Halloween Squishmallows – Where to Find the Best Deals!

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Halloween Squishmallows

Halloween Squishmallows – Where to Find the Best Deals

Squishmallows are still all the rage with kids & tweens/teens and the seasonal Squishmallows are so popular. This year, some of the most popular Halloween squishmallows are based on movies such as the Hocus Pocus and Nightmare before Christmas squishmallows. But they can be a bit tricky to find, especially without the high price tag (once they become more popular / more rare, the price can go WAY up!

We have been on the hunt for the best places to find Halloween Squishmallows as well as ways to save on these popular squishmallows, too. You’ll find everything from Halloween Disney squishmallows, fall themed Squishmallows, Flipmallows (where it’s 2 different squishmallows – one on each side) & so much more!

Where to Find Halloween Squishmallows

riba pumpkin squishmallow

Ebay – Ebay is the place to look if you are looking for unique & more rare Squishmallows, they have such a wide variety of those options and definitely the newest popular items, too. Just make sure you are always searching for new items, so use the words “brand new” in your search criteria.  I found  the very popular Hocus Pocus Squishmallows, Day of the Dead squishmallows, Paislynn the Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow & much more.

Walmart – Walmart has been one of the best resources we have found for Squishmallows as they have frequent markdowns, Squishmallow slippers and more at such great prices.

Costco –Costco has a larger than normal toy selection in the fall as they are bringing out items early for Christmas gifts. You most likely won’t find as many specific Halloween squishmallows, but you can typically find the sets of mini Squishmallows as well as the extra large squishmallows like the 24″ ones. The fox squishmallow would be a cute Halloween / Fall themed squishmallow.  You can find them both online & in-stores.

Amazon – Amazon has quite a wide variety of popular Squishmallows, including some cute fall themed & Halloween squishmallows. You can definitely find sales on Amazon for them, typically on last year’s squishmallows.

Walgreens – make sure to check in-store & online for fall & Halloween Squishmallows at Walgreens as they often have some different varieties you might not find elsewhere and the prices will be decent, too.

Target– there are a variety from 7″ to 24″ in all different options for Target  Halloween squishmallows

Kroger Stores – I found some Squishmallows at both our local QFC & Fred Meyer stores, so check your local Kroger store to see if you find any. They had Hocus Pocus, Day of the Dead Squishmallows & more popular Squishmallows without the high price you’ll find on some other online retailers for these popular squishmallows. You could even use InstaCart to have it delivered to you if it’s available for you locally

Claire’s – Claire’s had some of the more popular Squishmallows in stock for Halloween, so this is definitely a great place to check either online or in-store.

Popular Halloween Squishmallows

Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows

NIghtmare before Christmas squishmallows

The best price we found for Nightmare before Christmas squishmallows currently is at Walmart. . Claire’s also has some on clearance in store, but you can’t order online, you’ll have to go in store to see if they have any discounted ones left.

Oogie Boogie Squishmallow

8″ Nightmare Before Christmas Green Oogie Boogie Squishmallow – you can find it at Amazon . You can also find it on Ebay with possibly lower prices, although the shipping prices might be higher.

Nightmare before Christmas Sally Squishmallow

8″ Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Squishmallow – find it on Amazon  or Target

Nightmare before Christmas Jack Squishmallow

8″ Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Squishmallow – find it on Amazon  or Target

NIghtmare Before Christmas Zero Dog Squishmallow

8″ Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Dog Squishmallow – on Amazon or on Target

NIghtmare Before Christmas Mayor Squishmallow

8″ Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor 

Disney Squishmallows

Minnie Mouse Witch squishmallow

8″ Minnie Mouse Witch 

Vampire Mickey Mouse Squishmallow

8″ Vampire Mickey Mouse – on Amazon on Walmart if that goes out of stock

More  Fall / Halloween Squishmallows

set of 3 hocus pocus squishmallows

Hocus Pocus Set of 3 8″ Witches –  Find it on Amazon. So, also check out Ebay as I have seen lower prices on Ebay for this set, but they do go fast!

hocus pocus squishmallows

If you want the 5″ Hocus Pocus squishmallows, we found them at Claire’s in the clearance section. Head into Claire’s in person to pick out the one you want.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow

14″ Pumpkin Spice Latte Squishmallow with Green Straw – you can find it at Amazon

Hello Kitty Squishmallow Franken Kitty

Hello Kitty Squishmallow Franken Kitty – find it on Amazon here

scarecrow squishmallow
8″ Samuel the Scarecrow Squishmallow – find it at Walmart here

turkey squishmallow

10″ Ulana the Turkey Squishmallow – find it on Amazon here

acorn squishmallow

7″  Acorn Squishmallow – find it on Amazon here

Pumpkin Pie squishmallow

Pumpkin Pie Squishmallow – find it on Amazon here

Day of the Dead Squishmallow

The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) squishmallows are also popular – find them on Amazon here!


Halloween Pirate Flipmallow Squishmallow

Squishmallow Flipmallows 9″ Halloween Pirate Plush –  find them at Walmart here

Flipmallow Halloween Frankeinstein

Squishmallow Flipmallows 9″ Halloween Frankenstein – find it at Walmart here

Small Squishmallows

Halloween Holly the mummy squishmallow

5″ Holly the Mummy Squishmallow – find it on Amazon here

16 Inch & Under Squishmallows

Johanna Witches brew Squishmallow

10″ Johanna the Witches Brew Squishmallow – find it on Amazon here

Detra the Octopus Witch Squishmallow

Detra the Octopus Witch Halloween Squishmallowfind it on Amazon here

Drake the Vampire Squishmallow

12″ Drake the Vampire Squishmallow – find it on Walmart here

cat vampire squishmallow

8″ Tally the Cat Vampire Squishmallow – find it on Amazon here

witch squishmallow

8″ Winnie the Witch Squishmallow – find it on Walmart here

Paige the Pumpkin Squishmallow

8″ Paige the Pumpkin Squishmallow -find it on Walmart here

riba pumpkin squishmallow

10″ Riba the Pumpkin with hat Squishmallow – find it on Amazon here

ghost squishmallow

10″ Felize the Ghost Squishmallow – find it on Amazon here

claires halloween squishmallows

Claire’s also has a selection of Halloween squishmallows – you can find these on clearance at local Claire’s stores in person.

Where to Save on Squishmallows for Halloween?

  • The highest priced Squishmallows are the newer releases or the more popular & rare Squishmallows, so looking for older Halloween themed squishmallows are your best bet (2021 or older)
  • Walmart has consistently had some of the best price cuts we see on Squishmallows & their price cuts are totally random, so you just need to keep checking back to see if there are any for sale
  • Keep an eye out for Claire’s Buy 3 Get 3 FREE promo which  they often feature to save more. They also have a 10% off coupon when you sign up for emails.
  • Target Red Card holders will get an additional 5% off your order. Plus, Target will often have select Squishmallows available when they feature their 20% off one toy coupon.
  • Walgreens can have some great deals when you pair their coupon codes with the sale prices for Squishmallows.

Looking for more Squishmallows – check out these other seasonal Squishmallows here:

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