How To Organize Your Bedroom – 5 Ways Make Your Master Bedroom Relaxing

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organize your bedroom

How To Organize Your Bedroom –

5 Ways Make Your Master Bedroom Relaxing

“Go to your room!” Have you ever found yourself wishing that your kids would say that to you instead of the other way around? Your bedroom should be a sanctuary from the daily chaos in your home. And even though, as parents, we sometimes prioritize our own needs last it really is best for the whole family if we decompress and rest at the end of each day.

Science has proven that just the sight of clutter can raise our blood pressure and increase our heart rate so it is crucial to get your room organized in a way that is functional for you while still attractive and relaxing. Whether you have a large master suite or a smaller space you can create beauty and organization side by side.


1. Choose Creative Bedside Storage

Think outside the box when choosing your bedside furniture. I like to mix and match different pieces beside the master bed when I am designing a room. Each person may have different needs. This three drawer chest is perfect for prioritizing. Keep the most important items (very few) on top whatever you might need to reach in the middle of the night. Whether you keep your phone is also plugged in there is a personal decision you won’t miss any midnight calls but it really is not the best place to keep it for undisturbed rest.

In the top drawer keep your second tier necessities. A book, paper and pen for those brilliant middle of the night ideas, reading glasses, whatever you find yourself getting up to get repeatedly. You can open the drawer at night while you are reading or even leave it open all night and close it at any time to shut away that clutter.

In the other drawers keep items like extra blankets or even personal mementos. It is important to think about what will make you feel the most comfortable when you are going to bed. What you might need or want in the night. You might even want to keep paper and pen there for a few nights and write down anything you wish you had but are too tired to get up and get. Then reorganize those things into your bedside storage and move away the rest of the clutter.


2. Use your Under Bed Space

This is really a matter of personal preference. My husband does not like to have anything under the bed. He wants to know that it is clean and empty. I like to keep clutter out of sight by using that space. So my side of the bed has storage bins. I keep my wrapping paper in a large bin and I hide presents there for upcoming holidays. During warmer months I also stash some of my out of season clothing in plastic bins with cedar blocks – a much healthier, pleasant smelling alternative to moth balls.

This solution only works if your bed has some height under it to accommodate storage and if you add a bed skirt to keep the items out of sight. Visible boxes under your bed will add to your anxiety not create the relaxing environment you are working toward. Be sure whatever you put there is well organized in to storage containers that are easy to pull out and access.

how to organize your bedroom

3. Choose Your Bedding for Style and Function

You may not think that selecting bedding would be part of organizing your bedroom but it is where you spend most of your time. Pick your bedding based on how you like to sleep and the ease of making the bed. If you like down comforters, use one, put it in a duvet or throw a simple thin coverlet over the top to make the bed. The fewer steps there are to making your bed the less stressful that will be. I recommend using decorative pillow shams you can sleep on or at least wash easily. Mine are washable as is my coverlet, but they have simple geometric lines to keep the bed from being too feminine. As an interior designer I have had a slight pillow addition over the years, so though it may look like I have a lot of pillows on my bed this is a severely edited version.

If you make your bedding too cumbersome and overly complicated you may find it easier to not make the bed. Keep simplifying your bedding until you find a solution that you find attractive but allows you to get up and make your bed in less than three minutes. Why start the morning with a huge chore or by leaving behind a messy bed and feeling like you are already behind on the day.


4. Keep Visible Storage Stylish

Most of us need to see what we have to use it. How many times have you cleaned out a closet only to “remember” you had something you just found? I like to keep certain items like my jewelry visible when I am getting dressed. Jewelry is the last thing I add right before I leave the room and if I have it hidden in a drawer it does not get used. Bracelets are my weakness and I have way too many so I found these stands to make them easy to find. But even that was not enough room; some things don’t work on the stands, so I added a tray under the whole thing.

Visual items always look better when they are contained in some way like by a tray. A collection of lotions or hygiene products on your bathroom counter will look intentional if you put them on a tray. Without the tray they just look like you forgot to put them away. Look at the top of your dressers and see if the items you keep there could be stored more attractively but still be accessible. These do not have to be expensive solutions; this silver tray came from a thrift shop. Baskets are another inexpensive option.


5. Don’t Forget Your Closet

No matter what size your closet it will impact the organization of your bedroom. Regularly purging items you don’t use is essential to a well organized closet. My favorite trick from a stylist is to hang all the hangers on the shelf backwards, and then when you wear something put it back facing the right direction. This is the easiest way to see what you really wear and what you haven’t worn for months or even a year. If a hanger never turns around you don’t like how that item looks on you or it doesn’t fit right. I usually negotiate with myself to keep a few of those items, especially if they were expensive, but I can feel a spring purge coming on, time to clean out the closet and reset all those hangers to face backwards again.

Create a space that is organized and beautiful just for you. Treat yourself this year and maybe even paint your walls with a favorite color. Greens and blues are traditionally the most relaxing in a sleeping space. It is not selfish! Your entire family will benefit from a happier, better rested parent, so indulge in a little relaxation.

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