Stitch Fix Winter Box for Women

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Stitch Fix Winter Box for Women

Stitch Fix Late Winter Box for Women

I have been using Stitch Fix for two years now and try to get a box almost every month as I have been slowly adding to my wardrobe to update with more classic pieces that I was in need of for my wardrobe. I have been trying to weed out my wardrobe & let go of things I never wear anymore, to add in more classic, functional items that I know I will use for years to come.

Some months I may keep several items from my Stitch Fix box, another month I may only keep one item or not any at all. But seeing the items that my stylist choose for me, along with her style recommendations for outfits has really broadened my perspective in the types of clothes I would typically choose.  It has gotten me out of my comfort zone, which I have really appreciated. I have found styles that I would not have chosen for myself, but now I find really flattering. So I am thankful for all of the boxes I’ve received.

I really do feel like the stylists learn what your style is after you have ordered several boxes from them & they will work to find the items I request or what I tell them that I really like and also items to stay away from. If you are in a busy season of life like I am, you may find it valuable to have someone do all the shopping for you – even online shopping can take me a long time to sift thru items so it’s so nice to have someone do the work for me.

What is Stitch Fix?

If you’re new to Stitch Fix,  it’s a personal shopping service where you will have 5 curated items chosen by a personal stylist based on your likes & dislikes sent to you by mail, directly to your home. These items can be clothes, shoes & jewelry for you to try on in the comfort of your home so you can shop from home without doing any work.

If you sign up for Stitch Fix Kids, they actually send 8-10 items to your child to choose from since kids wear a lot more clothes, right?! Check out my review of our experience with Stitch Fix Kids (Spoiler: it was a hit!)

I have been loving having a stylist who does all the work for me & knows what items might be a fit based on my style & size preferences.  It has been a big time-saver for me during a very busy season when I just haven’t had much time to shop for myself, either in stores or online.

How much does Stitch Fix cost?

There is a styling fee of $20 for when you order a box from Stitch Fix. However, if you keep any items, that $20 will go towards the cost of the item(s).  If you decide you don’t like any of the items, you can send them all back in the postage paid envelope and only pay the $20 styling fee! But if you decide to keep even just one item, that $20 styling fee will go towards the cost of that item, so you are only paying if you end up sending everything back.

So far, out of all but a few of my boxes, I have kept at least 1 item, so my $20 styling fee goes towards that item, so I am not paying any money for this service, so it’s a win-win for me. The prices can be higher, so that’s why I have not always purchased the items, but I like seeing the items they pick for me, even if I don’t purchase, as it gives me ideas of what looks I want to try out for myself as they may send items that I wouldn’t normally try on in the stores.

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How It Works:

Stitch Fix Style Quiz
  1. Head to Stitch Fix and fill out the Style Questionnaire. This is a very detailed Style Quiz where you can share your size, the look of items you prefer, colors, etc. You can even include links to Pinterest boards if you have any boards with styles you like {several of you readers recommended that I add a Pinterest board & I really feel that this was so helpful to show the stylist what I was interested in!}
  2. You will then be sent 5 items curated by your stylist within a week or two by mail. This box can include clothes, accessories and shoes (depending on what you asked for in your Style Quiz). This costs $20 to have a Stitch Fix box sent to you (however, if you keep any of the items, you can use the Styling fee towards the cost of an item in the box.)
  3. Review the items in your box & try them on, deciding what you will keep or if you will send any back. They will say you have 3 items to try on your items & then send it back. But I just recently realized that you can have up to 2 weeks, you just need to go into your account & select that timeframe in your account.  You can keep one, two or three items, etc & then send any items back that you don’t want. You will have a postage paid Priority Mail envelope to use & all you have to do is drop your bag at the Post Office mailbox within that 3 day timeframe. If you keep even one item, your $20 styling fee will be applied to your purchase of that item(s).
  4.  Discount for buying ALL of the items – If you choose to keep all the items, you will get an extra 25% off the entire box. This works out to an awesome savings on high quality items. If you only have 1 item you don’t like, it may be more worth it to keep the whole box for the discount & then maybe try to sell or swap with someone else for that item you didn’t want.
  5. Fill out the Box Feedback Form online at Stitch Fix – regardless of whether you keep all the items or return all the items or some of the items, make sure to fill out the Feedback form & checkout before you send back any items from your box. This is where you can have your $20 Styling fee applied to your order (if you keep any items).   This is really important to provide the feedback for each item about what you liked & didn’t like to provide that information for your style profile for future Stitch Fix boxes.

Stitch Fix Review of Late Winter Box:

Here’s my honest review of my late winter box from Stitch Fix.  Even though I did like some of the items in this box, I did not end up keeping any items this time, but I love getting new ideas for items to add to my wardrobe to keep in mind for the future.

Stitch fix Textured Skirt

Margaret M Christabel Textured Skirt – $64

I liked the way this skirt fit & it was a very comfortable fabric, it felt like it would really hold up well. And the skirt was so versatile for winter, it really could go with so many different tops to dress it up or down for work or a night on the town. But honestly I just really don’t wear skirts all that often & with the higher price point, it just wasn’t something I was really needing in my wardrobe.

Stitch Fix Teal Blazer

Skies are Blue Raja Collarless Blazer – $78

I love the color of this blazer, it’s a fun, bold color for winter, but it could also transition into spring too with this color. And it is so comfortable – much more comfortable than any blazer I have worn or owned before, which I loved! It definitely could be a very versatile piece for a variety of outfits.  I turned this one down just because it just wasn’t something I really needed & it was a higher price point for something I wasn’t sure how often I would have opportunities with my own wardrobe to wear it, even though I can see how it can work with so many different options.

Stitch Fix Burgundy Tank Shirt

Fortune + Ivy Lighton Zip Detail Mixed Blouse – $36

This was definitely an item I debated on & would have kept but the fit was just a little bit off. But I love unique shirts like this with the zip feature, which can work with so many different outfits for any season really, but especially fall & winter. It flowed really well & just had a nice cut & style to it.

Stitch Fix Blue Plaid Shirt

Alexander Jordan Aimey One Pocket Top  – $42

I love plaid shirts, so I loved that they sent me this fun plaid print top. It is a great winter shirt. I definitely could use more variety in my plaids as I tend to stick more with the reds, but I love blues. But for some reason, this top just didn’t wow me, even though it was a high quality, comfortable top & in a different pattern which I liked. This is one of those times that I sent it back, but then I debate whether I will regret it?! But you just have to go with your gut at the time.

Stitch Fix Dolman Top in Burgundy

Market + Spruce Shanndy 3/4 Dolman Top – $58

Dolman style tops are one of my favorite styles to wear as they really are perfect for most any body type & are so flattering for everyone. This particular top was just so soft & cozy, too, I didn’t want to take it off! I loved how it looked & how it felt! The only problem – I am really not always a fan of burgundy, at least this dark, this is such a dark burgundy, almost plum & it’s just too dark for me. If there was a way to get this in another color, I totally would have done that, which I let them know! (Stitch Fix does have an awesome program now where you can go thru the items you have previously bought & some of them do have different color & pattern options that you can purchase. But this only works if you have previously bought the item to see the other color choices. Hopefully they will change it so that you can choose a different color the first time, too!)

Honestly, I did feel that this box was personalized to the style that I have shared with Stitch Fix, so even though I did not end up keeping any of the items this time, it still was in the same styles that I would typically like. This time, I did not put down any specifics of what I was looking for  but I think I had in my head a few different ideas & these just didn’t quite fit what I was hoping for. But I love seeing the different options they send me to see if I can add something unique & different to my wardrobe.

What have you been enjoying with your Stitch Fix boxes?

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