Craftsy Classes Get A One Year Premium Membership for Just $0.99!

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Craftsy Classes

Craftsy Classes Get a Years Membership for Just $0.99!

If you are interested in signing up for some great online craft classes, cooking classes, gardening and more, Craftsy classes (formally bluprint) is an online resource full of great classes – and you can get a super deal on it right now. Right now they are running a special promotion and offered me a full years premium membership for just $0.99! These classes generally range from $25 to $100 per class, or you pay a  $79.99 for an annual Craftsy subscription, so this is a super opportunity right now to sign up for a few of these.

No Craftsy coupon is needed. All I had to do was create an account with email address at this special invite link here!

Here is how it worked for me:

craftsy review

Craftsy Review: examples of classes I have done in the past:

We have found Craftsy really easy to navigate and use, and for the price, I think it is one of the best deals for craft classes around. It is nice because you can navigate by topic you are most interested and then just play the video to learn the skill you want to learn. There are a number of different skill levels that classes target, so there is something not just for all different interested but also all different skill levels.

Here are a couple of classed I have done by myself or with my kids so far and enjoyed (that is the other thing I like, my membership can be used by my entire family)!

My kids love these Pro Skills classes we found in there after signing up, to stay on top of sports skills

Right now, one class that I think many of you might be interested in, is the How To Sew A Face Mask at Home (just search the title in the search box to quickly pull this one up)!

There are so many cool classes to choose from. You can make your own coloring book, sew a tote, back a specialty cake, gardening classes, quilting classes, and so much more.  They even include skills classes like photography and writing!

Another cool feature that they have are the Family Classes – where you can participate as a family.  Like Suit Up! DIY DC Super Heroes Costumes, Doodle Wars, Plane Games: Make & Fly Paper Airplanes and many more options.

We found tons of great cooking and baking classes in there too!

If you need inspiration on what to cook from your cupboards check out the one dish meals video. I have been wanting to learn to can for ever – and now may be the time finally!

Get a one year membership for just $0.99 here!

You can find some of our favorite DIY ideas on our projects pages here as well.

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