DIY Peter Pan Costume using Clothes You Can Wear Again

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DIY Peter Pan Costume using Clothing You Can Wear Again

DIY Peter Pan Costume using Clothes You can Wear Again

Do you love to dress up at Halloween with your kids? Or head to a Halloween party with friends in fun costumes every year?  It’s fun to get dressed up, but we don’t like to spend a lot of extra money on clothes that we may only wear once or twice.  In the past, we have had fun digging thru our closets to pull together items using our own clothing or with just a few added pieces, to pull together into a fun costume for Halloween.  We were inspired by our own experiences to put together a series of costume ideas that were super simple for busy moms as a result.  And in this way, you are not throwing money away on a costume that you will only wear one time, but going with a more frugal option of using clothes from your own closet or buying a few key pieces that can be used in other ways for your everyday apparel.

We are continuing our series of DIY costume ideas that women can put together either with:

  • clothes from your own closet
  • apparel items you can wear again in your “regular” life

Here is how to make a DIY Peter Pan Costume::

Peter Pan DIY Costume using Everyday Clothes

We have shared links to specific items you can buy to put together a fun Peter Pan costume or you can dig around in your closet for similar pieces to pull these costumes together using everyday clothes.

Be sure to check out our other DIY costume ideas that women can put together with items in their closet or we have budget friendly options of where to buy the items (and then add them to your regular closet as well as use them on Halloween!).

Here are some of the ones we’ve shared::

We also have lots of great Halloween deals as well, with kids costume ideas, candy deals & candy alternatives and more!


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