Family Travel Talk Forum with Residence Inn – Teaching Your Kids To Give Back & More Travel Talk!

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If you are a family that loves to travel, you’ll definitely want to check out this fun and informative Family Travel Talk Forum that the Residence Inn has started on Facebook. They are featuring tips from 10 family travel expert bloggers from around the country every month, with topics such as finding balance in travel, traveling with different ages of kids and more. This is a great forum to connect with other families who love to travel and share your experiences.  We’re excited & honored as we will be one of the 10 family travel experts sharing our experiences and tips with you as part of the forum. So, make sure to check out the Family Travel Talk Forum and post your own questions and experiences about family travel.

This month we are talking about giving back, and specifically how to teach your children to give back. We have some fun ideas on how to work giving back into your travel plans, and would love to hear from you all about how you do this as a family too! Join us over on the Family Travel Talk Forum and share your ideas!

One additional tip along these lines is:

Giving is not only good for those on the recipient end, but also for the givers! It empowers your child. They learn that they can facilitate change, at whatever age they are. There are many ways to give back, so help your child discover what causes they feel strongly about. This will help them stay connected during the process and get excited about giving. The more personal the connection for them, the more likely they will want to be involved. Share some ways you’ve involved your family in giving back? For more info on involving your family in giving back, check out my tips on Residence Inn’s Family Travel Talk Forum:

The forum started this summer and you can scroll all the way down thru the ideas to see some really unique ideas for fun family travel ideas with your own families. There have been lots of unique travel destination ideas for families, a cool idea for a Mom Camp to explore your own city, staycation ideas and more! Travel doesn’t have to stop just because the school year is starting – you just have to get creative about how you accomplish fun travel times with your family!





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