need to use a small plate, or bottom to a terracotta pot to cover the opening if you choose to use these)

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Valentine Treats – Candy Kabobs! + FREE Printable To Make Cards With!

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Valentine treats Candy Kabobs

Valentine Treats – Candy Kabobs!

My kids love when we make these Candy Kabobs for Valentine treats! They are super easy (and kid friendly) and are really affordable as well. That makes them perfect for last minute ideas. The other thing I love is that they act as an activity for the family too. We made this set last night for an upcoming bake sale at school, and I got big kudos from the kids. They had a blast! Plus, we have a FREE Printable below, that you can use to turn these Valentines Treats into Valentines Day Cards to hand out!

Candy Kabobs Final

I got all of my ingredients at our local Dollar Store, but you can pick up candy where you find the best prices. The Winco bulk candy bins would be another great spot to grab affordable candy for these kabobs.  I grabbed 5 different types of candy, but really you could use just 3 or four. We were able to get 24 candy kabobs out of the 5 bags of candy (and we made pretty full kabobs). You could make yours a bit smaller, and get more or bigger for less.

Making Candy Kabobs

The other great thing about these Valentine treats are that set up and clean up are also very easy. I grabbed a foam board at the Dollar store too, just to create a work station for the kids (contains any mess, and makes clean up easy). To make it feel more festive, I dumped the candy in some pretty white dishes I had on hand. We chose to color coordinate our candy kabobs for a Valentines Day theme, but you can really use any colors you like.

Candy Kabob Kids Making Them

The trick with the candy is to find items that are soft enough to push onto the kabob sticks. Gummy candies or marshmallow types are perfect. I especially loved the licorice squares we found. If you bend those and push on the kabob they have that old fashion ribbon candy look that works great on these.

Ingredients you will need:

  • 3-5 bags of soft candies (gummies and marshmellow candies are perfect)
  • Wooden Skewer Sticks (I prefer the shorter ones, to make your candy kabobs look fuller)

Making these Candy Kabob Valentines Day Treats:

  • Put out the candy so you can easily grab
  • Simply add one candy at a time to a wooden skewer, until you have the look you want (we found 5-6 candies per skewer made a nice sized treat).
  • Thats it. Its that simple! Next either eat them, or show them off.

Candy Kabobs Display

 Displaying the Candy Kabob Valentine Treats:

You can use a display as simple as laying them out on a plate for folks to enjoy at a get together. I used an apothecary jar that I had. I found these round Styrofoam pieces at my Dollar store (2 to a pack, so $.50 ea). I poked the holes in it first, then placed it in my jar and added the finished candy kabobs. This way I can keep them out for the kids to enjoy before Valentines Day.

valentine treats

For their school bake sale, we covered with cellophane bags and ribbons for individual sale.


FREE Valentines Day Printable:

You can also print out these FREE printables to turn these Valentine Treats into Valentines Day cards. Just put them in the cellophane bags like pictured above, and add one of these printable tags to it. They are perfect for school valentines day parties, or make a candy bouquet for your sweetheart! There are two versions. One is black and white printable, if you don’t want to use color ink. The other has a splash of red, for a little color!

Download the “I’ll Stick By You Free Valentines Day Card (In Color) here, to print!

Download the “I’ll Stick By You Free Valentines Day Card (In Black & White) here, to print!

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Homemade Gift Idea: Snowman in a Bag Kit

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Snowman In a Bag Kit

Pin this on your Winter Fun Ideas board

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift to give your neighbors or friends for Christmas, here’s a fun idea – Snowman in a Bag Kits!  This is a snowman accessories kit you can give as a fun, thrifty gift for Christmas or when we get our next snow.

Items you’ll need:

Materials for Snowman in a Bag Kit

  • A scarf  – You could use fleece and cut and glue or sew together.  Or just find an inexpensive scarf at the Dollar Tree – I found a few different colors in scarves

Santa Hat for Snowman Kit

  • Hat – also an easy one to find at the Dollars store. I found Santa hats for $1 since we are using them for Christmas gifts.
  • 7 medium sized stones about 2-3 inches in size – Have your kids paint them black (my boys LOVED this)
  • Large black buttons – I got mine at Walmart in a large pack for $2

Carrots for Snowman in a Bag Kit

  • Carrots: You can get fake carrots at Michaels – a 3 pack for $4 (even cheaper if you use a Michael’s coupon).  Or you could get a carrot with roots still attached (the roots seem to help extend their life) about a day or so before you deliver your Snowman Kit.

How to put together your Snowman in a Bag Kit:

Snowman Bag:

Parts of a Snowman Kit

I sewed a little snowman draw string bag, but you could make something similar with a white paper gift bag.  For sewing the bag,  I used an old white sheet and used Wonder Under (available at Walmart or fabric store) to applique the “carrot and coal” on.  I then sewed on buttons for the eyes.  Making  the bag took a little more time than I would probably do if I were trying to mass produce them-but I think it will make a fun and unique gift for my niece and nephews so it was worth the extra effort.

No-Sew Option for Snowman Bag

Snowman in a Bag Kit out of Paper Bag

You could use a white or brown paper gift sack and draw or paint a snowman face,  if you don’t sew and it would turn out super cute, too!

“Snowman in a Bag” Tag: 

You can then make a cute little tag explaining that this is a Snowman in a Bag Kit.

Here’s what the tag could say:

Snowman Kit: Just add snow! Includes a hat, scarf, button eyes, coal mouth, and carrot

Snowman Soup:

You could also include the ingredients for Snowman Soup inside your kit.

Recipe for Snowman Soup:

  • 1 packet of hot chocolate
  • 1 mini candy cane
  • 2 Tbsp of mini marshmallows

Snowman Soup Poem:

I was told you’ve been real good this year.

Always glad to hear it!

With freezing weather drawing near,

You’ll need to warm the spirit.

So here’s a little Snowman Soup

Complete with stirring stick.

Add hot water, sip it slow.

It’s sure to do the trick!

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By Contributor Sarah from Chickie Momma Crafts

Homemade Thanksgiving Table Decorations & More Frugal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas!

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Homemade Thanksgiving Table Decorations & More Frugal Fall Decor

 Homemade Thanksgiving Table Decorations &

More Frugal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year & are still debating about how to decorate your table  & around your home on a budget, we’ve got a variety of different ideas for you to give you some inspiration. Many of these are homemade / DIY ideas you can do at home & others involve frugal items from the stores to compile together to make a beautiful table display for your Thanksgiving table as well as add some other fall touches around your home.

We’d love to hear some of your favorite ways to decorate for Thanksgiving too!

Frugal Thanksgiving Decor & Table Decorations:


Burlap Fall Leaves Table Runner & Other Fall Tablescape Ideas from Architecture of a Mom

DIY Wooden Crate Centerpiece for Fall from DIY Inspired Home

Easy Fall Candle Centerpiece from Albion Gould

Fall Table Decor from A Mitten Full of Savings

Fast & Frugal Fall Decor from One Creative Mommy

Fall Tablescape with Pressed Leaves  from Thrifty Jinxy

Starbucks Bottle Fall / Thanksgiving Place Card Holders from The Grant Life

Easy Fall Decor Idea from Ann’s Entitled Life

” Thankful” Burlap Canvases  from The Love Nerds

Fall Nature Vase & Autumn Paper Tree from Happy Deal Happy Day

Rustic Give Thanks Sign from Homemade Interest

Fall Table Decor Ideas from A Mom’s Take

DIY Glitter Pumpkins from A Dose of Paige

Fall Wreath from Second Chance to Dream

Dry Erase Thankful Frame from Happy Deal Happy Day

Rustic Fall Pumpkin Decor from Thrifty NW Mom

Pine Cone Mason Jar Centerpiece from Robyn’s Online World

Glittered Fall Leaves DIY from Typically Simple

Fall Flower Table Centerpiece from A Dose of Paige

Turkey Relish Tray from Neat Nest Organizing (this is more of a food item, but would be a great display for table too!)

Fall Foliage Mason Jar Luminary from Raking in the Savings

5 Frugal Fall Entertaining Ideas from Thrifty NW Mom 

Blessed Thanksgiving Decor from Coffee with Us 3

Wall Thankful Tree from Digital Mom Blog

Pumpkin Centerpiece Ideas from Thrifty NW Mom

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Make Disney’s Olaf (From Frozen) Using Pumpkins this Fall!

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Olaf Pumpkin

We recently took the kids out to the pumpkin patch, and found so many beautiful pumpkins in all kids of shades of orange and white! Like many other kids, my girls want to be the Frozen characters this Halloween (Elsa and Anna), but they needed an Olaf! A good friend looked at the white pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, and had the brilliant idea of turning those into Olaf. He turned out so cute, and was so affordable to make that I thought some of you might want an Olaf for your front yard this Fall!

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 white pumpkins (that will stack on each other like a snowman). We picked ours up at the Pumpkin Patch
  • Googlie Eyes ( or you could just draw these on with a black sharpie paint pen too)
  • Carrot for the nose
  • Branches for the arms
  • 3 Black Buttons (or again you could just draw these on). We skipped this step, but you could add them!
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks

Frozen pumpkins

To Make Olaf out of pumpkins:

1) Stack the three pumpkins on top of each other so they balance well and make a snowman figure.

2) Hot glue on the Googlie eyes to the top pumpkin (or you could draw them on, or if your kids love to carve pumpkins you could carve out the eyes and whole for a nose, and mouth from the top pumpkin).

3) Hot glue on the carrot for the nose to the top pumpkin (or insert into hole if you carved your pumpkin). This step was tricky in that the carrot had some moisture in it so it did not want to glue on directly. I ended up sticking a tack in the carrot and then attaching the glue to the tack and the pumpkin (and then gluing all around the carrot as seen in the picture above).

4) Either carve holes in the side of the 2nd pumpkin, and insert twigs for arms (or you could hot glue these too). I hot glued the arms to the top of the second pumpkin and then stacked the top pumpkin on top of the arms for added stability.

5) Glue or draw on the black buttons down the center of the 2nd pumpkin. Draw on the mouth of you want to include one of those. I used a paint pen, as the oils on the pumpkin can make it hard for markers to stick.

Its that easy. My girls LOVE their Olaf pumpkin, and it was the easiest pumpkin project I have gotten away with (we opted not to carve this year), so it worked for us all!

Simple Halloween Crafts for Kids – 20 Fun Fall & Halloween Ideas!

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Simple Halloween Crafts for Kids

Simple Halloween Crafts for Kids 

Are you looking for a fun & simple Halloween or fall harvest craft to do with your kids? We’ve got a variety of ideas that we’ve compiled for you – everything from spiders, bats, pumpkins, black cats & more!

Make sure to check out our Fall Family Fun page with even more great ideas for this time of the year – delicious fall recipes, Halloween party ideas, family fun activities & more!

Simple Halloween Crafts for Kids:

1. Paper Plate Spiders from I Heart Crafty Things

2. Lego Stamped Pumpkin Craft from Crafty Morning

3. Hand Print Spiders from The Chirping Moms

4. Masking Tape Mummy from No Time For Flash Cards

5. Bat Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands

6. Monster Mobile from Toilet Paper Rolls from Happy Hooligans

7. Spooky Spiders from Simple as That

8. Scissor Skill Pumpkin from Nurture Store

9. Kool-Aid Pumpkins from Housing a Forest

10. Water Bottle Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern from Motherhood on a Dime

11. Q-Tip Skeleton from How Wee Learn

12. Halloween Surprise Eruption from Simple Fun for Kids

13. No Sew Ghost Hand Puppet from Mama Smiles

14. Toilet Paper Black Cat from Easy Child Crafts

15. Easy Dress Up Hats from Reading Confetti

16. Glow In The Dark Trick or Treat Bucket from Not Just a Housewife

17. Halloween Wreath from No Time For Flash Cards

18. Water Color Resist Spider Web Art from I Heart Arts n Crafts

19. Fingerprint Bat Silhouette from Crafty Morning

20. Candy Corn Man craft from Meaningful Mama