Stitch Fix Gift Card & Review!

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All you need to know about Stitch Fix Gift Cards

Stitch Fix Gift Cards & Review!

I first tried out Stitch Fix quite a few years ago and I have been loving this service ever since my first box. Now that’s not to say that I always love all of the items, but I have consistently found at least 1 item in every box that I love, which has made it worth it to me and I love getting new style inspiration.

If you’re new to hearing about Stitch Fix, it is a service that provides a personal stylist to send 5 curated items, personalized to your style & size, directly to your home. You can then try on the items in the comfort of your home & decide whether or not you want to keep them.

Stitch Fix Gift Card: Stitch Fix Gift Cards

How to Get a Stich Fix Gift Card:

Stitch Fix really does make such a fun gift for men or women or teens!   They offer gift cards so that you can give the gift of Stitch Fix with a gift card that you can print, email or mailas a great last minute gift option. You could just give a gift card to cover the $20 styling fee & then they would pay for the clothes they receive or give in any amount.

For that hard-to-buy for person, this would make such a fun gift – a gift of new clothes that they don’t have to do any work to receive – they just need to fill out the style questionnaire & then they’re all set to have a personal stylist send them some fun items for the spring season. I love to receive Stitch Fix gift cards!

How to send a gift card:

Print – you can print the gift card & then package it up however you’d like for a fun gift

Email – you can send your gift card immediately or choose the date it should arrive by email

Mail – takes 5-10 business days to arrive

How to Use a Stitch Fix Gift Card :

Head to this page here to redeem your Stitch Fix Gift Card code. You can enter your code there, then it will apply the amount of your gift card to your account for you to use when you are ready. Then when you are checking out, it should apply the value of your card to your purchase for you.

Find out more about Stitch Fix:

Check out all of our Stitch Fix reviews on this page here, plus lots of details on how this subscription service works for women, men and kids!

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Stitch Fix Spring Box for Women 

Shipping is free with all boxes & you will get free returns with a postage-paid envelope to drop your items in if you choose to return them. So, it’s an easy & seamless process to try on clothes, shoes and/or accessories, without having to head to a number of stores and having the expertise of a personal stylist to put together outfits for you. And you can return anything you don’t want at no cost to you.

The reason I love Stitch Fix is that I truly don’t have to do any work – I don’t have to leave my house as I order the box right from home. AND I don’t have to get overwhelmed with all the choices of what to choose myself – but I have someone who knows fashion who can select items for me. So, this saves me so much time – in not having to shop or not having to go thru items online but having knowledgeable stylists choose for me.

I typically keep at least 1 items from my boxes, so my $20 styling fee goes towards that item, so I am not paying any money for this service, so it’s a win-win for me. The prices can be higher, so that’s why I have not always purchased the items, but I like seeing the items they pick for me, even if I don’t purchase, as it gives me ideas of what looks I want to try out for myself as they may send items that I wouldn’t normally try on in the stores.

Styling Fee:

There is a styling fee of $20 for when you order a box from Stitch Fix. However, if you keep any items, that $20 will go towards the cost of the item(s).  If you decide you don’t like any of the items, you can send them all back in the postage paid envelope and only pay the $20 styling fee! But if you decide to keep even just one item, that $20 styling fee will go towards the cost of that item, so you are only paying if you end up sending everything back.

How It Works:

Stitch Fix Style Quiz
  1. Head to Stitch Fix and fill out the Style Questionnaire. This is a very detailed Style Quiz where you can share your size, the look of items you prefer, colors, etc. You can even include links to Pinterest boards if you have any boards with styles you like {several of you readers recommended that I add a Pinterest board & I really feel that this was so helpful to show the stylist what I was interested in!}
  2. You will then be sent 5 items curated by your stylist within a week or two by mail. This box can include clothes, accessories and shoes (depending on what you asked for in your Style Quiz). This costs $20 to have a Stitch Fix box sent to you (however, if you keep any of the items, you can use the Styling fee towards the cost of an item in the box.)
  3. Review the items in your box & try them on, deciding what you will keep or if you will send any back. You have 3 days to do this. I received my box on a Thursday evening & it said I needed to fill out my Online Feedback Form by Sunday (although you obviously can’t return the box on Sunday, so I’m assuming you can return by Monday if it’s on a weekend like that). You can keep one, two or three, etc & then send any items back that you don’t want. You will have a postage paid Priority Mail envelope to use & all you have to do is drop your bag at the Post Office mailbox within that 3 day timeframe. If you keep even one item, your $20 styling fee will be applied to your purchase of that item(s).
  4.  Discount for buying ALL of the items – If you choose to keep all the items, you will get an extra 25% off the entire box. This works out to an awesome savings on high quality items. If you only have 1 item you don’t like, it may be more worth it to keep the whole box for the discount & then maybe try to sell or swap with someone else for that item you didn’t want.
  5. Fill out the Box Feedback Form online at Stitch Fix – regardless of whether you keep all the items or return all the items or some of the items, make sure to fill out the Feedback form & checkout before you send back any items from your box. This is where you can have your $20 Styling fee applied to your order (if you keep any items).   This is really important to provide the feedback for each item about what you liked & didn’t like to provide that information for your style profile for future Stitch Fix boxes.

Stitch Fix Review of Spring Box:

*If you ever see something you like, make sure to write down the name of the item or pin it on Pinterest & you can request certain items too – it doesn’t guarantee that you will get that item, but they can try to find that item for your box.

Stitch Fix Spring Blue Top

Colette Romey Cold Shoulder Knit Top – $34

I really liked the look of this top as it’s just different from a lot of items in my wardrobe. It is a cold shoulder top & the sleeves are just very feminine & pretty. The pattern is also very nice for summertime too. Unfortunately I just didn’t love the fit of the shirt for myself as much, but I’m sure it would be a great shirt for many. It was really cute, so hard to pass it up!

Stitch Fix Lila Ryan Shorts

Lila Ryan Susannah Shorts – $68

I bought these shorts in a teal color last summer & they are so incredibly soft & high quality shorts. They are so comfortable with a little stretchiness to them which makes them great for a day traveling or just wearing around town. My only complaint is I wish they were just a little bit longer, but considering how much I love the teal shorts, this is a pair of shorts I decided to splurge on because I know what great quality they are & they will last forever.

Stitch Fix Summer Floral Top

Papermoon Walita Cutout Detail Blouse – $38

I am someone who loves color, especially in the spring & summer, so this was such a fun pick for me. I love the bold colors & the pretty summer pattern. It has 3 little keyholes at the top, too, to give it a little extra flair, too. This was a definite keeper for me.

Stitch Fix Navy Tank Top

Mason & Belle Cirdan Crochet Detail Top – $40

This top is very pretty & feminine with the crochet detailing on the back & down the middle & the shoulders. It was also very comfortable & flowy. I didn’t keep this top just because I already have a similar navy sleeveless top so I didn’t need this to add to my wardrobe, but it was very pretty.

Stitch Fix Tan Shorts

Vigoss Elliot Utility Pocket Short – $48

These shorts are very cute with the frayed edge hem & nice large pockets. However, for my box this month, I specifically requested longer shorts & they sent me two pairs of shorter shorts. These shorts were even shorter than the coral shorts & I was not a fan of the length for me. So, this was definitely a miss for me, just because I was specifically looking for longer style shorts. I realized from now on, I will specify the actual length that I prefer & ask for only those. (They saw that I had purchased the Lila Ryan shorts last summer & decided to go a little shorter than those, so I was more specific for my next box)

My Thoughts about My Spring Box:

For this box, I requested longer shorts & summer casual tops & they sent me 3 tops & 2 shorts. I kept a pair of shorts & a summer top out of this box, but I did love the colors & options they sent for me, so it definitely felt personalized to my style. The only issue is that I had specifically asked for long shorts & the shorts were shorter than I preferred, so I learned I just need to be more specific & look up the length I prefer to ask for. But otherwise, I enjoyed finding some items & I honestly would probably never have picked up that summer blouse, as it’s just not a style that I have worn before but I really liked it. So, that’s what I love about Stitch Fix – it gets me out of my comfort zone, trying new styles, colors & patterns!

Find more info on Stitch Fix and Stitch Fix Gift Cards here too!

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