Ways to Save Big on Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizzas

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Check out these Ways to Save Big on Papa Murphy's take and bake pizza

As I’ve shared before, Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizzas are a weekly staple in our home – their pizzas are our go-to meal at the end of our crazy busy weeks and the perfect way for us to unwind after working all week & enjoy a family night with the kids with little effort.  We grab a couple Papa Murphy’s take ‘n’ bake pizzas (gotta have leftovers for the weekend lunches) and we will pick up a Redbox movie or a family movie from the library and have a Friday night movie night. On other Friday nights, we go for a game night and enjoy our pizza while we play games together for some family bonding time.

My husband is a high school teacher with several active after-school clubs and with me working full-time from home at Thrifty NW Mom, it keeps us very busy along with keeping up with our 2 kiddos and their after-school activities. So, I love that I can stop by Papa Murphy’s as a quick stop on our way home from school or I can have my husband pick up on his way home from work, and we can have dinner totally ready in 20 minutes or less while staying on our budget with a very affordable option. The convenience + value is so important for us in this stage of life we are in. We can bring home the take and bake pizzas from Papa Murphy’s and then keep in the fridge to use at a time that is convenient for us.

Papa Murphy's Movie NIght

I love that you can put together a whole meal affordably at Papa Murphy’s too. If you order 2 sides, you will pay just $8 for both sides. We decided to try out the S’mores pizza this last time we ate Papa Murphy’s and it was a total hit with our kiddos (& the adults too) with all that gooey, delicious chocolate & marshmallow on top of your pizza crust. So, for less than $20 (pizza was $10 for large as a special offer and 2 sides for $8 = $18) I could feed my family a complete meal with pizza, chef salad and dessert for less than the cost of pizza at many restaurants.

More importantly, I know that I am feeding my growing kids healthy, fresh ingredients in the pizza, so I don’t have to sacrifice quality, which is so important to me when serving my family. I love that Papa Murphy’s has lead the way with quality, especially being the first pizza company to offer chicken raised without antibiotics in all of their pizzas. They also use freshly grated, whole-milk mozzarella cheese & hand-chopped, always fresh veggies, prepared fresh every day.  Even my picky eater loves Papa Murphy’s as she gets her favorite topping on one side and her sister can add more toppings and variety on the other side. My husband and I enjoy trying out the specialty pizzas offered from Papa Murphy’s (we recently tried the Thai Chicken which we loved because it has this sauce that’s a combination of sweet & spicy. Plus, we can try new crusts each time, too, with pan pizza, thin, original, stuffed and gluten-free options available, too {Papa Murphy’s is not a certified gluten free kitchen, though}. We tend to stick more with the thin crust as our family favorite.

More Ways to Save at Papa Murphy’s::

Papa Murphy's Taco Grande Pizza

Papa Murphy’s pizzas are very reasonably priced, but we’ve found even more ways you can save at Papa Murphy’s to make it a really affordable choice for your family. Not all of these may work at your location, but I’d encourage you to visit your local store and find out what specific promotions they offer.

Dinner Circle Text and Email Coupons:

Papa Murphy's Dinner Circle for Text and Email Coupons

One of the best ways to save at Papa Murphy’s is to make sure to sign up for the Papa Murphy’s Dinner Circle. This is a quick sign-up and you’ll start receiving coupons and information about special promotions  right away. When I signed up, I received a $1 off text coupon right from the start to use on any order.

As part of the Dinner Circle program, I have received emails for 25% off my order, $3 off, and even 50% off any pizza.   They definitely offer quite a few coupons with some of the best savings you will find – more frequent coupons than I receive from other restaurant email clubs that I’ve signed up for online.

$10 Tuesdays:

Papa Murphy's $10 Tuesdays

Every Tuesday is $10 Tuesday at Papa Murphy’s. You can buy any large pizza for just $10. This is a fantastic way to try out a new pizza for your family, such as the Stuffed Crust pizza, which can be very filling.

One option with the $10 Tuesday sale is to grab an extra pizza or two and freeze it. This is not something that is recommended by Papa Murphy’s as their take and bake pizzas taste best eaten right away as they have such good, fresh ingredients. But it can be a good back-up option if you need a last-minute pizza without sacrificing quality ingredients. Sia has frozen Papa Murphy’s pizzas before for her family and it has worked well for her and her family still really enjoyed the pizzas. You’ll just want to make sure to pull the pizza out of the freezer an hour before you want to cook it.

Paper Coupons:

Another easy way to save at Papa Murphy’s is to keep your eye out for paper coupons. If you do not have a coupon thru the text/email service, I always try to keep on hand a stack of paper coupons to use (I try to keep a few of these in the car in case we decide spur of the moment on the way home from an activity to grab a take and bake pizza). We typically receive Papa Murphy’s coupons in our weekly mailer with the grocery store circulars, in the Sunday paper and on the pizzas you bring home, with a coupon for free cookie dough if you fill out a survey about your experience at Papa Murphy’s or I ended up with a 25% off coupon this last time.

Online Savings at PapaMurphys.com:

Check the Papa Murphy’s website frequently to see what deals are available. I always check this before I head to Papa Murphy’s to make sure there isn’t a coupon or discount I could take advantage of with my order (if I haven’t received any by text/email). We ordered a Taco Grande pizza over the weekend and paid just $10 for the large, specialty pizza.

Faves Pizza:

We often get the Papa Murphy’s $6 Faves pizzas, especially for the kids.  The Faves pizzas are lighter (less hearty) versions of their regular pizzas. The options include pepperoni, sausage and cheese. {You typically cannot make substitutions/customizations to these types of pizzas since they are made to be a quick option for people to grab & go.} But they are perfect for our kids as they can be picky eaters, so we will get one of these $6 Faves for them and then my husband and I will try some of the specialty pizzas from Papa Murphy’s like the Thai Chicken pizza or the Taco Grande pizza. {Note: These prices may vary by location around the country – at our location they are $6}

Papa Murphy’s Rewards Card:

Papa Murphys Reward Card

This is a program that is available at our local Papa Murphy’s but it is not a nationally-based program, so you’ll need to check with your local store to see if they have a similar program. At our store, there is a tablet you can sign in to whenever you come in to make a purchase. After your  12th purchase, you will receive a text message with a code for a free 1 topping large pizza. Love that you can earn free pizzas by being a frequent Papa Murphy’s customer.

Certificates with the Local Schools:

Check with your local school to see if they participate in a reading program with Papa Murphy’s for free Mini Murph’s pizzas from Papa Murphy’s if kids meet their Accelerated Reader (AR) reading goals.  My girls each came home with certificates for free pizzas a few weeks ago after meeting their AR goals for the semester. Not only did they each get a free pizza kit, but the certificate also added $2 off each regular size pizza.




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