Hydro Flask Gift Guide – 5 Items Anyone On Your List Would Love!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hydro Flask; however, we have been longtime users of Hydro Flask and all opinions and experiences are our own. 

Hydro Flask Gift Guide

Hydro Flask Gift Guide

If you are on the hunt for the perfect gift for someone – whether they are an outdoor enthusiast, a traveler, a tween or teen, or honestly anyone who loves quality products, Hydro Flask offers so many different options to appeal to just about everyone on your list.

My family has been long-time users of Hydro Flask products, even before it became the “cool” thing to use, as my husband researched water bottles years ago & found that these water bottles were the ultimate water bottle for traveling to any climate or using during any outdoor activity. We have only had great success with our Hydro Flask products so we love trying out new Hydro Flask products as we know that we can expect the same, high quality products and that they will perform like they say they will.

Hydro Flask products are double-walled & vacuum insulated, which means there is no condensation on the outside of the bottle and there is no temperature transfer to the outside of the bottle. So, even a steaming bottle of water will not burn your hands. They are easy to grip, even when you are sweating in those high humidity locations. There are so many sizes and always new colors and limited edition of products available, as well as new products beyond your classic bottles and tumblers.  And Hydro Flask has a limited lifetime warranty guarantee for every bottle against manufacturer defects.

And best of all – Hydro Flask is a local, Northwest company, with its start & headquarters in Bend, Oregon. Just another reason we love this company – love supporting local Northwest companies with stellar products.

If you are wanting to purchase any Hydro Flask products, make sure to first check out our post with all the current Hydro Flask discounts and sales to see if there are any additional ways to save on the item you want to purchase as a gift.

Hydro Flask items can be higher priced, but honestly, this is an area that we feel good about paying more for these products because they bring so much more value and durability. When you own Hydro Flask products, these are long investments, so in this case, the higher price points are worth it. But they do have more frequent sales than you think, and we stay on top of all the sales, coupons & discounts to keep your informed.

5 Hydro Flask Gift Guide Items 

1 – Hydro Flask Water Bottles –

Hydro Flask 32 oz Water Bottle

This has to be first on the list as we all know how popular the Hydro Flask water bottles are and honestly, you can never go wrong giving the gift of a Hydro Flask water bottle to anyone. My husband first bought a Hydro Flask water bottle before he took a group of students to Costa Rica years ago. This was definitely the place to test it out as they went in the summer, right in the middle of high heat & humidity. He had no issues at all with his Hydro Flask water bottle, though – his water would stay cold for at least 24 hours (even ice would stay formed for several hours).

We also love to snowshoe and our Hydro Flask bottle has been a great item to bring along with us for keeping water hot.  Beverages can stay hot for up to 6 hours, which is so nice when you are out exploring.  There is nothing better than hot cocoa in the car ride home after a day in the snow snowshoeing or sledding.

Probably the most important aspect for us in using Hydro Flask bottles is the durability of the bottles. I’ll be honest & admit that I am extra tough on bottles as I am seriously one of the klutziest people & am constantly dropping things on the ground. I can’t tell you how many times we have dropped our Hydro Flask bottles but they withstand all of the drops & bumps & bruises in the many years we’ve used them. So, I love that when giving a gift, you know it will last & even if it may be a bit pricier, that price is worth it for the durability & superior quality.

You’ll find Hydro Flask water bottles listed as one of our top 5 must-have items for a road trip too as they really are the ultimate travel item.

What I am loving about Hydro Flask bottles this year especially is that there are several fun ways to customize the bottle to be the perfect fit for your gift recipient.

Here are a few ideas for the Hydro Flask Gift Guide:

Customized Bottles:

Custom Hydro Flask Water Bottle in Pink

The Hydro Flask website has a new option called “My Hydro” where you can customize your Hydro Flask bottle so it is exactly what you or your gift recipient are looking for in a water bottle. Basically you are choosing every aspect of the bottle – from the bottle size, the color of the bottle body, color of the bottle lid, color of the bottle strap, and the bottle boot color (the rubber gripping on the bottom).

Teal Grey & Black Custom Hydro Flask Bottle

Sia & I both had the opportunity to review these custom “My Hydro” bottles with our girls & all the girls picked different options.  For my younger daughter, she loves bright colors (like her mom!), so she picked a watermelon bottle color & lid color, with a mint strap & mint boot color for a fun contrast.  My older daughter chose a grey (graphite) bottle color, with black lid & strap, and a mint boot color. This definitely fits her personality, with liking the neutral colors more but with a pop of color. As you can see, there are really so many different combinations you could try, so you’re sure to find a color combo that your gift recipient would love!

custom hydro flask for kids


And here are the color combos that Sia’s girls picked – you can go with more classic colors like the black & white or choose a mint bottle & strap, with a frost-colored boot & lid. As you can see, there are really so many different combinations you could try, so you’re sure to find a color combo that your gift recipient would love with this My Hydro custom bottle option.

Limited Edition Bottles:

I always love looking at Hydro Flask’s limited edition bottles – these are designs that will only be available for a season, most likely, but it’s a great way to get a more unique Hydro Flask bottle. This makes a lot of sense to think of one of the limited edition designs for a gift idea since they are definitely a special twist on a favorite Hydro Flask product for your gift recipient.

Hydro Flask Wonder Collection

Currently, the limited edition design is the Wonder Collection, which comes in 3 colors – Alpenglow, Dawn & Dusk (pictured). These are available in the wide mouth bottles, coffee bottles & the soft cooler tote bag.

{Be careful when you are looking at the limited edition bottles as I have seen quite a few “fake” sellers on other sites claiming to be Hydro Flask bottles but they are offering designs that are not currently available from Hydro Flask & these are not the real deal, so you are not going to get the same superior quality & special insulation & features as a true Hydro Flask bottle. I recommend only purchasing Hydro Flask from a reputable site like the HydroFlask.com website). 

Add stickers to Hydro Flask Bottles:

VSCO Girl Water Bottle Hydro Flask


Many people who have Hydro Flask bottles love to personalize their bottles by filling their bottle with stickers. This is such a fun way to customize your bottle as you can show off your different interests or showcase places you have been (those are our favorite stickers to put on our bottles). Many travel destinations have fun stickers that are perfect for placing on your Hydro Flask water bottles. There is also such a wide assortment of stickers available online & you can choose a color palette & theme & find stickers that complement each other well.

A fun gift idea would be to give a Hydro Flask bottle & then pick a sticker pack that fits your recipient’s interests. Or maybe several sticker packs so that he or she can choose their favorites from the selection to decorate their bottle. This is definitely a popular idea for tweens or teens right now (especially with the VSCO girl craze going on). But honestly,  it’s popular with outdoor & travel enthusiasts and many more.

2 – Hydro Flask Food Totes –

We love that Hydro Flask is now offering insulated tote bags, perfect for outdoor lovers for storing food on their adventures. They have three different sizes – an 8L lunch tote, as well as 20L and 35L insulated grocery tote bags. These insulated tote bags keep food chilled for up to 4 hours. They are lightweight, very durable & strong, and the fabric makes them so easy to clean – just wipe them down with a wet cloth & you’re good to go. That makes them such an ideal gift idea for kids or adults, as there are just so many uses for these bags.

These insulated tote bags also offer a 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects, so that’s added assurance when you give these as a gift.

Lunch Tote –

Hydro Flask Lunch Tote Bag

The Hydro Flask lunch tote would make a great gift idea for kids in school or for a friend or family member who needs a nice tote bag to bring to work. These also keep items cool for up to 4 hours, which makes them perfect for school lunches. Having a chilled lunch bag means you can pack a greater variety of foods in a lunch without having to worry about food getting too warm before lunchtime. They are so easy to clean & sanitize, both inside & outside, which is another plus for using as a lunch bag for kids or adults, so you don’t have to worry about lunch boxes getting so grimy and needing to wash them in the washer frequently.

Grocery Tote – 

Hydro Flask Grocery Tote

Whenever we head out for a day of adventure, we always bring a lunch & bag of snacks. Typically, we had to pack individual lunch bags and have to carry around 4 lunch bags. So, I am loving the Hydro Flask Grocery tote bag to consolidate & carry just one insulated bag for all of our lunch & snack needs for a day outdoors. These bags are perfect for keeping your fruit, veggies & picnic supplies chilled & ready to go when you take a break.

Hydro Flask Grocery Food Tote Bag

These insulated tote bags are so large that they also work well to use as your reusable bag in the grocery store or at the Farmer’s Market to bring home your groceries. As you can see, you can fit quite a bit in the bag. In the 35L bag above, we have a gallon size jug of orange juice, 52 oz iced tea bottle, and several large containers of food (this picture only shows two containers, but I easily added a 3rd container to the bag with plenty of room to spare in the bag for more extras.

3 – Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mug – 

Here’s a fun gift idea for all your coffee lover friends or family – Hydro Flask now has insulated travel coffee mugs. It comes in a 20 oz Hydro Flask coffee cup size. It can keep coffee warm for up to 12 hours or iced coffee cold for up to 24 hours. The spout area closes up tight which makes it more secure when you are on the move and it can keep it well insulated that way, so that you keep your coffee warm & less spills in your car or on you!  That definitely makes it a great gift option to give others!

I love that the coffee cup is available in the new Wonder Collection too, in 3 color options.  This is a fun option for those who love nature’s grand landscapes!

4 – Hydro Flask Cooler Cups –

Cooler Can from Hydro Flask

I love finding products that are multi-functional and these Hydro Flask Cooler Cups are just that, so they make a great addition to our Hydro Flask gift guide. They make a great gift item because you know that there are several different ways that your gift recipient can use the cooler cups in their daily lives. They are a perfect addition to a BBQ or campout, so it’s a nice gift idea for someone to keep in their camping supplies.

Hydro Flask Cooler Can with a Bottle

The first way to use the Cooler Cup is as a can or bottle cooler, so that’s why these are so ideal for camping trips or picnics. The TempShield™ double wall vacuum insulation will keep drinks cold for hours, so it’s perfect for a wine cooler or beer bottle or soda cans, for any gathering. It will keep a drink secure and icy cold with the silicone sleeve on top to keep it immobile so you can move around at a party or gathering without having to worry about spilling your drink

The other way to use the Cooler Cup is to put the silicone sleeve on the bottom of the cup & it now functions as a 12 oz beverage cup. You can pour your drink directly into the cup and it will keep hot drinks hot & cold drinks cold. This works well to bring along on outdoor adventures when you want a real cup to drink from and so that you can keep the temperature consistent while you drink.

Definitely a very versatile gift idea when you give this Cooler Cup to a friend or family member, so they have different options of how to use it best.

5 – Hydro Flask Vouchers (Gift Tags)

The last item on our Hydro Flask gift guide list is a Hydro Flask voucher, which is basically a fun Hydro Flask branded gift tag. This is not really an actual purchase, as you can print this off right from the Hydro Flask website. However, it’s a fun way to give a gift & personalize it to your recipient. They title it, “12 Ways to Give the Gift of Adventure” & it’s unique & fun gift tags you can print off to put inside your Hydro Flask gift item, like put your voucher/tag inside the Hydro Flask water bottle or lunch tote, etc.

Some of the fun vouchers include: beach, hiking, snow adventures, water activities, picnic, & more. A lot of fun options to really personalize your Hydro Flask gift even more.

What item interests you the most from this Hydro Flask Gift Guide or would you add any other favorite Hydro Flask products?

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