Best Diaper Deals (This Week’s Best Prices)!

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Best Diaper Deals Each Week (Updated Regularly)

Best Diaper Deals (This Week’s Best Prices)!

Diapers can be a big expense for families, when raising young kids. We have a round up of this weeks best in-store diaper prices. We also have a round up of the best Amazon Family (formally Amazon Mom) diaper deals for this week, if you would rather shop from the convenience of your own home.

If you know anyone about to have a baby, be sure to let them know about the Amazon Baby Registry!  It’s a cool tool Amazon offers where you can add anything to your list for folks to see and buy for you (it even allows you to send Thank you notes from the system). Then you will get a discount offer of 10% or up to 15% for Amazon Mom members, on anything left on your list that you want to pick up (so it’s a great way to get an Amazon coupon)! Enjoy FREE Super Saver Shipping and FREE 90-Day Returns on eligible products too.

(We also have this post on how to make a diaper jeep or diaper cake, if you have a baby shower coming up and want to turn these diaper deals into a super cute gift)!

Here are some of this weeks Best Diaper Deals:

Amazon Family Diaper Deals (Formally Amazon Mom Diaper Deals):

Many of these online deals may also have diaper coupons available or may be available for Subscribe & Save meaning a lower overall price, so be sure to look for those. 

Best Diaper Deals Online:

Our Pick for Best Diaper Deal Online this week is:

Many of these baby diaper deals have additional diaper coupons available to clip, so click on the box to see if there is a coupon to save more too!

Highlight of this months diaper deal picks: 

box of cuties diapers

On Amazon the Cuties diapers are the cheapest this month – starting at as low as $0.15 a diaper!

box of mama bear diapers

Mama Bear brand (Amazons brand) are a great price, and close second for the most affordable. They will run you from $0.15 to around $0.25 per diaper.

The Huggies offers we have listed below will run between $0.21 and $0.30 a diaper, so also great options this month.

Thrive market diaper deals

Thrive Market also has diapers for just $0.23 each here. (& we have a special 40% off code you can use for your first order to save even more!)

Thrive Market diapers are free of fragrances, latex, and parabens, and eco friendly too.

Here are some more diaper deals you will find on Amazon, for easy ordering and delivery:


Best Pick for Wipes Deal online this week:

Many of these baby wipes deals have additional coupons available to clip, so click on the box to see if there is a coupon to save more too!

Training Pants & Pull Ups:

Amazon Family is a membership program where members receive exclusive Subscribe & Save discounts, special promotions and FREE two-day shipping on millions of items with Amazon Prime. Exclusive Subscribe & Save discounts include 20% off diapers and wipes and 20% off other family essential subscriptions when 5 or more Subscribe & Save items arrive on your month delivery day.

If you want to compare prices to Costco Diaper Prices, be sure to check out our Costco Price list here to see what diapers will cost there.  

*Remember that Amazon prices are subject to change at any time. The price was current when this deal was posted; however, the listed price may be more or less on the product when you check.



  1. Huggies Pull Ups are also on the Target Cartwheel app for additional 5% off. With 2 still in diapers every penny counts!

  2. Hello, I’m a new mom, so this whole world of diaper buying with coupons is very new to me. I am interested in the Amazon diaper deals. I want to understand it more before signing up for the family/prime membership. On this site listed above, there are a lot of amazon diaper deals for the week. I understand that the 20% off will come from the family/prime membership. However, where am I supposed to find the “ecoupons” listed for each item? It says to clip them, but from where? Are these from amazon emails? From somewhere on this website I can’t see? From the actual listings on amazon once I am a family/prime member?

    I can’t seem to figure that out and I do not want to sign up for the prime membership if I cannot access the coupons to go along with the 20% off.

    Any help would be appreciated for this lost and confused new time mama… thanks!

    1. Jessica – the E-Coupons should be listed right under the price. Sometimes you have to sign in to your account first for the E-Coupons to pull up and show on that product page, but they should be showing directly on the page near the price with a little box & you need to make sure to click to use the E-coupon.

  3. Why am I only get 5% off after S&S? It said 20% off would apply if I subscribe to 5 products, but that’s too much. Does it happen to you too?

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