Teacher Appreciation Week – DIY Gift Idea Round Up + Freebies for Teachers

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Teacher Appreciation Week: Gift Roundup

Teacher Appreciation Gifts & Freebies!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to let all of those hard working teachers out there know that they are appreciated!! It is such a great week to really show them how grateful you are for the role they are playing in your children’s lives, helping them learn.  Teacher appreciation day is May 7th, so if you want to focus on one day to let them know you appreciate them, that would be the day.

We bought a $5 plant, and then went to the dollar store and turned it into a hanging planter with a $1 placemat, basket and rope for a teacher who said she loved this type of flower. 

Tips for Making Teachers Feel Appreciated This Week –

One thing I love to do each year is to make a week out of it. My kids went to a small school for years, and there the PTA worked to do something special for teachers each day of the week, and I have carried that with me ever since, and followed the same basic idea. I like to ask the teachers for a favorite drink, favorite candy or treat, favorite color or sports team or flower, and a hobby. You can use this information to send things that are not going to cost too much, but make the teacher feel appreciated all week. You can send a single flower one day, with a special note from you or your child that shows the teacher appreciation, then a candy bar or a treat they like another day, a can of their favorite beverage one day, etc. This way you are keeping the daily gifts to a dollar or two, then can send a special present either at the end of the week or on Tuesday. Whatever you do to make your kids teachers feel appreciated will be wonderful I am sure.  We have a list of some frugal ideas to help inspire you below. 

I do know that I see teachers themselves often mention that gift cards are their favorite gifts to receive (they only have so much desk space in their classrooms to display gifts, so gift cards are a nice practical gift. They do not have to cost you too much either if you are on a budget.

A couple of ideas of places you can get gift cards for as low as $5 per card include:

  • Starbucks (hard to go wrong with this one)
  • The Dollar Store
  • Walmart or Target
  • Baskins and Robbins
  • Ulta Beauty

Those are just a few ideas of how you could add a gift card on many budgets to a special gift for a teacher.

We did want to include some freebies available to teachers too. You could print out a list for your child’s teacher, just to let them know what they can get this coming week too!

Freebies & Deals for Teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week:

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6th – 10th, 2024 this year & National Teacher Appreciation Week is Tuesday May 7th, 2024.

(be sure to call ahead and confirm your local location is participating)

  • Staples – Pick up a FREE Teacher Supply Kit from May 5th – May 11th (limit of 20 per store, so you’ll want to go early – call your store to see if they are participating though)
  • Michael’s & Joann’s offer  15 percent discount on in-store purchases every day.
  • Microsoft Store – Get Office 365 free (info at the bottom of the page)
  • PBS – Free access to digital curriculum-based resources.

Here are some frugal gift ideas to help you honor the teacher/s in your life:

This would be my husband’s favorite  as a high school teacher (if your teacher loves coffee):

Free Printable Thanks a Latte for Coffee Lovers

Thanks a Latte Teacher Gift

As an educator myself for over 6 years, I know that teachers most of all would love a handwritten card letting them know that you appreciate them for the work they are doing with your child! It’s just a little token to show them that you remember them! And don’t forget those specialists – music, PE, Art teachers & if your child works with specialists like Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists & Physical therapists  – they would love a simple card if you can’t do something for everyone!  They appreciate being acknowledged and recognized, too!

What are your favorite teacher appreciation gifts to give? Or to receive (if you’re a teacher)? 

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  1. I love teachers! They work hard every day to educate our kids and I think they deserve to be treated. I met a woman who said she did small gifts every day. She started with gum for the first day and each day they would get a bigger gift. I loved the idea of a daily gift. Monday we give the teachers a small plant and a note saying we are buying them a coffee or other drink of their choice the next day, Tues. they get the coffee and another note asking what they would like for lunch from Subway the next day, Wed. they get their Subway Sandwich, Thursday we will get them a dessert like a slice of cheesecake and a heartfelt card expressing our gratitude for all they do for our kid. Honestly I am missing something because the last few years, we have had Monday off. But you get the idea. We do this for the main teacher. On the last day, we get the specialists such as librarian, music, and PE teacher all dessert. I hope this helps give an idea.

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