DIY Heart Shaped Massage Bars with Essential Oils

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DIY Heart Shaped Massage Bars with Essential Oils

Sia & I have been using essential oils for awhile now & we wanted to share with all of you about our love for these powerful, natural products that really have changed our life. I first started using essential oils a year and a half ago and I soon became hooked, wondering why I waited so long to try them.  I really wanted to try out as many as I could to see how they all worked & how consistent my experience was over long periods of time before I started sharing my love of oils with others.

We will be sharing some different ways that we are using essential oils this winter if you are also looking for ways to have better wellness in your home & work on eliminating unwanted chemicals in your cleaning & beauty routines.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up in just over a month, we thought these DIY Heart Shaped Massage Bars with Essential Oils would be a great recipe to kick off our Essential Oil DIY recipes, as these are sure to be a hit as they’re both frugal and fun to give to friends all packaged up in cute little bags or save for your sweetie {maybe you might even get a massage out of it too? :) }.

New to essential oils? Learn more about why we use them and how to save when buying pure, therapeutic oils.

Items Needed:

DIY Massage Bar Ingredients


DIY Massage Bar Mixing

Combine the butter and oils together in a small pot and heat on medium low until melted. Stir a few times while it’s heating up.  Be sure not to boil.

DIY Massage Bars In Process

Place heart mold on a cookie sheet and pour melted butter into mold.

Add essential oils to each heart mold – you can add 2-3 drops per heart mold of your favorite scent (Lavender or Peace & Calming are relaxing scents or Panaway is great for easing muscle tension)

DIY Massage Bars with Essential Oils in Silicone Molds

Place mold into the fridge and allow it to completely cool, about 1 hour

Gently pop them out of the mold and store in an airtight container or the refrigerator.

DIY Massage Bars Using Essential Oils

The bars will begin to melt in your hands if you hold them for too long, making them perfect for a nice warm oil massage.

Let us know how these work for you – we’d love to see your pictures!!

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Essential Oils to Use::

Young Living Essential Oils New Year

There are many, many brands of essential oils available on the market including ones you can find in stores, online retailers such as Amazon & more. However, both Sia & I have extensively researched using essential oils with our family & we have decided to use Young Living essential oils.

They are a bit pricier than what you’ll find in the stores, but we know that they have a very strict Seed to Seal process to ensure that they are pure, therapeutic grade oils with nothing added to them,  that we feel completely safe using with our kids & our families. If you are wanting to make your own DIY beauty recipes, then you want to know everything you are putting into those recipes since you are using them on your face & body and with these Young Living essential oils, we know that we can trust that they have absolutely no chemicals in them.

Young Living Essential Oils starter kit

Find out more about why we use Young Living Essential Oils and how you can save the most when buying these oils. Our favorite deal is the Premium Starter Kit, valued at over $300, including a diffuser and 11 essential oils. Plus some freebies such as a $20 Amazon Gift Card & more that we’ll send you to help you get started with the resources & supplies needed to start your wellness journey with oils.


  1. Hi and thanks for the recipe! How many drops of EO would you recommend adding to the mixture after heating it? I’m planning to make these for an upcoming class. Thanks!

    1. Hi Janet! Sorry that is not clear enough – we will add that in so it’s more clear. I would add 1-3 drops of essential oil per mold. I’d add it in after you pour in the mixture so you know how much is going into each of the heart molds.

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