Recipes for Ground Beef – 75 Recipes To Inspire You!

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If you’re looking for recipes for ground beef, we’ve compiled a variety of ground beef recipes for you to add to your collection.  Ground Beef is one of those meats that is often more affordable than others, so if you are looking for ways to make your grocery budget stretch, learning to make more meals with ground beef is one way to help with that. Plus, these are some delicious recipes! I used to have 5 standard recipes I used ground beef for (the usual: tacos, meatloaf, hamburgers, spaghetti and lasagna). When I found some of these recipes folks were using ground beef for, I could not wait to try them. I don’t think you will be disappointed either!

Here are over 70 recipes for ground beef to inspire you.

Recipes for Ground Beef:


Ground Beef Recipes for summer . summer ground beef recipes

Green Tomato Bacon Jam Burgers from Farm Fresh Feasts 

Hobo Dinners from Brittany’s Pantry

Stuffed Peppers from Cha Ching Queen

Spinach, Feta Bacon Burgers from Peace Love Low Carb

Beefy Taco Dip from Mom vs The Boys

Healthy Ground Beef recipes for quick and easy dinners

Baked Pepper Nachos from Pepper Scraps

Hoisin-Glazed Mini Meatloaf “Muffins” Over Asian Noodles and Vegetables from Two Healthy Kitchens

Tex-Mex Taco Burgers with Creamy Salsa Dressing from Two Healthy Kitchens

Healthy Meatloaf Recipe – with Swiss Chard, Spinach & more from Thrifty NW Mom

Taco Salad in a Jar by Thrifty Northwest Mom

Garden Vegetable Beef Skillet from Simply Stacie

Beef and Venison Sloppy Joes with Yellow Squash and Peppers from Farm Fresh Feasts

Zucchini Meatloaf from Family Living on a Budget

Spinach Meatloaf from How To Have It All

Firehouse Spinach Meatloaf from Family Living on a Budget

Healthier Stuffed Peppers from Family Living on a Budget

Mini Taco Salads from Pepper Scraps

Black Beans, Orzo & Beef Stuffed Peppers from Saving Every Day

Italian Meatball Zoodle Soup from Peace Love Low Carb

Gluten Free & Paleo Meatballs without Breadcrumbs from Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Ground Beef Recipes for Kids

Nachos Deluxe from Ann’s Entitled Life

Taco Rice Tortilla Pizza from Farm Fresh Feasts

Meaty Cheesy Foldovers from Cha Ching Queen

Meatball Pizza from Plain Everything

Ground beef crockpot recipes

Crock Pot Chili from Moms with Crock Pots

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chili with Hatch Chiles, Corn, and Beef from Farm Fresh Feasts

Easy Crockpot Meatballs from Thrifty Jinxy

6 Ingredient Crock Pot Chili from Dawn Monroe

Chunky Crockpot Chili from Mission to Save

Crock Pot Italian Meatballs from Moms With Crock Pots

Enchilada Meatballs in the Crock Pot from Pepper Scraps

Ground beef skillet recipes

Un-Stuffed Pepper Skillet from Two Healthy Kitchens

Rotini Beef Skillet from Thrifty Jinxy

Beef & Bean Pasta Skillet from How To Have It All

Ultimate Loaded Chili Dogs from Thrifty Northwest Mom

Ground beef casserole recipes –

Cheesy Burrito Casserole from Ann’s Entitled Life

Chili Relleno Casserole from Ann’s Entitled Life

Hashbrown Hamburger Casserole with Veggies and Cheese from Thrifty Jinxy

Tater Tot Casserole from Become A Coupon Queen

Yum-a-Setta Casserole from Become A Coupon Queen

Tamale Pie with Hatch Chiles from Farm Fresh Feasts

Kitchen Sink Shepherd’s Pie from Mission to Save

Shepherd Pie from Become A Coupon Queen

Cheesy Beef and Rice Casserole from Become A Coupon Queen

Shepherd’s Pie with Slow-Roasted Tomatoes and Green Beans from Farm Fresh Feasts

Acorn Squash, Beef, and Bulgur Casserole from Farm Fresh Feasts

Creamy Tacos Casserole from Six Figures Under


Ground Beef Soup Recipes ::

Taco Bean Soup from Thrifty Northwest Mom

Bacon, Beef and Beet Chili from Farm Fresh Feasts

So Easy Hamburger Soup from Baking With Mom

Quick and Easy Goulash from Saving Every Day

Stuffed Pepper Soup from Mom vs The Boys

More Ground Beef Recipes for Dinner::

Hamburger Steak Recipe from Thrifty Northwest Mom

 Ground Beef Meatball Recipe – Fettucine Pasta with Meatballs in the Slow Cooker from Thrifty NW Mom

Meat Lasagna Recipe  from Thrifty NW Mom

Lasagna Bowl from Simply Stacie

Cowboy Food from Become A Coupon Queen

Ground Beef over Rice from Kooky Carol’s Kitchen Concoctions

Traditional Meatloaf from Brittany’s Pantry

Pasta with Zesty Bolognese from Brittany’s Pantry

Tater Tot Hotdish from Brittany’s Pantry

Beef Stroganoff Burgers from Peace Love Low Carb

Sloppy Joe Stuffed Peppers from Peace Love Low Carb

Hearty Goulash from Saving Every Day

Mexican Lasagna from Mom vs The Boys

Mock Lasagna from Six Figures Under

Cheesy Stuffed Meatloaf from How To Have It All

Recipes for Ground Beef


    1. Loved your post on how to cook ground beef and freeze it Mary!! Looking forward to trying some of the recipes too :)

  1. What a fabulous line-up! It’s great that, beyond dinner recipes, you also included soups, appetizers … even breakfast! I also really love that you indicated which are healthier recipes, so health-minded readers can easily spot the recipes most likely to appeal to them – that was a super idea! I’m definitely pinning this to share! Thanks a million for including our recipes for Asian Meatloaf, Taco Burgers, Pepper Skillet and Cheeseburger Salad – we really hope all your readers love those recipes as much as we do! :D

    1. That Asian Meatloaf is at the top of my list to try Shelley. All of your recipes look fabulous, but something about that one is calling my name!!

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