Hulu Discounts – Lot of Offers Available!

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Hulu Discounts

Hulu Discounts – Lot of Offers Available!

If you are looking for a Hulu deal, we have a huge list of where to find current Hulu discounts. Hulu offers bundle deals, free trial offers, Hulu student discounts and much more. And we list them all here.

If you are looking for more streaming channel deals and free trials, check out our big list of streaming channel promotions going on here.

We cut our cable completely about 3 yrs ago when my husband got an antenna for our local channels (to watch football, can’t miss the Seahawks!) & then we moved to using Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime video. The Netflix is for the kids & the Hulu is for us as we love watching current shows, but didn’t want to pay for cable.

You can watch the shows from all your favorite stations – NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox. The shows are typically available the next day to watch, so you don’t get far behind. And you can catch up on entire seasons, too.

Current Special Hulu Discounts Available:

The best Hulu deal we usually see is the Black Friday offer they had this year (that was for $1.99 a month). But that only happens once a year, so if you are looking for somethng now, here are our favorite Hulu Discounts available.

You can also add Disney+ (With Ads) for just $2/mo more – so a total of just $4 per month for both Hulu + Disney+.

After that, you’ll be charged the then-current regular monthly price for the plan (currently $7.99/month), but you can cancel at anytime too. This offer is available for new customers, and existing customers that have not been subscribed for 1 month or longer.

Hulu Free Trial Offer

Hulu currently has 2 free Hulu Trial offers (find them both here). They are:

You can also get a 30 day Hulu Free Trial (find this one here). This will will be $7.99 after the free trial offer is over.

Or get a 30 day Hulu Free Trial for their Ad Free programming. This one will be $14.99 after the free trial is over.

This is a great way to get on to Hulu and see what shows and movies are included, and decide if it is a good fit for you before committing to a monthly option.

hulu student discount

Find the Hulu for Students offer here!

Hulu Student Discount

There is a nice Hulu Student Discount available too. It is just $1.99 a month to subscribe to Hulu for students.

Hulu for Students Details : To be eligible for the Hulu student discount, you must be enrolled in graduate or advanced degree programs at Title IV accredited colleges or universities in the US are eligible for the Hulu student discount.

Hulu EBT Discount

We are not aware of any current Hulu Snap Discount offers available. However, you can get an Amazon ebt discount for $6.99 a month, that includes Amazon Prime streaming channels – and they sometimes offer free or low cost HULU offers through their channels.

Hulu Military Discount

Hulu does offer a free month and then 10% off per month after that, for the Hulu Military discount. Find more details on how to access that here.

Hulu Discount for Nurses

Hulu will offer a discount for nurses and emergency personell from time to time. We will update it here when we find those deals currently available.

Hulu Black Friday Deal:

Each year there is a Hulu Black Friday Deal, that is probably their most popular Hulu Discount. If you have been on the fence about cutting cable & using a streaming service in place of Cable TV, this is a great time to do it! The last couple of years it has been $1.99 a month, but it looks like this year it might be dropping back down to the $0.99 deal per month for an entire year. Stay tuned to see what they offer for this years Hulu Black Friday Sale.

Based on last years Hulu $1.99 a month promotion for one year – it works out to just $23.88/year! The regular price is $7.99/mo (which is $95.88/year). That means you will SAVE $72 for the year!! Wow!

After a year, you will be charged that $7.99/mo price automatically, so if you decide not to continue, just make sure you cancel before a year is over.

This Black Friday price is available for a limited time during the Black Friday season each year. This offer is only for New Hulu Subscribers (or those who haven’t subscribed for 3 mos) to take advantage of this deal.

Save 75% off the regular monthly price of the Hulu (With Ads) plan.

Hulu Bundle Discounts Available:

Right now you can get this bundle offer for Hulu and more. You can get Disney+ bundled with Hulu, and ESPN for $12.99 a month here.

There is also the limited time offer of Hulu with Disney+ for just $2 that we mentioned above.


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