PupBox – First Box for $5 for this Subscription Box for Dogs!

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PupBox Subscription Box for dogs

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PupBox – First Box for $5! 

PupBox is another popular dog subscription box that does all the hard work of curating the perfect treats & toys for your pup & sends the box to you each month. You’ll get both treats & toys that are geared towards your dog’s size & needs. But, you won’t have to spend time running to the stores or searching the online sites for the best options for your puppy. This is honestly what I love most about dog subscription boxes –  that it saves me so much time to track down quality items that my puppy will love. I just don’t have the time to head to the stores often enough to look for treats & toys, and I get overwhelmed by the choices online to know what is good, quality products. So, I love to have these curated for me!

In the PupBox, they have a combination of toys + treats & a special focus of these boxes are options for puppies & a focus on their play & development through the toys they send. The monthly box will also include tips for age-appropriate training for your puppy. They may also have some items  included in the box to help with training & raising your pup. If you have an adult dog, they also tailor the boxes towards your adult dog & the kinds of toys they would like as well.

Each box will include 5 – 7 items, with at least 1 bag of treats in the box as part of this. The items in the box are catering to your own pup & their size & needs, so they will ask you a few questions about your puppy & their size, age, etc when you sign up. They will also ask if your pup has any food allergies for them to be aware of when sending treats, so that is helpful, too. If you find that your pup is destroying the toys quickly that they send, they recommend you contact them to let them know to send tougher toys too.

Did you know that you can also purchase themed or specialty boxes for a one-time purchase on the PupBox site under “Shop“. They also have individual items for sale in the “Shop” if you liked those items from previous boxes. You can pay full shipping to receive them immediately or pay a $1 fee to have them added to your next monthly box if it will fit in the box.  You can shop by developmental stage too (teething, housetraining, fetch & more)

PupBox Price:

PupBox is a bit different than the other dog subscription boxes in that they offer more options for pricing for you to choose from. The more months you purchase, the more you save. However, if you just want to test it out, you can purchase just one month to see how you like it.


    • 1 month – $39/box
    • 3 mos – $34/box (save 13%)
    • 6 mos – $32/box (save 18%)
    • 12 mos – $29/box (save 26%)

If you are in the US, you’ll get free shipping & $5 shipping to Canada.

{All plans are paid monthly & renew automatically, so if you decide you don’t like the PupBox after the first month, you can cancel at any time if you purchase the 1 month plan.}

PupBox Coupon Code & Discount Promos:

*For 2 more days only, PupBox is offering your first box for $5 for National Puppy Day! Use the promo code: NPD22 at checkout to drop the price to $5! This promo will end on Saturday 3/26 at the end of the day. 


Right now, PupBox is offering a special coupon code for 50% off your first box – use the promo code: PB50 at checkout to drop the price by 50% on a multi-month plan. You could purchase a 3 month plan at $34/mo & your first month would be just $17 & the subsequent months would be $34/ea.

Have you tried a PupBox subscription box for your dog? Let us know how it worked out!

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