DIY Scarecrow Costume Using Everyday Clothes!

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9.17 Wearable Halloween Costume - Scarecrow

Each year my kids want me to dress up with them. But it seems that I have spent so much time preparing for the Halloween party we host at our house, and making sure they all have all the parts that they need for their costumes, that I don’t have much energy left to run out and get a costume for me. I remember one year though, when I raided my husbands closet and threw together a scarecrow costume in just a few minute – and the kids just loved it!

We thought it would be fun to run a series of DIY costume ideas that women can put together either with a) clothes from their own closet, or b) if you need to buy pieces for the costume they are things you can wear again in your “regular” life. This way you are not throwing money away on a costume you will wear one time only.

We have listed out each item needed for the costume below. You can use these as inspiration to find similar items in your own closet, or if you do not have something like it, we have linked each piece to someplace you will be able to find it online for a reasonable price.

Here is how to make a DIY Scarecrow Costume using your own clothes, or items you can buy and wear again in regular life:

DIY Scarecrow Costume

The coolest part of this is that all of these pieces are currently in style, so you can pair them with different items later on and they will just become part of your closet

Here are the items you need to make the costume shown at the top of the page:

  1. Mid Rise Jeans (original item unavailable)
  2. Button Down Flannel Shirt 
  3. Quilted Boots
  4. Woven Straw Fedora or you can also get this scarecrow type hat
  5. CoverGirl Brown Eyeliner Pencil 
  6. Corn Husks

Note, in addition to these items you can pin the corn husks coming out of the sleeves and pant legs and use the brown pencil to draw a rectangle on their nose and stitches in the corners of your mouth (you can also add some exaggerated rosey cheeks and fake lashes around your eyes if you want). That is me (Sia) as a scarecrow a couple of years ago, and I also put my hair in loose pony tails under my floppy hat. The costume was so easy to make, and comfortable to wear too!


You can also get instructions on how we made this scarecrow for the yard using clothes from our closet too!

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