Mom to Mom Diaper Review – How These Diapers Held Up For My 2 Yr Ol

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Mom to Mom Diaper Review – How These Diapers Held Up For My 2 Yr Old

This summer it’s finally been time to start potty-training my 2 year old daughter. I’ve been kind of putting it off after an ordeal training my older daughter, but realized it was finally time to start after my older daughter decided to take it upon herself to start training her sister. Figured that was my cue to finally start with the official potty-training. Oh joy.

This summer was the perfect timing to try out  the Mom to Mom training pants from Safeway. I was sent a package of the  training pants to review & I have to tell you that the Mom to Mom training pants worked just as well as the Huggies Pull-Ups we had been using. The real trick for me is to see how they hold up during nap or bedtime & we didn’t have any issues with leaks.  She also can be quite forceful getting those diapers on & off without help. As she tells me constantly – “Me do it!” . The famous words of a 2 year old! They have a mind of their own, that’s for sure! The Mom to Mom training pants held up just fine with no tears or rips even with her in charge of pulling them up or down. That’s the sign of a good diaper for sure. All my daughter cared about, though, was the fact that they had a cute design – both my girls loved the princess or ballerina designs on the front & back of the training pants.

I definitely would recommend the Mom to Mom training pants. I’m always a little hesitant to try new diapers/training pants with my girls as we definitely have our favorites, but these worked very well for us. If you tried them out in the past, they are new & improved, offering easy open sides, a better fit & comfort as well as a soft hypoallergenic liner with aloe, vitamin E & organic botanicals.

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  1. Not only do I “LIKE” you on Facebook, I love TNWM…you provide awesome tips and tricks to help out in this economy!

  2. I have 2 year old twins….a boy & girl….I need to start potty training, keep putting it off. :)

  3. WOULD LOVE TO TRY THESE! We are getting ready to get on-board the potty-training-train!

  4. We are potty training our 2 year old too! Just thought to myself yesterday that it’s time for pull-ups! Good luck!

  5. I appreciate all of your tips, reviews and suggestions about living thriftily (so much it was worth making up a word!)

  6. Oh potty training. So excited to start (not). But at least I can give those diapers a shot!

  7. I clicked ‘like’ on the Thrify Mom NW on FB- less than 2 months ago. I’ve scored such awesome deals thanks to you! You rock! I tell all my friends about it. Thank you!

  8. i LIKE LIKE LIKE the thrifty nw mom facebook fan page! I get all my greatest deals and ideas from ya’ll!!

  9. Wondering how the price of the Safeway brand compares with Pull-ups. Also, do they have a perfume smell to them? Many diapers we can’t use b/c of the scent that’s added.

  10. No I haven’t noticed any perfume smell like the pull ups. The price is about $8 a pack and depending on size it varies roughly 20 or so in a pack. IMHO they hold up better at night than the pull ups. My son pees ALOT and with them he doesn’t soak through. I have personally been impressed with their kiddie ups and diapers.

  11. I’m working on potty training my 2-year-old daughter also. I’ve never tried the Safeway brand training pants before, but they would sure come in handy!

  12. I think I’m going to have to try these with our youngest (and thankfully our last potty training adventure!)

  13. And I don’t just “like” you on FB, I LOVE Thrifty NW Mom! Thanks for the deals and thanks for the giveaways!!!!

  14. I ‘like’ you on FB, and am thinking about potty training my son. I love trying new products, especially ones that will save me money.

  15. We use the Mom-to-Mom brand and have been very satisfied. The price is more affordable and they work just as well :)

  16. I have never used these diapers on my kids. Maybe I will have to try them out.

  17. I have a 18 month old that has just started asking to go potty on the toilet (thanks to her big sister) so I would love to try these out! =)

  18. I’ve got 2 in diapers and I’m in the process of stocking up for my nephew that is due in the fall so I can use all the diapers I can get!! :)

  19. I have a ways to go before starting the potty training adventure with my daughter, but it’s good to hear about it. Thanks!

  20. My daughter will be going through potty training soon too, so maybe I’ll pick up a package of these kiddie-ups!

  21. Pull-up training pants were such an excellent invention – wish I’d thought of them myself!

  22. I’ve been using the mom to mom brand since my sone was 1 he’s now 3 and I use the training pants- I’ve never had leaking problems and he loves the star prints! They are the best!

  23. Would love to try these, my 3 year old does not want to use the potty. I’ve been just waiting it out until she says she is ready – would like to be done with diapers!

  24. Have a 20 month old daughter and potty training is right around the corner. Would love to win this so I can try these training pants, any help will be needed. :-p :)

  25. I am finally willing to start potty training my 3-yr old. The training pants would surely help. Thanks for your review, I probably wouldn’t have considered the Mom to Mom brand before.

  26. Would love to win. DD is 14 months and I was going to start potty training in the next couple of months. These look great!

  27. This is a great giveaway- I’m in need to get things in preparation for my first child due in December!

  28. I’m already a facebook fan of Thrifty NW Mom (Alice Lee)

  29. My youngest daughter has just started potty training and I would love to try these!

  30. I also like the Safeway brand of training pants for my kids. I have found they work just as well as pull ups or easy ups and are cheaper! :)

  31. I would love to try these, need to get my reluctant three yr old boy potty trained!

  32. Trying to potty train not with a lot of success I’m affraid!

  33. I would love to try out the mom mom training pants on my 23month old TWIN daughters :) thank you for your wonderful site!!!

  34. I like the facebook page….look forward to seeing the deals everyday.

  35. I have just undertaken attempting to toilet train my Autistic 5 year old, wish me luck! A $25 gift card would be great to buy Mom to Mom training pants and wine, lots of wine.

  36. brillant!!!! anything that keeps the little ones dry during sleeping is a must-have!!!

  37. I was given some mom-to-mom diapers and kept stalling on using them since I was content with Pampers. I tried them and LOVE them more than other brands. They absorb great!

  38. I would love to win! I think safeways diapers are one of the best off brands out there.

  39. Thanks for the review, will be training twins in near future. All tips are helpful!

  40. I am getting ready to potty train my 2 1/2 year old boy and these sound like the way to go.

  41. What a great contest! I love Safeway, great products and price, can’t beat that!

  42. Love your site, it’s always great to get ideas for my next shopping trip where i can save.

  43. Would love to try one! I’m going to be potty training my daughter in the upcoming weeks.

  44. when Jack was a baby we bought these diapers on a road trip, because we did pack enough of the more pricey brand. I was very pleased with them for day time use.

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