DIY Snow White Costume (Using Regular Clothes You Can Wear Again)!

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9.30 Disney Halloween Fashion Board - Snow White

Each year my kids want me to dress up with them. But it seems that I have spent so much time preparing for the Halloween party we host at our house, and making sure they all have all the parts that they need for their costumes, that I don’t have much energy left to run out and get a costume for me. I remember one year though, when I raided my husbands closet and threw together a scarecrow costume in just a few minute – and the kids just loved it!

One year when I was a teen I dressed up as Snow White, in a costume very similar to the one we have listed above. My kids look at that picture and beg me to do it again, so I thought this adult version of the costume was a great idea!

We were inspired by our own experiences to put together a series of costume ideas that were super simple for busy moms as a result. We also know there are many Disney fans out there, so we thought it would be great to do a play on many of the Disney princesses, but for women!

We thought it would be fun to run a series of DIY costume ideas that women can put together either with:

  • clothes from your own closet
  • or, if you need to buy pieces for the costume they are things you can wear again in your “regular” life

This way you are not throwing money away on a costume you will wear one time only.

Here is how to make a DIY Disney Snow White Costume for Women, using your own clothes, or items you can buy and wear again in regular life:

  1. High Waist Stretchy Pleated Skirt  (more selections for under $20 here too)
  2. Navy Pleated Top  (or this one on Amazon )
  3. Women’s Ballet Flats  (or these ones on Amazon)
  4. Girl’s Fashion Hair bow
  5. Wide Red Belt 
  6. Revlon Red Lipstick 

(Several of these are slight substitutes from the picture as they are no longer available)

Be sure to check out our other DIY costume ideas that women can put together with items in their closet or we have budget friendly options of where to buy the items (and then add them to your regular closet as well as use them on Halloween!).

Here are some of the ones we’ve shared::

We also have lots of great Halloween deals as well, with kids costume ideas, candy deals & candy alternatives and more!

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