Water Trampoline Sprinklers For Any Size Trampoline – Easy To Set Up!

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Water Trampoline Play for the Summer!

We bought a trampoline water sprinkler for under $20, and it is one of my favorite summer deals. My kids LOVE this water trampoline fun! It turns your trampoline into a spray park for the kids. Its super simple to set up, and gives the trampoline a whole new purpose (and gets a big thumbs up from my gang).

water trampoline

Thinking about activities to keep your kids busy this summer? If you have a trampoline in your back yard, here is a fun one to consider, turning your trampoline into water fun play all summer for the kids. I bought one of these Trampoline Waterparks for our trampoline a couple of years ago, and many of you asked if it really works.

sprinkler for trampoline

Find lots of different options for trampoline water sprinklers here, starting at just $15.99. 

***update – this one is on sale for just $7.99 right now!!!***

It DOES Work!! My kids (and many of the neighborhood kids that were squealing with joy in my backyard for over an hour) loved it. The weather was cooler (low 70’s) but they could not wait to try it out, so I set it up for them. Previously we had just been putting a sprinkler under our trampoline for water trampoline fun, but the kids loved this so much more. Rather then water squirting up from the bottom, it shoots way up into the air and then falls down on them, so it is more like a spray park, then running through the sprinkler. You could also use both for maximum water fun.

This is the Trampoline Waterpark we bought (but find lots of options here too). I was able to get same day deliver for ours, with our Prime membership, and had it by 6pm the same day! It  is suppose to be fully adjustable to fit ANY size or shape of trampoline!

It did go out of stock for a bit after we shared it last time, so I recommend checking it out soon if you want to have it on hand for next weeks hot weather. We have a Springfree Trampoline and it worked great on ours.

trampoline water sprinkler

It was delivered in a box like this one, and came with the hose that you wrap around the trampoline netting (it was flat), clips to attach it and a zip tie to hold up the weight of the hose. On the box there is a web address for a video you can watch on You Tube to set it up, or you can text them to have it sent to your phone.

Set up is very simple (basically attaching clips to the hose and hanging it on your trampolines netting. As I mentioned, we have a Springfree Trampoline, and it attached just fine to the netting. The example they show is one of the regular trampolines, so I think it should work on most if not all trampolines with a net.

They send plenty of the hosing, so for our trampoline it wrapped around once fully, and then there was some left over that we wrapped around again until it ran out (you can see that in the picture above). I think it took me around 10 minutes to get it all set up. You the add the zip tie to one of the trampoline poles (this is just to help hold the weight of the hose, and hook the hose up to the end of the trampoline waterpark hose. When you turn it on, water sprays everywhere for the kids to jump up into. All of the kids where laughing and squealing, and they all gave it a full thumbs up (and that was in cooler weather). I cannot wait to have them all over, and let the kids cool off in it when it really heats up.

Trampoline Waterpark

Here are some details about the Trampoline Waterpark:

  • The whole family will love this trampoline water park.
  • We made this with you in mind. It is designed to be fully adjustable to whatever trampoline size you may have. It comes with complete video instructions to make installation a breeze.
  • It attaches on the outside of the net with the included releasable ties which is a safety feature so your active child doesn’t accidentally grab it while jumping. It also starts and stops at the enclosure opening which means your child will be able to get on and off the trampoline without ever touching the hose.
  • Its so easy to turn on and off, the kids can do it whenever they’re ready to have fun outside.
  • One of the top reasons parents and kids love this is that it lowers the outside temperature by up to 25 degrees! This will be a summer favorite for sure. Great if you like basketball hoop, volleyball, dunk, backyard family fun.

Purchase your trampoline water sprinkler here for tons of summer water fun for your family too. 

We also found these waterproof LED lights you can add to the trampoline too, for even more fun!

*Remember that Amazon prices are subject to change at any time. Make sure the price is current before you purchase the item. 

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  1. I love trampolines and this looks so fun! Word of caution to follow guidelines because things like “double jumping” with other children. My daughter broke her ankle 3 years ago and even with PT her ankle still causes her issues. When we came in to the ER the doctor not knowing anything looks at her ankle and says “trampoline?” Apparently it is very common. Don’t want to be a downer. Trampolines are amazing but ER doctors will tell you otherwise.

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