DIY Minney Mouse Costume – Using Regular Clothes

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9.21 Wearable Halloween Costume - Minnie Mouse

We know moms can be so busy, especially around holiday times, as we are trying to prepare for company or make sure our kids are all ready etc. That coupled with fact that its not always practical to spend money on costumes that will only get one wear, motivated us to create this DIY costume series for women.

We thought it would be fun to run a series of DIY costume ideas that women can put together either with a) clothes from their own closet, or b) if you need to buy pieces for the costume they are things you can wear again in your “regular” life (and we hunted down budget options for these too). This way you are not throwing money away on a costume you will wear one time only.

We have listed out each item needed for the costume below. You can use these as inspiration to find similar items in your own closet, or if you do not have something like it, we have linked each piece to someplace you will be able to find it online for a reasonable price.

Here is how to make a DIY Minnie  Costume using your own clothes, or items you can buy and wear again in regular life:

  1. Persun Polka Dot Mid Waist Skirt
  2. Ribbed Tank Top  OR if you want a long sleeve shirt to wear you can get this black long sleeve active shirt 
  3. Hanes Opaque Black Tights
  4. Elope Minnie Mouse Ears Headband or this set for $3.99
  5. Yellow Pumps
  6. NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil
  7. White gloves 

Mickey Mouse Costume

Here is a super old picture of me one year for Halloween that I dug out of the archives. It will just give you an idea of how you can use a black eyeliner pencil to draw the eyelashes and nose on your face if you really want to do the costume up. I had used a black sweater and some black mittens I had on hand that year, as well as Mouse Ears we had picked up on a previous trip to Disneyland, so just some more ideas to help inspire your costume!

You might also want to check out our DIY Scarecrow costume for some easy ideas for women’s costumes too!

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