Valentine Squishmallows – Where to Find Them & Best Deals On Them!

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Valentine Squishmallows

Valentine Squishmallows – Where to Find Them & Best Deals On Them!

Squishmallows are so popular these days, and what better time to get one then Valentines Day! We have found some fun Valentine Squishmallows here to give you some fun ideas, as well as sharing different places you can get them, and where you will find the best prices for them too.

These plush Valentines Day Squishmallows animal toys make perfect gifts too, as they are so soft and cuddly, and cute too. If you are looking for a great stuffed animal, or plushie to give someone this year, Squishmallows are well loved.

Where to find Valentine Day Squishmallows –

Here are some spots where you will be able to find some great Squishmallow Valentine’s Day Characters for everyone on your gift list.

Ebay has a large selection of Valentines Day Squishmallows characters, so if you are looking for that check them out. Make sure to look for the words “Brand New” under the item to make sure it is new. This is a great spot if you are looking for past years character releases too.

Walmart has a full page of Squishmallows that would be perfect for Valentines Day here.

You can also check out this page on Walmart for some of the 8″ sizes for as low as $4.97 right now.

Amazon – this is another spot that we were able to find some of the Valentines Squad ones for 2024 if you are looking for that.

Walgreens – is a great place to look to save, and see a different selection than you might be finding elsewhere. They have released a ton of new options for this year too and have the 8inch sizes for as low as $5.99.

Costco – they offer some of the best pricing for the larger ones in particular.

Target – a pretty generic selection, but convenient for many.

Claires – has a great selection on the smaller sizes in particular

Plus, McDonalds is offering small Squishmallows in their Happy Meals right now, and they should be available through January 22nd or while supplies last (they usually offer Valentines Day coupon booklets too for around $2 that include 12 coupons for free food products there)!

Some Fun Picks for Valentine Squishmallows –

When it comes to picking out Valentine’s Day Squishmallows, there are two things you can do. The first is that they offer some Valentines Specific ones (and they generally have the word Valentine in them). Secondly, there are a number of them that are the colors and look that would fit in perfectly with a Valentines basket, or gift – but are not necessarily marketed as a Valentines Squishmallow. We have included both ideas for you to consider below.

Small Squishmallows – 

Walmart Valentines Squishmallows

There are a handful of the 5″ & 8″ Valentines Squishmallows on Walmart at great prices right now, including:

Plus, find this pack of four 5″ Valentines Squishmallows on Amazon for $19.95 (making them under $5 each)!

Official KellyToy Squishmallows 2024 Valentine’s Day Squad Options

Squishmallows Valentines Day Squad 2024

Some of this years Valentines Day Squishmallows Squad options include:

KellyToys releases a wide variety of new Valentine’s Day Squishmallows every year before each Valentines Day, so it is really more like a collection of releases. Here are a few highlights from this year and last year that you can look for.

More Favorites from Previous Years – 

candela the highland cow

Caprine the pink big foot squishmallow

Hadeon the Grasshopper

oliviana the alien

Plus some more options on Amazon for 2024 include: 

And Valentines Squishmallows for previous years included (in case you still want to hunt for some of these) –

  • Official KellyToy Squishmallows 2022 Valentine’s Day Squad
  • 8” Tiffany The Kitty Cat
  • 8” Cyma The Corgi Puppy Dog
  • 13” Iris The Butterfly
  • 8” Olina The Octopus

More Favorites from this year and past years: 

Valentines Day Cam the Cat Squishmallow - from 2020 squad

The Valentines Day Cam the Cat Squishmallow

(plus find more options on Cam the Cat here too – it is ebay so be sure to pay attention to if it is new or used if that matters to you).

Maruta The Gorilla Valentines Squishmallow

Maruta The Gorilla Valentines Squishmallow

This adorable Milk Shake

3pk - Cupcake, Smores, & Strawberry

3pk – Cupcake, Smores, & Strawberry

Valentines Day Squishmallow Clip Ons 

Valentines Day Squishmallow Clip Ons

Mini Squishmallows 6-Pack Rainbow Dream Squad

Mini Squishmallows 6-Pack Rainbow Dream Squad

Kip the Llama Pink Squishmallow from Valentine Squad

Kip the Llama Pink Squishmallow from Valentine Squad 8″ Plush (you can find it on ebay here)

Brina The Pink Bigfoot SquishmallowCaprine the pink big foot squishmallowPug Dog Valentines Squishmallow

Target has 16″ Valentines Squishmallows out here, including:

  • Squishmallows 16″ Brina the Pink Bigfoot
  • Squishmallows 16″ Valentine’s Day Caparinne the Pink Bigfoot
  • Squishmallows 16″ Valentine’s Day Pug Dog

If you want something customized, you can order those off of Etsy. This could make a really special gift with these Personalized Squishmallows options!

Where to Save on Squishmallows for Valentines Day?

  • Surprisingly Walgreens can be a good spot to find them for great deals, as they often offer coupon codes that you can use to save on the Squishmallows.
  • We have seen Costco offer some pretty good prices, particularly on the larger ones.
  • Claires often runs their Buy 3 get 3 free promo, so look for those.
  • If you are a Target Red Card holder you can use the 5% off there for them as well.

Let us know if there are Squishmallow Valentine’s Day Characters you are looking for that we missed?

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