American Girl Dolls for Sale at Costco – 3 American Girl Doll Choices, Wellie Wishers Doll & More!

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American Girl Dolls at Costco

Deals for your American Girl Dolls for Sale at Costco 

Costco is back with some great deals on American Girl items for American Girl doll fans this upcoming Christmas season.   I found these items at my local Puyallup store, but selection may vary by store. If you do not see these items at your Costco store, keep checking back as they should be adding these items in the next week or two.

They also tend to sell out faster of some of the items, so if you don’t see them at your store, keep checking back as hopefully they will restock fairly often.   Let us know which items you’ve found at your local Costco store.

It’s always hard to find ways to save on American Girl items, so I love that Costco has been offering discounts for a nice variety of  American Girl products for the last few years. I think they will bring in more items than this, too, as the toy selection was still more limited right now.

American Girl Gift Guide:

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American Girl at Costco::

Dolls on Sale:

American Girl Dolls at Costco

American Girl 18″ Doll + Accessory Set – 3 choices$119.99 – there are 3 dolls available at Costco (selection may vary based on your Costco location) but at my store there was a Blaire Wilson doll, Gabriela doll & Luciana doll. This includes the doll, an extra outfit & accessories

Wellie Wishers Dolls at Costco

American Girl Wellie Wishers Vet Set Doll & Accessories – $99.99

This is a set which includes a Wellie Wishers Doll, extra outfit, vet set & much more – 26 total pieces. These dolls are recommended for ages 5+. At the American Girl doll site, the doll costs $60, outfits at least $28 & this also includes the vet set, so it’s a great price! There are 3 different dolls to choose from – Willa, Kendall, & Camille

American Girl Sets:

Bitty Baby Dolls at Costco

Bity Baby Doll Sets on Sale – $79.99

Wellie Wishers Car at Costco

Wellie Wishers Garden Adventure Vehicle Set – $69.99

This includes an adventure vehicle, outfit & picnic set. It has working lights & sounds, the tailgate drops & closes, too.

American Girl Camping Set

American Girl Camping Set – $69.99

This includes 9 pieces with a tent & camping accessories.

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  1. I can confirm that you can use the AG gift cards for dining — except for gratuity. I called yesterday to confirm.

  2. Does anyone know when they will put the Kit Kittredge American Girl dolls out at Costco? Thank you!

    1. Kim – we don’t know what Costco will be selling exactly or when they will put more toys out, but we did hear from a reader who works at Costco, that she expects that there will be the full size American Girl dolls for sale again this year (not sure which specific doll/dolls though) and she thinks they should be receiving them soon. So, we will keep our eyes out!

      1. Costco has Kit advertised for their warehouse sales only in the October Connections Magazine :) She is coming!!

        1. Oh how did I miss this in the magazine? I should have looked thru the whole thing! That’s exciting! Thanks for the update!

        1. We do not know yet about the Bitty Babies, but definitely have been checking back! And will update this post when we hear from any readers who may have spotted them. Thanks!

  3. Hi – Do you know if Costco will have the $100 American Girl giftcards for $79.99 like they did in the past. They did not last year. Having two girls — this was missed very much! Hoping it will come back in 2017 :) Thanks!

    1. Hi Kara – we never know for sure, but it does look like Costco has put out quite a few American Girl items for the season but we have not seen the gift cards, so I am assuming they will not have them again this year. I just used the last of mine from 2 yrs ago this weekend to take my daughter to the cafe for her birthday, so I miss them too! :)

  4. When I went October 10 my southern Oregon Costco also had the Bittybabies set for $99.99(also available on their website), Horse & Saddle set for $49.99, and Friends Forever Pet Sets for $29.99

    1. Oh that’s great to hear – so they are probably making their way into hopefully most Costco stores soon! I definitely expected to see more AG items soon

  5. Do you know if sams club will get some too. I saw these at costco and just bought Z off of the Today show deals (tenney grant, melody and logan are still availbale) but Nanea sold out :( looking for other options for my second daughter in case she isn’t in mary ellen (we already have molly and tenney grant)

      1. Hi Caroline, We did not share the Today show deals as they sold out so fast. Unfortunately those offers can sell out within a few hours at most. But Costco does have some great prices on American Girl doll items if you are still looking for gift ideas.

        1. Do you know whether American Girl Dolls stores or online would price match Costco as we are looking for the African American Bitty Baby set for our soon to be 3 yrs old? Thank you

          1. Hi Aimee – I do not think they would price match Costco as this is a special offer only for Costco, but it doesn’t hurt to try calling Costco first & ask if they have any African American bitty babies at a local Costco near you. If not, then it wouldn’t hurt to ask American Girl, as you never know if maybe they would at least offer some sort of a discount or let you know what sales might be coming up. They did just have savings at the American Girl store thru yesterday, where if you spend a certain amount, you would save. It was up to $20 off if you spent $100. That sale just ended, but maybe they could extend it for you?

  6. Does Costco normally carry a Bitty Baby doll set around the holidays? When does it usually come to stores? I’m looking to buy 2! Thanks!

    1. Hi Amy, We have seen them the last few years at Costco. They generally come out full force with their toy selection by early October. We will be checking back in and updating this post here with all the AG doll deals we see throughout the holiday season! Thanks!

  7. On a spoilers AG site, someone commented that Costco would start selling the 18-inch dolls, but they’re not on the website yet. Does anyone here have info about it???

    1. Hi Jasmine, we have seen them sell them in the stores in the past couple of years (they usually carry one or two dolls – and we have seen them hit the stores about mid October in the past) If we see them in stores again this year, we will update this post to let folks know. Thanks!

      1. I just found out the dolls are Tenny, Gabriela and Luciana from for $120 each with outfits and accessories

        1. Thanks for the update Jasmine – I was just coming to share the details with you but you beat me to it – ha! We have it all updated in the psot from our local Costco. Thanks!

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