Disney World Tickets Discounts – Best ways to save on Disney World tickets!

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Walt Disney World Ticket Discounts

Walt Disney World Tickets Discounts

Updated for Walt Disney World Tickets Deals for 2023

Walt Disney World Resort has added some fun new things for its 50th anniversary this year like the TRON Lightcycle / Run, and the Disney100 celebration will arrive later in the fall – along with Holidays! There are so many reasons to visit Walt Disney World Resort this ear, so if y ou are lookign for ways to save on tickets, check out these Walt Disney World Tickets Discounts that we share here!

Best Deals on Walt Disney World Tickets

Are you headed to Walt Disney World soon for a family vacation? We have put together a list of the cheapest Disney tickets that we could find for Disney World as it is such a popular destination for families. However, it can get quite pricey so we’ll be sharing different ways to save money when you head to Walt Disney World.  Finding Walt Disney World tickets discounts is one way that can really help you save on your overall trip as the ticket prices can be a significant expense of your trip.

You will find that the more days you stay at Disney World, the more you will save – there are less discounts for spending just a few days in the parks and the first 3 days are the most expensive, but you start seeing more significant discounts (by Disney and using other discount ticket options) when you stay 4+ days in the parks. The difference in price for extra days when you hit 4 or more is as low as $10/ticket/person, which is awesome. However, you do still have to factor in the extra cost with meals, lodging, etc when you stay extra days, but if you can make it work to stay those extra days, it can be a great way to enjoy Walt Disney World & have time to build in some down time in the middle of your trip, especially if you go during a crowded or hot time of year, when you’ll greatly appreciate having some pool, shopping or rest time in between your visit to Disney World.

Disney World Savings

Don’t forget we have a very popular series for ways to save at Disneyland if you’re headed for a vacation to Disneyland soon, and more tips on other ways to save on a Disney World trip too!

Check out our Disney World Savings page for more tips on:

Important Info:

You will want to be careful when purchasing discounts for Walt Disney World tickets, there are plenty of scams out there. In the past, folks have bought tickets off of Ebay and Craiglist and we highly recommend you stay away from this practice (you run the risk of purchasing tickets that have been partially used as there is not a way to confirm this until you get there). Disney has really cracked down on fraudulent ticket sales, so we recommend you only buy tickets from a vendor you know is reputable.  We are only listing ticket discounts for vendors that we know are reputable & highly recommended.

Current Walt Disney World Ticket Discounts:

We update the promotions frequently (updated for 2023) – but they can change at any time, so make sure to confirm prices before you purchase

Our Favorite Deals –

4 Day Magic Tickets for as low as $99 a day!

Walt Disney World Resort has released a 4-Day/4-Park ticket that allows guests to visit each theme park once this summer at an amazing price – roughly $150+ LESS than a regular 4-Day Base Ticket! It works out to as as low as $99 a day – a super price for Disney parks these days.

June 1 – September 29, you can spend a day at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and save big! No theme park reservations required; blackout dates of July 1-4 and September 1-4, 2023 apply.

Save even more when you book your 4-Park Magic Ticket with Get Away Today. Buy your tickets now here.

2 Days FREE Tickets

Or get get 7 days of fun for the price of 5 days with this 2 days FREE Ticket Offer!

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

New Disney Parks Deal:

Get Away Today:

Get Away Today offers some of the best park ticket deals usually, and their price includes taxes and fees. Add on the extra $10 off promotion, and it is definitely the lowest price we have found currently. 

Get Away Today offers great deals on packages for the Disney Resorts, and you can save $10 off with promo code THRIFTYNWMOM too, if you are booking a Disney World Vacation Package from them. Here are some examples of their Walt Disney World Tickets Savings:

Undercover Tourist::

Current discounts from Undercover Tourist range from $5 – $41 discounts per ticket (compared to DisneyWorld.com rates), depending on the ticket option you choose.

Undercover Tourist is a great way to save if you have a specific number of days that you want to be at Disney, but these discounts also start when you are looking at 3 days or more in the parks.

Magic Your Way Discount Tickets::

UndercoverTourist.com’s ticket discounts start when you are purchasing 4 days & up. These are adult ticket prices. I have not included the water park discount offers, but you can check the UndercoverTourist.com website for those prices as they also offer discounts for water park admission too.

Special Disney Ticket Deal

3 Day Ticket – $380.65 per adult ticket, $366.32 for kids
4 Day Ticket (+ extra day free = 5 days)– $522.97 for adults, $503.67 for kids

Park Hopper Ticket Discounts:

3 Day Park Hopper – $457.13 for adult ticket, $442.80 for kids
4 Day Park Hopper + extra day free (5 days total) – $596.10 for adults, $577.22 for kids

Find all of their pricing options here. The more days you purchase, the better value per day generally. 

Disney World Opens Reservations for 2023 Ticket Purchases + New Reservations System

The reservations process has changed for all tickets this year. The way it currently works is that you will need to purchase your Walt Disney World tickets, AND reserve the specific dates for when you will be visiting the parks with those tickets. In most cases the dates will be selected when you purchase your tickets (if you had existing tickets WDW or your travel agent can tell you how to get those assigned a specific date).

When will 2023 Walt Disney World Tickets be Available?

Yes, they are now available! You can now book Walt Disney World Resort vacations up to 500 days in advance on a rolling calendar.

You can currently buy new tickets for the 2023 travel seasons.

Plus, right now when you book your Walt Disney World Resort vacation* with our partner, Get Away Today, they are offering the most flexibility we have seen on WDW vacation packages, as well as some great savings. Y

If you are thinking of a Spring Break trip, they are running a promotion we have never seen before! If you travel now through April 30 you can book with Get Away Today for free cancellation up to 24 hours before check-in. We will likely never see this type of flexibility ever again!

Plus, when you book with Get Away Today, you’ll receive all of the perks that come standard with your Walt Disney World Resort package and these bonuses:

  • Guests can hold their vacation for just $200 down with final payment due 30 days prior to travel.
  • Complimentary Concierge Services, including detailed planning assistance. A certified Disney Travel Agent is more valuable now than ever before as there have been many changes to the Park experience.
  • Complimentary Price Monitoring. If Disney releases a discount or special that can be applied to your reservation, we will do so automatically!

If you have a large family, here is a sample package idea –

Sample Package Dates: September 5-10

  • Travelers: Two Adults and four Children
  • Hotel: Disney’s Fort Wilderness Cabins (Moderate Resort)
  • Tickets: 5-Day 1-Park per Day Tickets – includes 2 days free!
    • Disney’s Pop Century Resort: $3,998.76 (2 rooms)
    • Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort: $4,458.88 (private cabin)
    • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort: $4516.26 (family suite)

Find out more details on this special promotion from Get Away Today here now!

Fireworks at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

More Ways to Save on Tickets to Walt Disney World::

Military Discounts::

If you are active duty or retired military, you can get significant discounts on ticket prices to Walt Disney World. The military member will need to be present with military ID at the main gate, though, to be able to use the tickets and activate them. Once the tickets are activated, then you can split up if you want.

Military Salute Tickets:

The Military Salute Ticket Program –  Active or retired US military personnel can purchase:

  • 4-Day Military Promotional Ticket with the Park Hopper Option for $296 plus tax
  • 5-Day Military Promotional Ticket with the Park Hopper Option $315 plus tax

These can be used by military members, family members (including spouse) & friends.

One of the six (6) Tickets purchased must be used by the Eligible Service Member or his/her spouse.

Reward Offers/Savings at Grocery Stores

This is a great way to save significantly on your tickets if you plan ahead and purchase during a rewards offer time period at one of your local grocery stores.  Reward times are typically around the holidays such as Thanksgiving/Christmas and Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Graduation, when more people are buying gift cards. But there may be additional time periods as well, so watch your sales flyers for the grocery stores.

If Disney is offering a ticket deal that you can buy at the ticket gate during your visit, then consider buying the Disney Gift cards during one the grocery store promo offers mentioned above, and you can *double dip* on the deals. You will get the savings for buying the Walt Disney World gift cards, and then you can also use those cards like cash at Disney World to take advantage of the ticket offer you found through Disney World.

Savings at Grocery stores::

Safeway runs a get 4x the gas rewards on gift card purchases from time to time. They sell Disney gift cards in their gift card section.  The Just 4 U program also offers discounts periodically on gift cards as well, so make sure to always check the Special Offers section in your account. (I have not seen Disney gift cards at a discount yet thru the J4U program, but you never know!)

When my family went to Disney World a few  summers ago, we purchased our Disney Gift cards during the special promo period around Mother’s Day at Safeway to take advantage of the extra gas rewards. We were able to get 4x the gas rewards on our purchases, which was a significant discount on fuel, which is so rare to find, especially needed in the summer months.

Fred Meyer (Kroger Stores) pays you on your rewards points & offers gas rewards on gift card purchases at select times of year. 

Albertsons runs promos from time to time where you will get a certain Dollar amount off your next grocery store purchase with gift card purchases.

Target offers 5% off if you use your Target Red card to purchase Disney Gift Cards

Discount Disney World Tickets Costco

We get asked often about Discount Disney World Tickets from Costco. This used to be something you could buy, but they are no longer sold through Costco. You can purchase Disney vacations through Costco that will include tickets in the vacation package, but you can no longer purchase Disney World tickets from Costco as a stand alone option. Find more about Disney vacation packages sold through Costco here.

*I have mentioned Northwest grocery stores since that is where we are based, but I’m sure there are more grocery stores that offer discounts as well – make sure to watch your local grocery store’s ads during special times of year to see if they offer rewards or discounts on 

Magic Your Way vs Park Hopper Tickets:

One of the big decisions to make when purchasing your Walt Disney World tickets is whether to purchase the Base Tickets or Park Hopper Tickets.  With the Park Hopper tickets, you can go back & forth between that same park each day. So, if you bought a 4 day Magic Your Way ticket pass – you could go to the Magic Kingdom, and Epcot on the same day. With the base tickets, you cannot go to two different parks in the same day. You couldn’t go to Magic Kingdom in the morning and Animal Kingdom in the afternoon on Day 1, for example.

At Disney World, there is definitely more distance between the parks (unlike Disneyland and California Adventure); however, by making use of the monorail, bus or boat system, this can still be accomplished fairly quickly (depending on crowds riding the monorail, etc). You won’t have to pay for transportation between the parks (this is available to everyone, regardless of whether you are staying on property at Disney) and it gives you a lot more flexibility, especially if you have special events you want to see at the different parks (for example, if you really love the fireworks at Epcot since there are much fewer crowds than Magic Kingdom, you could visit Magic Kingdom all day and then head to Epcot to see the fireworks by riding the monorail).

 The Park Hopper tickets are definitely the best when it comes to flexibility, but they do cost more for the Park Hopper tickets, so that is something to consider & plan out your visit to see if it makes sense for you to have that extra flexibility for the price. If you are truly trying to do Disney World on a budget, the base tickets would be the less expensive option for you.

Tips about Buying Walt Disney World Tickets::

  1. Disney typically increases ticket prices about once a year, typically in late February. If you think you might be headed to Disney World sometime soon, I’d recommend buying your tickets before that time period if you can. This time period is not set in stone, but something we have seen happen over the past few years. The prices do not change based on times of year, though (busy vs slow times) – they will remain the same all year long until ticket prices go up the next time.
  2. The more days you visit Disney World, the more you will save. Disney World sells tickets by the day – you can purchase anywhere from 1 – 10 days. The way it works is that the first 3 days are the most expensive, but when you stay 4 or more days, you will pay significantly less per day. When you look at 4 days or more, it will work out to as low as $10.65/day/person to add days, so this is definitely a great way to save if you can add the extra days.
  3. You do not have to use all your days in a row at Walt Disney World. If you purchase 5 days for example & you will be vacationing for 7 days, you can take 2 days off in the middle to relax and recuperate from your busy days. Once you use your first day that you purchased, you then have 14 days to use all the days on your ticket. So, that’s plenty of time to spread out your visit & relax by the pool, maybe visit Downtown Disney and do some shopping & sleep in, so you can have energy for your next day at the parks.
  4. You can add days to your ticket at the same price. The good news is that if you only purchased a select number of days at Walt Disney World, but your family is having so much fun, that you want to go another day – you can purchase additional days for the same price that you would have paid if you had bought them all at once (it would be the difference between what you paid originally & then what you would have paid for the additional days.  But you have to make sure you do this no later than the last day of your original ticket.   {This is if you purchased your tickets directly from DisneyWorld.com}.  For example, if you are staying for a week in Orlando, but you only purchased 3 days. On that 3rd day of your visit to Disney World, you decide you want to add 2 more days, you must purchase your ticket by the end of the 3rd day to get the same price you would have paid for those extra days.
  5. You can add a Park Hopper pass to your ticket if you go on that day or ask to add it on to your ticket package – at the same price you would have paid if you first bought your ticket. {This is also if you purchased your tickets directly from DisneyWorld.com}
  6. You save more when you buy your tickets separately versus part of a vacation package (generally speaking), so it’s always a good idea to see what current Walt Disney World Ticket Discounts are available first before considering a package deal.

What are your favorite ways to save on tickets at Disney World?  We’d love to hear your tips and suggestions as well to add to our list!

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  1. Doing survey sights such as SwagBucks, helps curb the costs… It’s great for extra dough to buy for food in the park or helping the cost of admission tickets…. As well as buying gift cards from our Safeway out here

  2. Before my last trip, I bought Disney character toys at a huge discount and gave them to my kids as magic surprises throughout our visit… Our hotel had a kitchenette and I brought a squirt bottle to make park inspired pancakes – Mickey Mouse and Minnie, too! :-)

  3. I had no idea I could use my Tartget Red card to save 5%. Awesome! I always say get into the park the minute it opens, take a break in the afternoon if needed. Then stay for the late show to maximize your fun.

  4. Look at all options for piecing your trip together, don’t just purchase a package because it sounds like a “good” price. Doing your homework on airfare, hotels & tickets will save a lot of $$ and allow you to have more to spend in the park on souvenirs, etc.

  5. Bring your own food into the park! Seems like a little thing, but when a whole family is eating three meals in the park it adds up quickly.

  6. I haven’t been to Disneyland in years. I am sure I would have sticker shock at the cost of everything. But, I would have to say eating before and after park play with a few snack bags in the backpack. Food can get real expensive, real quick.

  7. I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was a kid but would like to take my boys soon…so I’m not sure about money saving tips but I’m sure eating most meals outside of the parks would save a ton!

  8. My best money saving tip is definitely packing food and drinks to bring to the park. Also renting a house is a great option! Having a full kitchen, washer and dryer and comfy beds is a great thing to have after a long day at the park!

  9. Would love to win a Disney Vacation! I shared via email. We do a girls weekend every Labor Day weekend to Disneyland and we love to save money by taking advantage of the happy hours just outside the park for dinner.

  10. When we went to Disneyland we bought Rainforest Gift cards at Costco for a discount and used them at the park to save money on food.

  11. We saved money on our last Disney trip by staying at a good neighbor hotel and walking:) we also had groceries delivered to our hotel so not every meal was eating out.

  12. I call the Hotel & ask if I can send myself a package. So far, they have said yes. I fill a box full of snacks. That way we can usually get away with carry on for the plane & avoid extra luggage charges both ways.

  13. I like all the tips listed before – I would add that bringing water bottles and drive kit tee to keep hydrated is very important for making the day fun!

  14. My favorite tip is taking advantage of the grocery store rewards. I shop at Fred Meyer and I’ve done the gift card deals before. Definite money saver!! For our upcoming trip one money saving thing I’ve done is to build up my disney cash from purchases with my disney visa. I’m paying for the trip with the card too to help build up rewards!!

  15. We are planning a trip to Disneyland and I’m planning to save money in several ways. One thing I am planning is to make a buy any Disney outfits prior to going. Souvenir clothing can be expensive. I’m also going to pick up a few things for my kids to surprise them with on the trip. They will still have spending money to buy those few must have souvenirs, but they’ll feel like they are getting more. We also have some food budgeting ideas as well.

  16. We make our own sandwiches and keep them in the lockers that they have available. That way we save some on meals. We also do our own flavored water bottles.

  17. My favourite money saving tip is to rent DVC points! We stayed in a Deluxe Resort for a fraction of the price!

  18. My family and I went to Disneyland last year and I used the tip on buying the 3 day park pass and received the 4th day free. Knowing we had one extra day to get to do anything we missed made our whole trip more relaxed.

  19. Had Grandparents give the kids gift cards for birthdays so they had their own money to buy stuff. We stayed at hotels that had cont breakfast. We packed our own lunches but bought special treats in the park.

  20. We eat breakfast at the hotel, refill our water bottles, have a light lunch or snacks in the park and dinner off site. Our favorite and lightest on the wallet places are the corn dog stand and Dole pineapple whip.

  21. My favorite money saving tip is to buy Disney landyards, water bottles, and glow sticks ahead of the trip. Having those three things makes the trip feel extra special yet saved you a ton of money from buying them in the parks.

  22. My favorite money saving tip is to purchase your tickets ahead of time through a trusted website! And also that’s cola out using the RedCard!

  23. 1 – bring baby wipes. They don’t sell them in Disney Land. 2 – Eat lunch at your favorite Disney restaurant. Not only will you save money. Youbcan dine with your favorite Disney catures.

  24. Bringing your own food to the park is a great way to save. Also, buying some Disney souvenirs beforehand to give to your kids while there helps keep the Magic, but at a fraction of the cost. Another tip is to consider buying a Disney gift card for each of your kids so they can buy special treats or gifts and stay within a budget. The kids think twice before getting something expensive if they know they have a strict budget!

  25. If possible, travel during non-peak times to get more play time/less wait time. Time is money ;) Use apps to minimize wait times, find nearby restaurants, etc.

  26. We have only been 1 time but we tried to get clothes and autograph book here before we left .We also went thru Costco for trip .I hope we can go again ,thank you.

  27. Our family hearts Disney so so much! My favorite memory was experiencing Disney through my daughters’ eyes!

  28. I love that Disney lets you take snacks in, ice water is free if you just ask at any eatery (no purchase necessary) and the best I’ve found is buy souvenirs before you go and surprise the kids with them there.

  29. I borrow the Unofficial Guide to Disneyland from the library before going. We have never had to wait in line more then 15 minutes. I buy the autograph book and pen from the dollar store, bring a princess dress from home to wear, and buy souviners at the Target down the street.

  30. Plan ahead! We found that we save money by simply planning everything ahead. That way we have very minimal unexpected expenses.

  31. I have never been to either park as my parents just couldn’t manage to save enough money to take my sister and I as kids. With that said, my goal is for my husband and I to take our three children who are 9, 7, and 5. If or when we save enough I imagine saving while there by packing our own lunches and other meals when and where possible. I know I will have to have a long talk with the kids before and during the trip to explain we are going to have a lot of fun but will have to Ty and understand that mom and dad will not be able to dine out or really purchase souvenirs to stay the entire time. I’m still trying to figure out how to save in other ways but winning tickets would definitely make this dream tip more of a reality and be really exciting that I would be able to give this opportunity to my kids that my parents wanted to give me. Good luck everyone! I will share this to others as well.

  32. Our favorite way to save on Disneyland expenses is to purchase the clothing and some souveneirs online ahead of time, usually Amazon.com or Target.

  33. Favorite ways to save: 1. put together your own travel package, instead of buying a complete package. 2. Buy Disney merchandise ahead of time at the Disney store so the kids don’t want everything at the inflated park stores. 3. Stay longer- I love Disney!

  34. I loved saving money at DL by staying off park. Granted, I was super jealous of those swimming pools at the resorts, but my kiddos had just as much fun in our little hotel pool!

  35. My favorite money saving tip at Disney Land is a little different. I use earning sites to earn all of our spending money and to pay for our park tickets. We stay off site (so staying at a resort hotel would be so amazing!!), bring in all of our snacks for the day, and take a break mid-day to swim and eat at the hotel.

  36. Undercover tourist is my favorite. But also is purchasing our tickets through military base. We also bought autograph books at Disney store before going.

  37. I’ve never been to any Disney Park before but I think my favorite money saving tip if I did go would be to purchase tickets for more days. A cheaper cost and more fun. Sounds like a win win situation.

    I’ll share this on my Facebook page.

  38. i know it sounds like a hassle but bring your own bottles, believe me i do not like paying money for bottled water so bringing your own bottles is so important

  39. I like to freeze at least one water bottle each night to keep my snacks cool in my large purse. I also like to take a water bottle that can be filled with ice & fill up on free I’ve water each time we walk thru/by Frontierland at Rancho Del Zocalo.

  40. I like to bring instant oatmeal packets for the hotel room (easily made with hot water from the coffee maker) and I also like to pack lunch and put it in the lockers at the park. That way, I’m really only paying for one meal at the parks and that is a real money saver for us.

  41. I’ve been to Disneyland a bunch, but never Disney World, and only once to Disneyland since being an adult and having children. :) We’ve always had one of the the main three meals not eating park food (bringing sandwiches for lunch, bagels for breakfast, etc.) and sharing the other meals in the park – important for a family of five! Really, if you approach this vacation like you would when you’re trying to save money on other fun or necessary items, you’ll do fine, while still remembering that it’s a vacation – enjoy!!

  42. Run Swagbucks apps to earn Target gift cards – 2200 Swagbucks for the first 25.00 gift card per month. Buy Disney gift cards with the Target gift card.

  43. My little boy doesn’t live with me so it’s my dream to take both my kids to Disney some day and give them this magic vacation to remember forever. I would buying glow sticks/toys/clothing before hand and cooking a few meals at the hotel kitchenette.. Will save a ton of money.

  44. My little boy doesn’t live with me so my dream is to take both my kids on a memorable vacation to disney land some day. Best tip would be to get groceries and cook a few meals at the hotel kitchenette.

  45. I love that you can use the Target red card to get a 5% discount on buying Disney gift cards! Starting to think about saving up for our first trip!

  46. We saved a lot of money by hitting the grocery store and packing snacks daily, like granola bars, trail mix, etc. This saved us time also instead of sitting down to a lunch meal. We also bought a case of water bottles for around $5, that the park was selling for about $3 PER bottke!

  47. We have only been once, but we brought our own food, which saved us a lot of money considering how much food is in the park!

  48. Food/drink is the easiest area to save money – we limit ourselves to one meal a day in the park, try to stay somewhere where they have at least basic kitchen facilities. Take in small snacks/water bottles, have the kids carry them if they are old enough.

  49. My favorite money saving tip is to bring a water bottle and refill your water bottle at the drinking fountains. You can spend up to 50 dollars for two people if you buy your water in the park.

  50. We rent a hotel or timeshare with a kitchen to eat breakfast and dinner there and we pack lunches.

  51. My favorite money saving tip is the grocery store gift card rewards!! Great way to ‘save up’ for the trip by purchasing gift cards and getting gas discounts along the way!

  52. Researching your different options for tickets and purchasing gift cards are great ways to save.

  53. Bringing your own drinks into the parks saves when your kids are thirsty on hot days!! We also bought sandwich fixings and kept them in our mini fridge in our hotel so that we can cut down on lunch costs! That left extra $ to have dinner out each night!

  54. I like to pack a backpack full of water, juice, and a variety of snacks to cut down on the cost of food/drinks in the gate. Especially with younger kids that are hungry every hour, this can be a big saver!

    Also staying somewhere with a kitchen, then you can make most of your meals and eat before going to the park.

  55. I have yet to go with my kids but when I went as a kid, we stayed in a place with a kitchen so we saved some money that way.

  56. I don’t have a favorite money saving tip specifically for Disneyland because we’ve never been! I think winning tickets would be the best way to save money though. ;)

  57. We were given points (that were going to expire otherwise) to stay at Trendwest. It was just a short shuttle ride away and all we had to pay for was housekeeping.

  58. We rented a double stroller though a third party ans they had it delivered it to our hotel the day we arrived? That way we could ,push both kids asleep out of the park the hotel.

  59. We utilized coupons from the Anaheim/Orange County website for discounts on breakfast and coffee. We also had a kitchenette in our hotel room, which allowed us to shop for food, prepare, and bring in food that was sensitive to our food allergies, and a whole lot cheaper! We also bought Disneyland Gift Cards to use in the park, and got fuel points for gas discounts.

  60. I have never been able to afford to go,but reading the tips on saving by buying gift cards is very smart.

  61. Bring your own snacks helped us, but we also bought their food coupons and that helped too. We were able to pay for all our meals before we left which mean that we didn’t need to budget for it DURING our vacation.

  62. Last time we went to Disneyland, I printed out the menus of all the restaurants we would possibly visit in each land. That way we would know ahead of time what we would be ordering and how much it would cost. It curbed last minute overspending from hunger and indecisiveness at the counter. We were a group of 10 so it saved a lot of time and money!

  63. The best way to save is to book your trip using the Disney website. You can book tickets and air fair and you get in earlier than other when you stay at their hotels.

  64. My favorite tip is not buying any food inside! I know they dont want that, but it always saves us TONS of money!

  65. I would say plan ahead and benefit from the advice of others on how to save. Maybe try Airbnb for places to stay. I haven’t been to Disneyland in many years or disneyworld ever. So I have my work cut out.

  66. We eat before we go and take snacks and drinks in..It saves us so much money.We also have used my Target card for Disney gift cards it great..

  67. My favorite money-saving tip is to stay at a hotel across the street from Disneyland, as opposed to a hotel inside of it. I also plan to eat offsite, refill water bottles, and to use Swagbucks to save money on food and coffee — coffee especially, as I’m going to need it with two kids at Disneyland!

  68. Plan ahead and find “Disney”-themed snacks and small toys/gifts you can pack and take with you. A durable backpack with face wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, and ziplock bags will make things easier. Bring your own disposal cups to share drinks since kids rarely finish theirs and save money! Use the ziplock bags to share treats and save any non- perishable uneaten food. And don’t forget to pack your sense of humor and a large container of flexibility and patience!????

  69. My husband and I have not been to Disney World or DIsneyland since we were children. We have a 4 year old daughter now and we are saving to go. To save money I would pack non-perishable snacks. :)

  70. My two girls are earning their own money for Disney by demonstrating good, friendly sister behavior and getting along. Also watching for deals on Disney outfits beforehand and discounts on giftcards at Safeway (for gas points).

  71. We love the 7 days for the price of 4. You just can’t spend to much time in Disneyland – no matter what your age or ability

  72. One of my favorite ways to save is on park tickets. I purchase them at Fred Meyers when it’s 4X rewards. I also get gift cards (4X rewards) for the kids and that’s their spending money when they’re out they’re out. Also for spending money for food and such.

  73. My kids save a jar of change and when it gets full we take it to Target and use their 5% discount card to buy Disney cards. :) we love Disney.

  74. I usually like to buy any tickets before I go, like a month a head or at least two weeks. Sometimes Costco offer deals on Disney tickets so I usually like to check.

  75. Before our last trip to Disneyland we bought a Disney princess dress from Costco that our daughter wore in Disneyland, much cheaper then buying one at the park and she LOVED being dressed as Cinderella at the park. A lot of the Dinsneyland staff kept calling her princess – she felt so special!

  76. Last time we went, we bought our souvenirs at the Disney Characters Outlet. It’s somewhat close to Disneyland and they have official Disney clothes and souvenirs from the park at a decent discount. We also pack snacks and drinks to bring with us to the park.

  77. Few of my favorite tips would be to research all ticket deals going on instead of purchasing a “package deal”, getting toys/dresses/glow in the dark sticks for parades etc prior to your visit, and packing your own food!

  78. We are saving money by purchase special tickets via Costco when they have it. We also will be buying our tickets through a trusted source. I shared it also!
    I’d love to win tickets, my six year old has been doing extra chores to save money for months as she has been desparately wanting to go to Disneyland or Disneyworld. It’d be her first time ever for her and her little sister!

  79. Wow. What an amazing give away. We have 5 kids and Dismey can be so expensive. We love reading your page and ways to save.
    We save money by bringing in our own food.

  80. I believe in shopping around and doing my research on the best prices and the best times to go. Also bringing your own food into the park saves a ton!

  81. We have never taken our kids to Disneyland yet, but I love reading all the deal posts. I especially love the grocery gifts card deals. Also, I have read a few deals from the comments and I absolutely love the one where you buy Disney souvenirs before your trip and surprise the kids while you are there. Genius and Magical!

  82. My favorite money saving tip is ask for a courtesy cup of water at any Quick Service Restaurant. They will ask you “how many?” With our party of 5, this saved us a lot of money over the course of a 7-day trip!

  83. I look for a hotel that provides breakfast, parking, and Internet included so you don’t have money added to your rate.

    Photopass was our best discovery and now they have an app! I am sure that they are forever increasing the prices, but as always there are specials and coupons. Having the park photographers take family pictures made it worth while since they know how to make the shots, and all of the ride pictures are so expensive that you end up saving with the photopass.

  84. I purchased my Disney tickets through AAA and received a discount. We also didn’t purchase food in the Disney parks, but packed tons of snacks and put them in our stroller.

  85. I have collected lots of ways to save at and before our Disney trips, but the most accessible is probably to purchase large amounts of $ in Disney Gift Cards at Target with a Red card (credit or debit). It’s like getting 5% off the entire trip!

  86. Instead of eating out for every meal, grocery shop and make your own meals. Not that you can’t indulge in the yummy treats, but you won’t have to pay a premium on all your food.

  87. If you live in the midwest, and use mperks at Meijer grocery stores, you can earn rewards using the pharmacy. Basically, you get $10 for every 5 prescriptions you fill at their pharmacy. In my family, that is only about 25 prescriptions a year, but if you save them all, that translates to $50 in rewards that can be used to buy a Disney gift card!

  88. I have never been to Disney so I am not totally sure. One thing I do know is that if I planned to go I would look at sites like yours and read up to find out all the things I can to save money while there. I would make sure that we eat before we go and take snacks if that is allowed. If money is not a problem I would invest in the meal plans.

  89. Tip: To save on meals buy groceries to make breakfast, quick dinners and snacks and buy discounted Disney gift cards to pay for merchandise and food consumed at the park. Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. I would make sure to eat a good breakfast before we go so we can minimize our food spending inside the park.

  91. We haven’t taken our kids to Disney yet but I heard about buying gift cards at Target with the RED card and saving 5%.

  92. I haven’t been in a long time but would love to take my little guy! I would plan on buying gift cards at Target (so awesome!) and taking in snacks to save some money on food. I’d also visit my Disney Store outlet ahead of time and get some little surprises for my guy so he doesn’t want as many items at the park.

  93. Taking snacks for my toddler really helped, and a few frozen waters. We also bought discounted tickets ahead of time.

  94. I took a cooler bag on the plane filled with cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs and other healthy/ affordable snacks. We also stay at a cheaper hotel since we spend all of our time at Disney :)

  95. We purchase Disney scrip gift cards through our daughters’ school. While we are not necessarily saving money, we are earning money to help out our favorite school. :)

    1. Oops! My tip! My “souvenirs” for the kids ahead of time at target, dollar tree or even disneystore.com!

  96. I always buy my tickets through Getawaytoday.com!! They always offer tickets cheaper then gate prices!
    While in the park we bring in our own snacks and then share delicious treats with the extra money we save!

  97. We save money by not eating in the park for most of our meals. And also by looking at all souvenirs before buying the one we really really want!

  98. My favorite tips are saving in food and drinks and bringing our own or having some food sent to the place you stay through Amazon also buying suviners ahead of time for the kids and bringing them with us on are trip

  99. I’ve never been! But I would try to save money by bringing food into the park, maybe getting a place with a kitchenette and buying all Disney merchandise – such as clothing and such -at thrift stores and Walmart before the trip!

  100. In regards to food, we found that it worked great to get a hotel with a free breakfast, pack snacks for lunch, and we would eat at Paradise garden and grill or boardwalk pizza and pasta in California adventures for dinner. It was perfect because they have a large variety of kid and adult friendly options, and prices seemed much more reasonable than other places around Disney. Not to mention the parades go right by so you have entertainment while you eat!

  101. My best tip is to eat breakfast before you go and pack a lunch and snacks. That leaves money to have a nice dinner and dessert at the parks.

  102. I love bringing my own snacks so I don’t have to spend so much on food, and then just get my few favorite treats at the park.

  103. I have never been to Disney World or Disney Land. I would definitely do some research before going to save money. Looks like bringing our own food is a good thing to start with :)

  104. I’ve never been to either Disney park, so that in itself saves me money. However, when I get the chance to take my boys, I will surely load up on my own food/water, try to stay somewhere economically priced, and road trip instead of fly.

  105. We like the old fashioned way of filling a 5gal water jug. I’m sure it takes longer but our kids can see it grow.

  106. I pack lots of little snacks in my bag to keep the kids distracted while in long lines. We also buy some souveniers from amazon and take them with us – it’s much cheaper and keeps us out of the gift shops where we’d impulse buy.

  107. I love all these tips! We have used Dave’s Vacation Rentals in order to rent Disney vacation points if we want to stay at the resort.

  108. One of my favorite money saving tips is to make sure you pack snacks/food in your suitcase so when hunger strikes you can sneak back to your room and eat instead of paying for park food. Also make sure your motel/hotel has a continental breakfast!

  109. Eating outside of the parks is a must. Our room had a mini fridge so we bought yogurts and bagels/cream cheese for breakfast, had a snack in the park and ate an early dinner outside of the parks. We also bought Disney gift cards from Fred Meyer before we went so the kids could use that for souvenirs

  110. -Buying Disney gifts/items at a reduced rate online, at Walmart, etc.
    -Bringing snacks & water bottles in the park
    -Buying Disney gift cards at Safeway each month to save the financial blow and gain gas rewards at the same time

    Hope to win and take our son on his 1st Disney trip and my first in 20 years!

  111. I didn’t know prices went up in March and you could still find vendors that are selling at the lower price. Also that package deal aren’t always the lowest price! Thanks!

  112. My tip is to Not Buy Souvenirs at the Parks. If you want a keepsake of your visit ask a cast member for celebratory buttons, stickers, maps, certificates.
    PS. As an added bonus, some of these souvenirs might get you extra special attention or special perks
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    GOD bless,

  113. My favorite money saving tip is that you can save lots by not buying park hopper tickets. We are not a multiple park per day family, so we always do a 1 park per day tickets. Saves hundreds!

  114. Buying Disney shirts, costume for my kids to wear before we go. That stuff can be expensive at the park plus we can spend less time shopping and more time playing. Would love to win this trip!

  115. Would love a chance to take my two kids to disneyworld. My fav tip would be to buy snacks and souvenirs in advance and make a few meals at home

  116. My money saving tip is definitely bringing in your own drinks and snacks. We love disney dining, so we eat one meal (usually lunch) in the park each day and do breakfast and dinner at the hotel or nearby restaurant.

  117. Save money by visiting Disney parks in the off season! You’ll also enjoy the parks more as crowds will be less! You can also save by looking for park and lodging deals offered by Disney and use air miles to book your travel if you must fly!

  118. Food is always so expensive at Disneyland so a way we try to save money is either eat a big breakfast at the hotel (free) and then just have a snack for lunch and then eat an early dinner. That way we are only paying for a full meal for a family of 4 once a day. Or have no breakfast (or very small) and eat an early lunch and then a snack for dinner. With the size of meals, we really don’t need all that food. Plus while everyone else in the parks is eating, we get more time on the rides.

  119. Staying at an off site hotel with a decent continental breakfast helped us save plus we had some snacks for later :)

  120. So many great tips! The best tip I suggest is go during off peak months, visit when they offer free dining, and bring with you little Disney character items. I would leave them on the bed after everyone left so when we returned, the kids had souvenirs left for them. They thought that was so awesome to have a prize waiting for them. And stay at a Value Resort! Loved the AoA and the free transportation.

  121. My favorite money saving tips to get a photo pass and combine the photos with all of the guests in your group. Even with other families that are there at the same time. Paey for 1 of the unlimited photo passes and add everyone’s photos to it.

  122. Bringing snacks so we don’t eat out every meal. Getting a package with tickets and hotel combined.

  123. I always buy souvenirs at Target on not at the resort for family and friends.

    Shares in FB as well!

  124. email was wrong in last one!???? Getting tickets early through a trusted discount site is a great tip!

  125. My best tip is that our family have not had the opportunity to go yet so I spend a lot of time reading everyone else’s tips to I can be well prepared if we ever DO get to go! Mousetips, MouseSavers, Disboards, all of these have been great entertaining reading for a future possible vacation!

  126. Eating in the park is expensive! We kept a stocked cooler in the car and just went back to the car for meals instead of eating in the park!

  127. Purchasing tickets ahead of time and staying in a hotel that is not on the resort property saves a lot of money.

  128. I like to save money by bringing our own food into the park. I pack lunches and snacks to keepsus going throughout the day!

  129. Bring your own food for breakfast in the room and snacks as well. Those Disney meals and snacks add up quickly! We treat ourselves to *some* snacks in the parks, but bring snacks and water along as well to help make things more affordable overall.

  130. My favorite tips aren’t necessarily Disney specific, but have helped me in Disney trips as well as others.

    First: book your rental car early, and check the rates often to rebook at a lower rate. Since you don’t pay for rental cars until you pick them up, you can book and cancel reservations unlimited times to get the best rate. I’ve gotten rentals down to 25% of the price I originally booked at. You gotta lock in low prices, and follow the trends.

    Second, always book a hotel with free parking and free breakfast. With parking upwards of $20 a day at some area hotels, and breakfast $5-15 per person this can add to huge savings, especially for big families.

    I also plan ahead by buying a Disney giftcard every pay period with my Target red card to save 5%.

  131. I just got into looking for deals on these park ticket… I didn’t know they existed before Thrifty NW Mom!! Can’t to use these resources soon!!

  132. Buy shirts and Disney items in advance! Target often has great deals at a fraction of price in the park. Save them for the trip so they are new and special when you go!
    Also there’s a ticket discount for military.

  133. Buying healthy snacks and water before entry. And purchasing light up wands and toys at target or the Disney outlet store and surprising the kids with them at the hotel.

  134. I have personally never been to Disney World but I would love to take my daughter there. I believe some ways to save money would be :

    – buy snacks/ food from a grocery store before heading to Disney World and eat before entering the park/ bring snacks.

    – limit souvenir purchases to one per person.

    – take pictures on your phone, no need to waste money on the ones the park sells.

  135. I like the idea if spending more time there to spend less money. Also getting gift cards ahead of time at the grocery stores.
    Never been with our girls would love to win!

  136. We haven’t been to Disney world yet but I do read blogs to figure out deals and when the best time to go is and what to do:) love the tips you’ve shared!

  137. Definitely packing snacks and treats ahead of time! We purchased the Dinner with Goofy Kitchen allowed for a big chunck of Auntographs without the long lines, dinner was a buffet style worth every penny. I also purchased and packed in advance Disney memorabilia (hats and sweaters) gave as surprises each morning to go along with the magic theme. Oh and may sound silly but dish soap a small bottle goes a long way for extra bubbles in the bubble guns;)

  138. We were able to get a discounted tickets through my work. My work participates in the Wild at Work program. Wild at Work offered a special rate and it worked great for our 2 day adventure. We also made sure to buy our parking in advance and planned some snacks to carry with us. Took a reusable water bottle and bought our Disney Gear from the outlet Disney store in advance. Each little thing helped save a little for our adventure.

  139. My favorite park saver is the hopper tickets! I love the deals that come with magic morning! I would love to win tickets to either park. I would donate them to a dear friend and fellow teacher who is fighting stage 4 breast cancer. Her son who is 8 has never been. My dream is for their family of 3 to go.

  140. My favorite money saving tips…you can get free water at any food service kiosk! And, i buy themed tshirts prior to our trip at the Disney outlet and Target or even consignment sales. Then no need to buy the expensive shirts in the parks!

  141. Save by purchasing Disney autograph books through Amazon or another source prior to traveling!! Do the same with other fun souvenirs for the kids too!!

  142. We just booked our first Disney world trip. We used air miles for our flights, booked during off peak times, and pre ordered groceries to be delivered to our hotel for easy/cheap breakfasts and lunch. Now we are just counting down the days!

  143. My favorite money saving tip is go in the off season or just after a holiday. We just got tickets for $69 on Alaska for Memorial Day and our flight home a few days later-same price! We also bring snacks with us to the park to head off any extra food purchases and save those for our meals or a dessert.

  144. I love how you can save more by using the reward program to buy discounted gift cards at grocery stores. I’m going to have to keep my eye on it. Such a great idea!! Can’t wait to take my almost 4 year old for his first time. Disneyland is so magical! ❤

  145. Favorite money saving tip: eating a healthy meal at hotel room and bringing a water bottle with a flavor inhancer like spark, crystal ect. Shared on Facebook

  146. This doesn’t necessarily save you money, but it helps you save :)

    In my family we give Disney gift cards as presents for all birthdays/holidays leading up to a Disney vacation. It helps a lot ????

    Shared via facebook ????????????

  147. I should start by saying I LOVE saving money. :) My husband was surprised that I planned our Disneyland trip for under $3000 for a family of 5. My biggest money saving ways were purchasing a week of someone’s timeshare. It saved us half of what we were going to spend on a hotel. We also bought the CityPass which was amazing. We went to 5 theme parks (Seaworld, Universal, Legoland, Disneyland & California Adventure) We did drive 1600+ miles so that saved us on flight. We had a fabulous time!! Yes, we were utterly exhausted but will all agree we made the best family memories on that trip.

  148. Last time we went, we brought our own food to the park to keep it as low budget as possible. :) it worked out great since we eat meals in line instead of “wasting time” sitting down and eating. Lol

  149. We love Disney!! Last time we went, we packed breakfast options in our suitcases instead of buying breakfast in the park. We also bring our own water bottle to refill as well. We also stay in an off site hotel and walk to the park.

  150. We saved money by bringing in our own food to the park. We also bought the autograph books and other memorabilia online before we went.

  151. Biggest money saving tip I know is to eat outside the park or bring your own food. Disneyland food is EXSPENSIVE!

  152. We try to stay near the park (or make sure our hotel has a shuffle) when we arrive we hit costco and eat breakfast and lunch in our room. Some hotels even hae bbq grills on the grounds for guest to use

  153. So many ways to save but I agree with a few others. We had great success purchasing souvenirs ahead of time at discounted prices and giving them to the kids when we got there. They never asked to shop in the gift stores that would’ve been so expensive and time consuming – instead we had extra time and money inside the parks!

  154. We buy our military discounted Disneyland tickets on base before we go. We have also stayed at a hotel just outside of the park that was more budget friendly. We also brought snacks into the park with us.

  155. We bought our park passes ahead of time through city pass. Big savings! We love staying extra days to save too! Disney junkies!

  156. Ebates! I love the extra cash back on purchases I would be making anyway online (shop in store pick up for normal household items I need at Target AND get the cash back). Also something that has worked for me to literally save extra money (not a discount money saving tip) is to put all of my change (dollars and cents) from any cash purchase into a savings jar :) I’m not the best with cash if I have it I’ll spend it so if I ever have cash I try to put it right in the jar! Also buying a small Disney gift card with every Target purchase. Earning the 5% red card off gift cards and then putting towards a little at a time for your trip is always so much easier for me than the full amount! Would LOVE to win this trip my daughter and I are such big Disney lovers! <3

    1. Oh! And I also use the Disney savings account. You get a Disney gift card for every $1000 you put towards your trip so there is extra spending money for the parks or dining or whatever!

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