9 Closet Organization Ideas to Help You Declutter!

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9 Tips for Organizing Your Closets

9 Closet Organization Ideas to Help You Declutter

After the holidays, many of us tend to feel the need to purge & clean out our homes of clutter. One of those big areas that could often use an overhaul is our closets. How often do you go thru your closet & clean it out of items you haven’t worn in years? I’m totally guilty of this too, I definitely tend to hold onto clothing items too long in the hopes that I might wear it again someday. However, it is so much easier to have an organized closet when we regularly go thru & declutter & rid our closets of the excess items. Here are some tips on closet organization ideas to help you start that process.

We’ve compiled some posts with tips on how best to declutter & organize your closets to provide you with some inspiration as you work to organize your own closets.

Closet Organization:

Master Closet Organization


Spring Cleaning Closet Organization from What’s Working Here

Some great tips here on how to group items in your closet to jump start you to organizing it.

Renovation Closet Organization from Ann’s Entitled Life

See how closet organization systems can be used to give purpose to your entire closet space.

Decluttering Your Clothes from Penny Pincher Jenny

Since clothing is usually the primary item in many closets, these items will help you tackle those first to get a handle on organization.

Easy Closet Clean Out System from What’s Working Here

Use this three step process to take your closet from disarray to organized!

5 Tips for Organizing Your Closet from Drug Store Divas

Kid’s Closet Organization:

Frugal Tips for Organizing Kids Rooms (including closets) from Thrifty NW Mom

Lots of ideas here on how to organize those smaller items that can accumulate in kids rooms, and more!

DIY Playhouse Bunkbed

Organizing Your Kids Room & Closet from Thrifty NW Mom

We share ideas on how to declutter and organize a kids room (especially if you have kids who are sharing a room).

Kid’s Closet Organization from What’s Working Here

This article gets into how to organize closets and dressers and more in kids rooms.

Turning a Bunk Bed Into A Walk In Closet for a Tween or Teen Room from Thrifty NW Mom

     We share how we converted the bunk bed into a walk in closet, perfect for tweens!

5 Tips to Organize Your HomeMore Home Organization Tips:

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