Jack O Lantern Pizzas at Papa Murphys, Papa Johns & More!

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Jack O Lantern Pizzas at Papa Murphys

Jack O Lantern Pizzas at Papa Murphys, Papa Johns & More!

Wondering where to find Jack O Lantern Pizzas this year? Here are some spots we have been able to confirm will be carrying them for fun October meals for the family. You can find versions of this pumpkin shaped pizza made mostly from cheese and some pepperoni in take and bag form or grab one for take out or delivery already baked. This year we even found a dine in option, if you want to head out with the family to have some bootakular fun, eating a Halloween themed meal.

All of these should be available through Halloween night. If you plan to order yours for Halloween evening, I would recommend putting your order in early if possible. That can be a very busy night for these festive pizzas (I might call your local store ahead of time and see what they would recommend for orders on that day). The fun part is though, you do not have to wait for Halloween. You can order one tonight!

Papa Murphys Jack O Lantern Pizza

Papa Murphy’s has announced on their Facebook page that they will be bringing back their Jack O Lantern Pizzas through 10/31!

The price for the Papa Murphys Jack-O-Lantern Pizza is advertised as $10 each (prices vary in AK) according to their Facebook announcement.

When my kids where younger, I grabbed these each Halloween. It was always a fun way to get a themed, simple and affordable meal on the table for a busy night. They work great if you are having a party too. Now, you can get them most of the month, so you do not have to just wait for Halloween.

Papa Johns Jack O Lantern Pizza

Papa Johns Jack O Lantern Pizza

If you would rather do take out, it looks like Papa Johns has Jack O Lantern Pizzas this year too. Sounds like this one will be selling for $11 in most markets and available for take out or delivery.

The Chuck E Cheese Pumpkin Pizza & Bootakular Menu

Chuck E Cheese not only has a pumpkin shaped pizza, but is also offer a full bootakular menu and other fun festivities for Halloween.

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