Free Swimming Lessons at 9 Swimming Beaches in Seattle

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Free Swimming Lessons at 9 Swimming Beaches in Seattle

Swimming lessons can be quite expensive for kids these days, but are so important in an area like Seattle where there is water so many places we go. This summer your kids can get free swimming lessons, at any of Seattles 9 swimming beaches! That is such a wonderful for families in our area to get their kids swimming, without the expense of it. I remember looking around for savings opportunities for swim lessons when my kids where young and there were not many available.

All of the swimming beaches should be open by 6/22. The free swimming lessons are available mid-day (12:15 to 12:45) or in the evening. They run from the late June for evening sessions and start the beginning of July for mid-day lessons, and consist of 4 sessions that run about 12 days each.

The free swimming lessons in Seattle are designed for kids from 6 to 16. You will need to sign up either by phone, or in person, and registration is currently open. Find out details on that for the mid-day sessions here, or evening sessions here.

The way these free swimming lessons in Seattle work –

  • Green Lake Beaches
  • Madison Park Beach
  • Madrona Park Beach
  • Magnuson Park Beach
  • Mathews Beach
  • Mount Baker Park Beach
  • Pritchard Island Beach
  • Seward Park Beach

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