Wild Waves Tickets – Discounts Available

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Wild Waves Tickets

Wild Waves Tickets – Discounts Available

It’s that time of the year again, time for some water park and theme park fun! Wild Waves Theme Park and the Wild Waves Water Park will be able to open again this season. Such exciting news!

Are you looking for Wild Waves Theme Park & Water Park Discounts & Coupons? We have listed all of the ones we could find here. If you know of more, let us know and we will add them to the list.

wild waves water park

Here are the Wild Waves Theme Park and Water Park Discounts Currently Available:

There are actually quite a few ways to get Wild Waves Discount Tickets, and they will mostly be online ahead of time. If you want to go more than once, you should consider getting a Wild Waves Season Pass, as it will include parking and some friend passes too.

Wild Waves Discount Ticket Offerings – 

For comparison, Wild Waves tickets are $54.99 at the gate per person per day for Weekends, and $46.99 for weekdays. 3 years old and younger are FREE. Parking will cost $13.18 per day.

wild waves buy one get one free tickets

Buy One Get One Free Tickets! 

Wild Waves is offering a Buy One Get One Free on tickets for the next 48 hours. This may be the first time we have seen this sale (that or it has been so long I cannot remember it). This is a fantastic offer if you plan to go this summer!

This sale is only happening through tomorrow – August 4 – but you can use the tickets anytime during the 2022 summer season. Here is how pricing works for this offer: Main gate over 48” price is $54.99 + tax. When you purchase the BOGO you will get two tickets for $27.50 +tax each.

Buy Online – The Sooner You Buy, The Better Price You Get!

  • At the very least, you will want to buy your tickets online. If you do that you can get tickets for $5 cheaper then gate prices – making them $49.99.
  • Childrens advance purchase tickets online will be just $31.99 (under 48″ is what qualifies you for this ticket price).
  • Seniors (65+) advance purchase tickets online will be just $31.99
  • Children 3 and under are free.

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Military Discounts

The military discount ticket price is $31.99/person for up to 4 guests. Bring proof of ID (Active Military ID, Dependent Military ID, Retired Military ID) for these savings.

Visit As A Group of 15+ – 

Get a few families together and plan a visit on the same day. Tickets drop to $31.99 each when you buy in groups of 15+ people going together.

Check to See If Your Employer Offers a 50% Discount (usually in the form of a Wild Waves promo code) – 

Many NW companies participate in an employee discount for Wild Waves. Their employees get 50% off ticket prices. You will need a special code you get from your employer if they participate in the program, that you will enter here for your discounted tickets. 

BECU Wild Waves Coupon

Get $22 off Wild Waves Tickets with this BECU Wild Waves coupon code for BECU members. This is generally one of the best deals we see for Wild Waves, and only one person in your party needs to have the card (to pay for tickets) to qualify for it! Head here and then use coupon code BECUWW at checkout.

Wild Waves Theme Park

Wild Waves Theme Park Tips & Review:

If you have never been to Wild Waves before, make sure to check out our posts about Wild Waves::

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  1. In years past I have purchased my tickets through Seattle Parks and Rec for $22 flat fee no additional taxes. Just a thought…..

  2. a member of my household is a member with proof but I want to use his coupon, will they still let me? he will not be able to be there and purchase the ticket but I can bring proof of his membership.

    1. Hi – I believe that you have to have the member with you. You might want to call the Wild Waves ticket office directly to confirm if that would work or not (if you are a spouse or child of the member and have the card – but per the terms the member has to be present). I just took my kids recently and was able to show my debit card to get my son and his friends in – but I actually went to the ticket counter with them to pay with my BECU card. Have fun!!

    1. Hi Erika, the price will go up for the summer pricing, but the savings should work through 9/7. Thanks!

  3. I went to BECU website and it says you have to buy them online through them and it doesn’t go live until the 17th so is there something different that I’m missing

    1. Hi Sara, It looks like the website that you could purchase the tickets on earlier this week is now down. I am not sure if it is a technical issue, or if they have removed the offer but I will see if I can find out more about what happened to the offer they had available last week. thanks for letting us know.

    2. Ok, it does look like they have changed the offer to just the $20 off promotion from June 17th forward (they are still having technical issues in certain browsers, but I was able to load the new offer page in Firefox). I will check on it again tomorrow, and if there is no longer access to the $13.99 offer then we will update the post to let folks know the coupon is now only good for June 17 onward. Thanks!

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