eGift Cards You Can Send Someone During Social Distancing

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eGift Cards You Can Send Someone During Social Distancing

I was getting ready to start dinner the other night, when one of my kids answered a call coming in from Grandma. She told them that she wanted them to order their favorite pizza from Mod Pizza that night on her. That was the spot she would take them when she comes to visit, and was missing the kids and wanted to let them have their pizza night while we are apart right now. It was a fun surprise in the middle of days that can kind of drift together right now, and I was a little taken back by how much fun it made the evening for everyone. It added an element of surprise into our routine, that can get a little mundane when there is not a lot of getting out of the house going on. It made me think that it might be fun to share ideas on these simple little things we can do to create a fun evening for someone else too.

I know there have been a few times I have sent something to someone I care about during this time of having to stay separate, just to say I care – and it has helped me feel a bit more connected to folks. I thought that it might be fun to share some ideas of things that you can still send each other, as we stay in touch during this digital age, as one way to stay connected.

Since we are not able to see many of our family and friends in person right now, an eGift can be the perfect answer to send them something to let them know you are thinking about them. eGift cards will be delivered right to their email account and available for them to use right away!

There is something on this list for all budgets. It does not require money to reach out and let someone know you are thinking about them right now.  You can start by signing up to get three FREE Hallmark gift cards here, and sending out a card to someone you love when they arrive.

More fun ideas on how to give a gift to someone, in the midst of current circumstances include the following.

Food Delivery

Mom mom called my kids and had them order from the restaurant they love to eat at together, just as a way to remember times together (that we have had in the past, and hope to have in the future). You can order for them from a favorite restaurant like she did, or get a gift card that will allow them to order from restaurants that deliver in their area.

If you want to send them a specific restaurant gift card (like say to Red Robin, since they have $1.99 kids meals right now for pick up!), you can find a page full of restaurant eGift Cards here.

Essential Goods

eGift cards that will help folks get the essentials they need, during times like this, can really be a blessing for many families. These eGift cards are great, not just for family and friends, but if you see someone in need in your neighborhood or community, and are in a position to help them out.

I particularly like this one for folks if they need groceries, as you can get FREE Grocery Delivery & $20 off here. 

eGift Cards So They Can Stream Movies & Music

If you are look to add some entertainment into someones life, that they can access right at thome – here are some fun ideas to send them!

This one is a particularly good option if you know a Tween or Teen who has a birthday during this time. It will likely be a great way to brighten their special day, under the circumstances. I don’t think I can recall a recent teen birthday where an iTunes Gift Card was not on the wish list!

You can also find a list of streaming services that are free right now, that you can tell family and friends about here!

Gaming eGift Cards for the Family to Play With

These are fun ideas, especially for kids. These eGift cards not only let them buy games and related stuff online, they also can let them connect and play with friends online. Parents will of course want to make sure they have settings in place to keep kids safe, as with all online content, but it can be a fun way to connect with friends when they cannot actually go over to their houses right now.

Let us know what other great ideas you have to spread some gifting around during times like this.

You can find a full list of eGift cards you can get at Gift Card Mall here, to send an instant gift to your family and friends!

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