Costco Flowers – Beautiful Flowers as low as $9.99/Bouquet

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Costco Flowers - Save Money on Flower Bouquets & Arrangements

 Costco Flowers – Beautiful Flowers as low as $9.99/ Bouquet

If you’re wanting to get flowers for someone special, many people don’t realize that Costco is one of the most affordable places around to find flower bouquets and arrangements.  Their flower bouquets are huge & they offer fresh looking flowers in fun varieties to make gorgeous bouquets that anyone would love to have brightening up their rooms!

I headed in a few days ago to check out all of the options they have available right now. This is just to give you some ideas on the types of flower bouquets you can find at Costco for the price.

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{Disclaimer: Costco stores most likely will vary with the variety they offer for flower bouquets and these will definitely change based on the season, these are just some ideas to show you what you can get for the price.}

Costco Mums

Costco Mums are out for the season!

Costco Mums

The Mums at Costco are so big they took up a spot in my back seat like they are a real person – and the Costco Mums are only $15.99 a pot this size at my store this year. One of the best deals on mums I could find!

$9.99 Flower Bouquets:

Costco Bouquets for $9.99

My Costco had a variety of bouquets for $9.99, including white hydrangeas, star gazer lilies, a pretty garden bouquet & more! This is one of the best deals on flower bouquets around!

Costco Roses

$9.99 flowers at Costco available at my store during Spring

Costco Garden Bunch of Flowers for $9.99

They also had this garden bunch of flowers in fun, bright colors that I think are a fun way to brighten someone’s day!

We also found Tulip plants at our Costco for $12.99. I love the idea of living plants, they last longer.

$14.99 – $16.99 Flowers at Costco Bouquets: 

Costco Flowers for $14.99


They have everything from the simple & elegant white bouquets to garden-style bouquets.

Costco Flower Bouquets for $14.99

I love these cheery bouquets with those pops of color!

flowers at Costco

Costco Roses – Super Deal on 2 Dozen Roses –

$18.99 for 2 Dozen Costco Roses::

Wondering how much at 2 dozen roses at Costco? Well they have one of the very best deals around. Get two doze of these Costco roses for $18.99!

2 Dozen Roses at Costco for $16.99

Costco has the most beautiful rose bouquets with a variety of color combinations. Best part of all is the price – just $18.99 for 2 dozen roses (we are hearing lots of reports that these have gone up to $38.99 recently (updated 2/13/24))! Definitely one of the best prices around! These are perfect for Valentines if your looking for a great deal on flowers to give someone.

Costco Roses

Examples of Costco Roses for $18.99 per 2 dozen at my store!

More Flowers at Costco –

$19.99 Flower Arrangements: 

Costco Floral Arrangements for $19.99

Floral arrangements can get so expensive when you send them and in some cases, there is no option but to send flowers if you live far away. However, if you do live close enough that you could drop off flowers, definitely consider Costco’s flower arrangements. They are significantly cheaper, up to 50% off cheaper than sending flowers from a florist, and as you can see, they have some beautiful variety in the arrangements!

Costco Floral Arrangements

I love the color combinations they put together and the flowers look so fresh & vibrant!

Are flowers cheaper at Costco?

In our experience flowers can be much more affordable at Costco than other places, especially the Costco roses (and especially around Valentines). It is really one of the best flower deals around, especially for the quality of flowers you are getting.

Have you bought flowers regularly from Costco? How do you feel they compare to prices at other locations? Do you have any other favorite places to buy flowers frugally? 

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  1. Thank you for doing the leg work on this piece. I was going to order some flowers online, but the delivery date is after the kids music program. I can get a better deal in the store!! I didn’t realize how many options there are. Thanks again!!

  2. Costco does not delivery flowers for birthdays & other occasions. Costco & Supermarket flowers are always hit and miss. Yes you can get bulk flowers delivered, but look up the nightmares that they have caused. You get what you pay for. Unless you are on a budget you never want to support places like Costco or supermarkets. They are to be used for food and not “Flowers”. Plus, I wish supermarkets would concentrate on getting good fruit vegetables & bake goods, and not worry about flowers and other items like gifts and clothes. Try and support your local florist whenever possible and not only on special occasions, they always need your support. They are mostly small businesses with families to feed like others on this post including myself who own a small business.

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