Hydro Flask Sale Happening Now!

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Hydro Flask Sale Happening Now!

We list the most current Hydro Flask deals on bottles and Hydro Flask sales currently available, plus we have a review on our the bottles, based on our personal experience (and why we love them)!

Hydro Flask Sale

Hydro Flask Sale 

We share all of the best Hydro Flask deals we can find on water bottles & other Hydro Flask sales here, and update it as we find new deals.  We share the details below.

You can always start by checking out the current deals on the Hydro Flask site. There is an awesome sale going on now for 25% off sitewide Hydro Flask items. Dick’s Hydro Flask Deals: Dick’s Sporting Goods also frequently has sales on Hydro Flask items as well. Make sure to check for sales there.There is an awesome sale going on now – here’s what we found:: Shop the sale here! Hydro Flask 12 oz coffee mug – $15.97 (Reg $24.99) Hydro Flask 16 oz Tumbler – $17.97 (reg $27.98) Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 20 oz bottle – starting at $20.97 (reg $32.98) Dicks also offers 10% off when you sign up for their emails, or a $20 off $100 purchase if you sign up for text alerts. These offers can be found in the “Connect With Us Section” at the bottom of the page. Dicks offers free shipping on orders of $49 or you can pick up in store to save on shipping.”

Dick’s Hydro Flask Deals:

Dick’s Sporting Goods also frequently has sales on Hydro Flask items as well. Make sure to check for sales there.

Hydro Flask 16 oz bottle

Hydro Flask Flex Sip 16 oz Bottle – as low as $22.97 (reg $32.95)

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 20 oz bottle – starting at $24.97 (reg $32.98)

Hydro flask 18 oz bottle

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth 18 oz bottle – $21.97

Dicks also offers 10% off when you sign up for their emails, or a $20 off $100 purchase if you sign up for text alerts. These offers can be found in the “Connect With Us Section” at the bottom of the page. Dicks offers free shipping on orders of $49 or you can pick up in store to save on shipping.

Hydro Flask Products Sale ::

Hydro Flask is having  a sale with25% off everything through Monday!. There are a number of the water bottles, coffee cups, wine cups and more marked down right now.  The back-to-school sale is happening now on select items here.

Some examples of Hydro Flask deals you will find in this sale include:

Hydro Flask 32 oz bottle

32 oz Wide Mouth Bottle – $37.46 (reg $49.95)

Hydro Flask Flex Boot

Hydro Flask Accessories on Sale!

Hydro Flask Mug

Hydro Flask 6 oz mug – $17.21 (reg $22.95)

Hydro Flask Wine Tumbler

Hydro Flask 10 oz Wine Tumblers on sale

Hydro Flask 24 oz bottle

Hydro Flask 24 oz Wide Mouth with Straw Lid – $23.97 (Reg $39.95)

Plus so many more big mark downs on their Sale page here.

Hydro Flask Clearance Page

Check out the HydroFlask sale page here, to find items on sale when there are sales happening.

Hydro Flask Free Shipping:

They are currently offering free shipping on orders of $30+

They are also offering free ground shipping when you sign up for texts or emails (look for a pop up box with the offer) to see if that offer is available to you.

If you are looking for a cheap Hydro Flask that is real (not a knock-off, and well as cheap as they usually go for the real ones) we have the scoop on where to find those here.

I love the Hydro Flask coffee mugs, you can read our review on them here.

Nordstrom Rack Hydro Flask Sale:

Nordstrom Rack currently is offering a number of the Hydro Flask products at nice discounts. Some examples include –

Hydro Flask water bottle

 Hydro Flask 21 oz standard mouth bottle – $24.97 (reg $34.95) – 42% off

Hydro Flask Kids Insulated Lunch tote

Hydro Flask Kids insulated Lunch Tote -$29.97 (reg $44.95) – 33% off

REI Hydro Flask Sale –

REI frequently has select Hydro Flask bottles & other items on sale either on their site or in their outlet area of the site. We found 25% to 51% off in this sale, so some super deals! Find sales on select Hydro Flask Bottles at REI here here

Hydro Flask Coffee with Flex Lid

Hydro Flask Coffee with Flex Sip Lid,  12 fl oz – as low as $21.93 (reg $29.95) for select colors

Sierra Hydro Flasks on sale:

Find some great prices on Hydro Flasks at Sierra here.


Why we Love Hydro Flask:

Make sure to check out our Hydro Flask Gift Guide, for all of our favorite Hydro Flask products!

My husband bought a Hydro Flask water bottle before a school trip to Costa Rica years ago and that was the true test for him in the heat & humidity of Costa Rica. The water stayed cold for the 24 hours just as they said (even ice would stay in ice form for hours). He is a big fan of this bottle!

We have also used it for hot liquids as well when we went snowshoeing and it kept the water nice & warm for our hot cocoa after we got back. Since this experience, we have become big fans for the last 5 years or so and have a review on the bottles below if you want to learn more about them.

You’ll see the Hydro Flask bottles listed in my go-to items for a Road Trip, too!

Here’s a few examples of the products we love:


Cooler Cup

Our new Cooler Cup is two great things in one: it’s a can or bottle cooler, and, with one quick switch, it’s a 12 oz beverage cup. As a Cooler Cup, it’s brilliantly versatile with a silicone sleeve that lets you slide in a narrow bottle or a can—all with the same snug fit. Pop off the sleeve and you have a 12 oz cup made to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. The ultimate win-win.

  • Dual-use design works as a can or bottle cooler or a 12 oz beverage cup
  • Works with a wide range of bottles and cans
  • TPU sleeve locks in bottles and cans, or protects base when used as a beverage cup
  • TempShield™ insulation keeps beverages cold for hours
  • Durable 18/8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel construction
  • BPA-free and Phthalate-free

hydro flask slings

Slings for your Water Bottle 

Hydro Flask Food Grocery Tote

Insulated Grocery Tote Bags 

Skyline Series Wide Mouth 18 oz bottle 

Stay hydrated anywhere, from your morning commute or chilling at the office, to kickboxing after work. TempShield™ insulation eliminates condensation and keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.

  • Ideal for pairing with our Standard Mouth Insulated Sport Cap for one-handed refreshment
  • TempShield™ insulation eliminates condensation and keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours or hot up to 12 hours
  • Durable 18/8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel construction
  • BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free
  • Lifetime Warranty

Popular Hydro Flask Bottle styles:

Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle – 32 fl. oz.

Hydro Flask Coffee Flask – 16 fl. oz.

Hydro Flask Wine Tumbler – 10 fl. oz.

Hydro Flask Standard-Mouth Water Bottle with Flex-Cap – 18 fl. oz.

Find all the Hydro Flask Sale items here,. 

Hydro Flask Bottles Review & Why We Love Them:

Hydro Flask Review – Best Vacuum Sealed Bottles for the Outdoors

We are a family that is always on the go, whether it be hiking or snowshoeing in the Northwest or visiting family in the humid Florida summers and we always make sure to carry reusable water bottles with us everywhere we go. This is key to traveling with kids, especially, as kids can get so active & they can really need that extra water, so we always carry extra bottles in our packs. There is nothing better on a hot day than a cold drink of water after you have been exercising hard, so we have become quite picky in our choice of water bottles over the years. My girls are like me – they love the ice-cold water to drink (we just don’t drink as much water if it is lukewarm) so we have tried many water bottles looking for the perfect water bottles that will keep water cold for long periods of time!

We have finally found our top two favorites, so I wanted to share them with you as we have tested both of these vacuum sealed bottles in extreme heat & humidity (visiting family in Ft Lauderdale & a trip to Disney World in late June / early July) and these both stood the test to stay cold for long periods of time – even keeping ice cold for over 12 hrs & water cold for up to 24 hours in that heat.

Hydro Flask Bottles Review

Hydro Flask Water Bottles - Vacuum Sealed bottle

I know many of you are very familiar with Hydro Flask bottles as they are definitely quite popular here in the Northwest, but in case you have not yet tried them out yourself, let me tell you, they really do live up to all the hype! This is by far my husband’s favorite water bottle. He took students to Costa Rica for a field trip & encountered hot, humid weather & his Hydro Flask never failed to keep the water cold for hours & hours. What he likes about the Hydroflask is how durable it is and perfect for an outdoors person.  It has a tough shell and ours has been dropped without any damage.

My husband also likes the fact that it has the handle at the top for attaching to his backpack if needed with a carabiner. He loves it for traveling, hiking, snowshoeing, you name it! It works so well with keeping liquids cold & it does keep items hot or at least warm for 12 hours, when we have brought it for hot cocoa on our snow adventures.

Hydro flask bottles can be pricey (but oh so worth it!), but they do go on sale every so often. You can find them at many outdoor retail stores, as well as online at the HydroFlask website. REI also carries them in-store as well as online  at REI.com & I frequently see them go on sale in the REI Garage, which is the online clearance section of REI. We saw some great sales around Black Friday/Christmas & I am betting we’ll see more sales around Father’s Day timeframe, too.

Hydro Flask Vs Swell Bottles – Swell Bottles

The bottle featured above is a new bottle for me with the wide mouth opening and more durability,  but I have had a Swell bottle since 2015 when I received one to review. Soon after receiving that first S’well bottle is when we took it to Florida & it amazed us with how well it kept water cold in the humid, hot weather with temps close to 100 degrees most days.

The S’well bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours & hot for 12 hour without any condensation on the outside of the bottle. The cap also prevents leakage and can hold in carbonation, which I can attest to the fact that I have never had it leak (but I have not tested the carbonation as I only use it for water).

I think this is a great water bottle for moms to use with little ones if you need water to stay at the same temperature, for example if you bring formula with you & need the water to stay warm.

These bottles are pricey, but they are made of the highest grade stainless steel and I have more than gotten my money out of these bottles with how well they keep my drinks cold!


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