Papa Murphys $10 Tuesday – Any Large Pizza for $10!

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Papa Murphys $10 Tuesday

Papa Murphys $10 Tuesdays – Large Take and Bake Pizza for $10!

*** Update – Papa Murphys has updated this promotion, and the pizzas are now $12 on Tuesdays. You can find the current promotional offer and details here. ***

Today is Tuesday and I know many of you get excited about Tuesdays as you know  it’s $10 Tuesdays at Papa Murphy’s Pizza. This means that any large pizza at Papa Murphy’s is just $10 on Tuesdays – whether it’s a pizza on the menu or you can make your own pizza with up to 5 toppings for just $10.  Order it ahead online so it’s ready to go when you arrive or pick it up in store for just $10 for any large pizza.

Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizzas are something that is on our menu every week because as a busy mom, it is a dinner that I know that I can pick up last-minute on our way home from school or a late night activity and still provide a fresh, quality dinner that I know every one of my family members will love. Or I can pick it up when I’m out & about earlier in the day & pop it in the fridge & then I can cook it up whenever we finally all make it home.  I’d much rather pick up a Papa Murphy’s pizza on those super busy school nights than stop by and grab fast food or order takeout because it’s very affordable for our family of four and I know that I am still providing fresh, healthy options for my kids.

Papa Murphy's Gourmet Vegetarian Delite Pizza

Papa Murphy’s is the largest, fresh take ‘n’ bake pizza brand in the world and that’s because they don’t sacrifice quality even while providing such affordable take and bake pizza options for families. Everything is prepared fresh, daily, in their stores – the made-from-scratch dough is prepared in an actual stand mixer, they use freshly grated whole milk mozzarella cheese and hand-chopped veggies.  I love that Papa Murphy’s has lead the way with quality, especially as they were the first pizza company to offer chicken raised without antibiotics in all of their pizzas.

Papa Murphy's Sides -$8 for 2 sides

$10 Tuesdays is a great option for our family as I can pick up a pizza for all of us to share as well as a salad and even cookie dough for dessert and that’s a full meal for my family – all for less than $20 – less than $5 a person. They have a special where it’s just $8 if you buy 2 sides, so it will be $18 total for a pizza, salad & dessert. Or I can pick up two pizzas along with the two sides, so my girls share a pizza and my husband and I share a pizza and then we can all have leftovers for several days (my husband loves pizza leftovers for his lunch to take to work) – all for under $30 (2 pizzas for $20 & the 2 sides for $8).

Papa Murphy's Chicken Bacon Stuffed Pizza

Papa Murphys $10 Tuesdays is also a chance for us to try out some different menu items at Papa Murphy’s without having to think about the price. This past week, we tried out the Chicken Bacon Stuffed Pizza, as we’ve never tried the Stuffed pizzas before. {Check out how thick that pizza is – a great option if you’re looking for a filling pizza for teens or hungry guys especially} My older daughter is a bit obsessed with bacon, so she loved all the extra bacon mixed throughout this pizza. You never know if you’ll like something better unless you try it out & what better time then when everything is the same price.

We all have different tastes, so the fact that we can customize the pizzas to our own tastes is an important one in our family, without getting charged extra for changes or additions.  My girls love Hawaiian pizza but with their “white” sauce instead of the “red sauce” (marinara sauce). My husband and I are finally agreeing on a pizza recently and loving their Gourmet Vegetarian Delite pizzas or some of their other specialty Delite pizzas, but he used to love pizzas full of meat like their Cowboy version, while I am much more simple and prefer only one meat like sausage, so we could get half sausage and half Cowboy and still only pay the $10 on Tuesdays. This way everyone is happy with their favorite pizza option – which makes it challenging when we do go out to eat on vacation & everyone has to agree on a pizza – it is no easy task!

Another option for the $10 Tuesdays sale at Papa Murphy’s is that you can grab a few extra pizzas and freeze the ones you won’t eat right away. Papa Murphy’s does recommend that you eat the pizzas right away because they are so fresh with ingredients prepared that day. But this does work as a back-up option if you want to keep a pizza or two in your freezer wrapped up well, if you are ever needing a last-minute option and can’t make it out to the store to pick a fresh pizza up. Sia has frozen Papa Murphy’s pizzas before, though, & it has worked well for her family. Just make sure to pull the pizza out of the freezer about an hour before you want to cook it to let it thaw.

Papa Murphy’s Dinner Circle Text and Email Coupons:

Papa Murphy's Dinner Club for Text and Email Coupons

If you are looking for more ways to save at Papa Murphy’s on other days of the week, make sure to sign up for the Papa Murphy’s Dinner Circle Club . This is a quick sign-up and you’ll start receiving coupons and information about special promotions  right away. When I signed up, I received a $1 off text coupon right from the start to use on any order.

I have received a variety of coupons by text and email, such as 25% off my order, $3 off, and even a 50% off any pizza coupon from the Dinner Circle club. It also lets me know when there are new promotions, like the $10 large Hawaiian pizza that’s on special right now & last month it was the $10 large Taco pizzas on special. I always search my text messages & emails before I head to Papa Murphy’s (or while I’m standing in line – ha!).

What is your favorite Papa Murphy’s pizza to buy on $10 Tuesdays?


  1. This is great news! Is it possible to use a coupon as well? For example if you order a family size then use the $2 off? That would be AWESOME!

    1. Hi Sarah – You could try but I do not think they will allow you to stack promotions (at least they would not allow me to last year) unfortunately… Thanks!

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