Lego Holiday Gift Guide – Lego City, Lego Friends, Books, DVD’s & more!

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Lego Holiday Gift Guide - the ultimate gift guide for Christmas for Lego lovers

Lego Holiday Gift Guide

It doesn’t seem to matter which year it is, Legos are a classic toy that are popular every year with kids.  We’ve found some of the most popular Lego products& deals we’ve found this holiday season to give you some ideas for the Lego lover on your Christmas List!

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Lego Books:


365 Things To Do With Lego Bricks 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks inspires you to look at your LEGO bricks in new and exciting ways. This book features imaginative play and building ideas, from LEGO projects that take just a few minutes and require a handful of bricks to inspirational build ideas and activities to keep you occupied for hours.


 LEGO Awesome Ideas

Journey through five incredible worlds bursting with hundreds of new LEGO approved fan ideas and building tips! Learn how to make a wild west train, outer space aliens, a realistic-looking cell phone, and much, much more. Create your own amazing models with step-by-step guides that unlock the secrets of great LEGO building.


 Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

  • Design and build 10 amazing moving machines – teach your bricks new tricks
  • Comes with 80 page instructions, 33 LEGO pieces, instructions for 10 modules, 6 plastic balls, string, paper ramps, and other components
  • Includes a 80-page instructional book with Klutz certified crystal-clear instructions
  • Includes more than 30 essential Lego elements
  • Recommended for children ages 8+

Lego Ideas book

The Lego Ideas Book

  • Key models and spreads to inspire your designs
  • Hints and tips from Master Builders
  • User-friendly guide
    lego stars wars yoda chronicles

Lego Star Wars Yoda Chronicles

  • Relive Yoda’s adventures in the LEGO® Star Wars® galaxy with this all new format from DK
  • Includes an exclusive minifigure
  • First in a new-series

download (1)

LEGO Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life 

  • Features more than 200 different builts
  • Simple, medium, and complex models
  • Offers tips and tricks to get the most of your blocks

download (2)

Beautiful LEGO

  • LEGO artwork showcasing a stunning array of pieces
  • Read interviews with the LEGO artists
  • As seen in The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, The Los Angeles Times, Slate,, Wallpaper, USA Today, MAKE, and more!

Basic Lego Supplies:

Lego Classic Sand Baseplate

Lego Classic Sand Baseplate 

Brick baseplates for Legos

Brick Building Base Plates, Large 10×10 Baseplates (6 pack variety pack) -this is not the Lego brand, but it says it’s compatible with Lego

Lego Classic Creative Supplement

Lego Classic Creative Supplement

  • Includes a range of LEGO bricks in 20 different colors and a brick separator
  • Features 2 sets of eyes for building all kinds of creatures
  • Encourages budding builders to stretch their imaginative muscles and inspires open-ended creativity
  • Ideas included with the set and online at to help you get started; All models pictured can be built from this set simultaneously
  • LEGO Classic sets are an ideal supplement to any existing LEGO collection

Lego City:



LEGO City Ferry 

  • Features a Ferry with gates that can be raised and lowered and a space above the deck for the captain to pilot the boat
  • Accessory elements include a car, a mug, phone, and 2 fire extinguishers
  • Includes 2 minifigures: a businessperson and ferry boat captain
  • Ferry measures over 6″ (16cm) high, 13″ (34cm) long and 5″ (13cm) wide, car measures over 1″ (4cm) high, 3″ (10cm) long and 1″ (4cm) wide
  • Open the gate and help the captain load the car onto the boat


LEGO City Fun In The Park

  • Features a range of buildable models for a colorful park setting
  • Accessory elements include a park bench, picnic table, hot dog cart with hot dog and umbrella, 2 trees, bike, paint roller and bucket, lawnmower, ball, croissant, basket, sign, fence, briefcase and flowers
  • Includes 14 minifigures, plus baby and dog figures
  • Get on the merry-go-round and take a dizzying spin


LEGO City Airport Show Building

  • Features a hangar big enough to hold a plane, a gasoline barrel with roll-out hose, old-fashioned plane with turning propeller, 2 jets with opening cockpits, airport service car and tool wagon
  • Accessory elements include a tool rack with tools, a mug, walkie-talkie and 2 paddles
  • Includes 6 minifigures: male and female jet pilots, male and female stunt pilots, a mechanic and an airport worker

Lego City Police Station

  • Build a three-level Police Station, including a jail cell with exploding wall function and watch tower!
  • Vehicles included are a helicopter, police pursuit car, police motorbike plus the crooks’ truck with rotating, extendable cherry picker
  • Includes 7 minifigures: four police officers and three crooks, plus a police dog figure

Lego Star Wars:


Lego Star Wars Utapau Troopers

Lego Star Wars Utapau Troopers 

Lego Star Wars Kylo Ren Tie Fighter

  • Features an opening minifigure cockpit, large wings, red exhaust detailing and 2 trigger-activated spring-loaded shooters
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Kylo Ren, a First Order TIE Pilot and a First Order Stormtrooper, plus a BB-9E figure
  • First Order TIE Pilot’s helmet features new-for-September-2017 red-stripe decoration
  • Weapons include Kylo’s Lightsaber, a blaster and a blaster pistol


 LEGO Star Wars Naboo Starfighter 75092 Building Kit

  • Fire the twin spring-loaded shooters
  • Uncuff the Naboo Pilot
  • Display the model on the supplied stand
  • As seen in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace
  • Naboo Starfighter measures over 1″ (5cm) high, 13″ (35cm) long and 9″ (25cm) wide



LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

  • Hide weapons and other cargo in the secret compartment
  • Pretend to activate the hyperdrive and make a fast getaway
  • Recreate fantastic scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • The perfect addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection

Lego Architecture:


LEGO Architecture Venice

  • Features the Rialto Bridge, St. Marks Basilica, St. Mark’s Campanile, St. Theodore and the Winged Lion of St. Mark, and the Bridge of Sighs
  • Venice’s rivers and canals are represented by blue tiles in the baseplate
  • Measures 5″ (14cm) high, 9″ (25cm) wide and 1″ (3cm) deep
  • The included booklet contains information about the designer, architecture and history of each structure, as well as historical facts about Venice and its architectural heritage



 LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel Tower

  • Interpretation of real-world architectural landmark The Eiffel Tower in LEGO bricks
  • Booklet included with details on design, architecture, and history of the tower
  • The LEGO Architecture product line is about celebrating the world of architecture through the medium of the LEGO brick
  • The LEGO Architecture product line is for all those with an interest in design, architecture, and history
  • Measures over 12″ (31cm) high, 4″ (11cm) wide and 4″ (11cm) deep


LEGO Architecture New York City

  • Features the Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty
  • Includes a 4×32 tiled base with decorative “New York City” nameplate

Lego Ninjago:


LEGO Ninjago The Green NRG Dragon Building Kit 

  • Lloyd’s Green NRG Dragon features a saddle for Lloyd, golden chain-style reins, posable head, foldable printed textile wings with spike details, posable legs, talons, and posable split tail with 2 stud shooters
  • Weapons include Cole’s golden sword, the sky pirates’ sword, standard sword, spear, and the Djinn Blade
  • The Green NRG Dragon measures over 5″ (15cm) high, 14″ (37cm) long and 8″ (21cm) wide with folded wings, and 22″ (57cm) wide with unfolded wings
  • Includes 5 minifigures: Lloyd in Sky bound outfit, Ghost Cole in Sky bound outfit, Bucko, Cyren and Battle Doubloon
  • The sky pirates’ catapult measures over 3″ (10cm) high, 5″ (13cm) long and 4″ (11cm) wide, the sky pirates’ lookout tower measures over 4″ (12cm) high, 1″ (5cm) long and 4″ (12cm) wide

Lego Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon

  • Green Ninja Mech Dragon features minifigure cockpit, articulated snapping jaws, posable body, wheel-activated swooshing tail with spikes, 2 leg-mounted stud shooters, 2 pop-out thrusters in front legs
  • Includes 4 minifigures: The Green Ninja, Wu, Garmadon and Charlie
  • Weapons include The Green Ninja’s tasseled sword, Wu’s staff, Garmadon’s laser-style pointer and 2 katanas, and Charlie’s fish spear



LEGO Ninjago Stealth Raider Building Kit

  • he Ultra Stealth Raider features 2 opening cockpits plus 2 open cockpits, big tracks and wheels, twin 6-stud rapid shooters, 2 spring-loaded shooters, 6 detachable golden ninja swords, 2 golden shurikens, plus a splitting function
  • Weapons include Master Chen’s Jade Blade, Master Yang’s Aero blade, an Anacondrai blade, Anacondrai sword, 2 golden sai, 4 golden swords, and 2 golden shurikens
  • Ultra Stealth Raider (full-size) measures over 4″ (11cm) high, 14″ (38cm) long and 13″ (34cm) wide
  • Includes 7 minifigures: Cole, Zane, Jay, Kai, Master Chen, Eyezorai and Master Yang
  • This set includes the 4-vehicles-in-1 Ultra Stealth Raider and Chenosaurus


Lego Friends:


LEGO Friends Heartlake Puppy Daycare

  • Features a Heart lake Puppy Daycare building with an opening door, bath, grooming station, dog beds, feeding area, office area, and a doggy door out to the garden
  • Accessory elements include a computer, phone, grooming brush, dog shampoo, hair bows, feeding bowls, dog biscuits, bones, fire hydrant, shovel, bucket, ball, stick and a trophy
  • Includes Andrea and Mia mini-doll figures, plus a Husky and a Pug
  • The garden features an agility course with 2 obstacles and a turning roundabout, podium and a drinking fountain
  • Heart lake Puppy Daycare measures over 3″ (9cm) high, 7″ (19cm) wide and 4″ (12cm) deep

Lego Friends Snow Resort Ice Rink

  • 307 pieces – Includes Stephanie and Nate mini-dolls in ice skating outfits, plus a Moka the bunny figure
  • Build your own Snow Resort Ice Rink, complete with opening doors and removable hockey goals, skating lodge with revolving stage area, pretzel shop and equipment rental area!
  • LEGO Friends brick building toys are compatible with all other LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Ice rink measures over 1” high, 4” wide and 3” deep. Skating lodge measures over 4” high, 7” wide and 1” deep


LEGO Friends 41035 Heartlake Juice Bar 

  • Includes Andrea and Naya mini-doll figures
  • Features glass windows, counter with blenders, juice squeezer, sink, and cash register
  • Also Features inside and outside seating areas with 2 chairs, a table and a big box of fruit; Accessories include flowers and a handbag
  • Order fresh smoothies from Naya the juice bar attendant; Help Naya to make a range of delicious fruit drinks for Andrea to try
  • Juice Bar measures over 5″ (14cm) high, 7″ (19cm) wide and 5″ (13cm) deep



 LEGO Friends 41094 Heartlake Lighthouse

  • Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Kate and Stephanie, Features a 2-story lighthouse with ice cream shop, attic, pier, rowboat and a rock for the seal
  • Lighthouse, ice cream shop features a counter, freezer, bathroom, secret room, viewing platform, table and stools, windows a door and movable ladder
  • Lighthouse measures over8″ high, 7″ wide and 4″ deep, Rowboat measures over 3″ long, 1″ wide and under 1″ high
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Combine with the 41097 Heart lake Air Balloon for more sightseeing fun with the LEGO Friends


LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel Building Kit

  • The single bedroom features a single bed, en-suite shower room, flat screen TV element and a sliding door to the balcony
  • Accessory elements include a bellboy trolley, suitcases, glasses, cakes, perfume bottles, tables, chairs, room keys, 2 fences, a flag and more
  • Build this gigantic hotel with all its amazing features and accessories to create your own vacation stories; rearrange the hotel however you wish
  • Put your luggage in the trolley and check in at reception to get your room key; push the lever to take the elevator up to the second and third floor
  • Hotel measures over 11″ (30cm) high, 12″ (32cm) wide and 6″ (17cm) deep; black cab measures over 2″ (7cm) high, 4″ (11cm) long and 1″ (5cm) wide


Lego Movie:

Lego Batman Movie Scarecrow Fearful Face Off

  • Scarecrow gyro-copter features top and rear spinning rotors, an adjustable rudder, two bomb-drop functions, and three translucent-green fear gas bomb elements
  • LEGO Batman toy includes two minifigures: Scarecrow and Batman
  • The power plant mini build has space for a fear gas bomb element and an explode function
  • Also includes batman’s jetpack with Batwings and two adjustable boosters with translucent flame elements and batman’s grappling gun

Lego Ninjago Movie Master Falls

  • Build your own Master Falls, complete with jungle bridge, opening cage, hidden cave with skeleton, tropical leaf elements and accessories!
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Master Wu, Kai and Jungle Garmadon with four arms and jungle outfit decoration
  • LEGO NINJAGO brick building toys are compatible with all other LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Jungle bridge measures over 6” high, 8” wide and 5” deep

LEGO Ninjago Movie Water Strider

  • Build a mech with 360-degree rotating minifigure cockpit, 6-stud rapid shooter and 4 posable legs!
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Nya, Kai, Puffer and Shark Army Thug

Lego Superheroes:

LEGO Clash of the Heroes

  • Includes 2 minifigures: Armored Batman and Superman
  • The skyscraper rooftop minibuild features a rotating and exploding Bat-Signal, a detachable barrier, Armored Batman minifigure launch stick function, and translucent elements
  • Weapons include Armored Batman’s silver Batarang and his 3-in-1 buildable stud-shooting bazooka weapon, which can be converted into 2 smaller guns: a stud-shooting gun and a grapple hook gun

LEGO Spiderman Ghost Rider Team Up

  • Ghost Rider Bike features turning wheels, fire elements, and a saddle, Goblin Glider has 2 flick missiles
  • Traffic light model includes traffic lights, 2 translucent flames, 2 newspaper boxes with 4 newspaper elements inside, and a trash can with trash elements
  • Weapons include Ghost Rider’s fire chain and Hobgoblin’s flaming pumpkin bomb
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Spider-Man, Hobgoblin and Ghost Rider


Lego Minecraft:

Lego Minecraft The Cave Playset

Lego Minecraft The Cave Playset 

  • Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: Steve and a zombie, plus a spider
  • Eatures waterfall, lava fall, coal, iron, redstone, gold and obsidian elements, plus TNT, torch and a ladder
  • Includes 249 assorted LEGO pieces; Combine this set with others in the series to create your own LEGO Minecraft world

Lego Minecraft the Farm

Lego Minecraft The Farm 

  • Includes a Steve mini figure with an accessory, plus a skeleton, cow and a sheep, Also includes a skeleton’s bow, a shovel, and 262 assorted LEGO pieces
  • Features a crafting table, pumpkin helmet, 2 torches, fences, waterfall, sugar cane, pre-mature and mature wheat, carrots, tree, and a chest
  • Experience The Farm! Nurture precious crops and supplies! Watch out for the evil skeleton! Rebuild for more LEGO Minecraft creations
  • The perfect gift for fans of LEGO building and Minecraft! Combine with other sets in the series for an even bigger LEGO Minecraft adventure!
  • Add other biomes in the series to create your own LEGO Minecraft world! Measures 4″ high, 10″ wide and 6″ deep


LEGO Minecraft The Jungle Treehouse

  • Activate the floor trap function to foil the exploding Creeper attack, remodel the set by moving the top section of the house onto the sheep pen
  • Accessory elements include Steve’s helmet, Alex’s armored leggings, crafting table, bed, fire, bucket, cocoa pods, wheat, cookies, and 4 buildable flowerpots
  • Includes 2 minifigures: Steve and Alex, plus a Creeper, skeleton, ocelot and a sheep

Lego Video Games:


 LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo WiiU, PS3, or Xbox 360

  • LEGO characters from a mix of some of the best brands in the universe join forces and battle in worlds outside of their own. A Dark Knight, a Wizard, and a LEGO Master Builder traveling together down the Yellow Brick Road is just the beginning.
  • By purchasing additional expansion packs, players can grow their collection with a variety of their favorite brands to create even more crazy combinations.
  • Bring up to seven, vehicles and/or gadgets into the game all at once by dropping them on the LEGO Toy Pad for the most exciting and action-filled game around.
  • Players can let imagination guide their solo journey or have a friend join the adventure with co-operative, drop-in/drop-out play.
  • LEGO Dimensions is a system of play that offers continued compatibility – everything bought today or expanded with tomorrow will continue to work.

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Lego DVD’s:

lego dvd sale

Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers DVD 


 A LEGO Brickumentary


The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie



Lego Super Sweet 2-Movie Collection 



What are your favorite gifts to give a Lego lover? We’d love to hear any unique suggestions you have! 

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