Washington State Fair Discounts for 2014 – Do the Puyallup

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Washington State Fair Discounts

 Washington State Fair Discounts for 2014

It is that time of year again! The Washington State Fair (better known as the Puyallup Fair) is back starting this weekend!

We absolutely love the fair – fair food (mmm…scones), rides, animals, exhibits, & much more! But, the fair can get pricey – so I’m listing a few of my favorite ways to save at the Puyallup Fair!

The Puyallup Fair actually did a great job of listing the discounts all in one location, so make sure to check out their list.

{Keep in mind that regular admission for adults is $12.50 at the gate, seniors and students 6-18 are $9, & kids 5 & under are ALWAYS FREE.}

FREE Things to do at the Fair:

Make sure to check out the website for FREE music and entertainment at the Fair!

Fair Admission Discounts:

Special Discount Days:

Opening Day FREE admission– Bring a non-perishable food item on Friday, September 5th from 9am -12pm to get free admission. This is your best discount, especially if you’re a couponer as I’m sure you have a stockpile of non-perishables you could contribute. It’s my understanding that you can enter & get your hand stamped & then head back later in the day if you’d like, too.

(A bonus to going on Opening Day is that you could also watch the Western Rodeo Parade & Cattle Drive. This starts at 10am in downtown Puyallup along Meridian Rd and ends at the Fair gates. The parade lasts about an hour & then you could enter the fair after that. We’ve done that a few times & had a blast!)

Military Appreciation Days on Mondays – Free admission for active, retired and reserve military and National Guard and their dependents, plus disabled veterans with a valid military ID on Monday Sept. 8th & 15th.

BECU Free Kids’ Weekend – BECU is sponsoring the BECU FREE Kids’ Weekend. You just need to print the coupon and bring it with you on Saturday, September 6th or Sunday, September 7th. This is good for kids 18 and under (5 & under are always free)!

Ikea Family Day – Sunday Sept 7th is Buy One Get One Free Admission for Ikea Family Members. The offer is only available online and only for 9/7, so make sure to check this out before you go.

Discounts for Gardeners – On 9/13, free gate admission at the Gold Gate if you enter a vegetable into the vegetable critter contest. Just show your vegetable & an online entry receipt on 9/13. You can also get free gate admission on 9/14 if you bring a carved pumpkin for the Carved Pumpkin contest. Just bring your pumpkin & online entry receipt to the Gold Gate on 9/14.

More Washington State Fair Discount Tickets:

Early Bird Online Tickets  – Save up to $2.50/ea when you purchase tickets online ahead of time this year. Must purchase by 9/4/14 (the day before the fair!). You do not need to pick the day you will go, you’re just purchasing tickets to be used any day during the fair.

Here are the ticket prices when purchased ahead of time:

Adults: $10.00 (reg. $12.50)
Students (Ages 6-18): $7.50 (reg. $9)
Seniors (62+): $7.50 (reg. $9)
Kids (Ages 5 & under): Always free

Spend $50 online, Get 1/2 price parking – if you purchase $50 in gate, ride or transit tickets online by 9/4, you’ll get a 1/2 price parking pass for Mon-Fri till 5pm.

Free Student & Educator Admission – If your child is attending a participating school in Western Washington, students should be receiving 1 FREE ticket for any day of the fair (must bring ticket). Educators should also receive 1 free admission as well. (This has always been done in the past and *should* be offered again, but check with your school to make sure)

Sounder Discount Tickets – If you want to ride the Seattle Sounder on Saturday 9/13 or 9/20, they are offering a round-trip fare + gate admission for as low as $14.50 for adults & $10.25 for kids (depending on where you start).

Discounted Admission tickets – Buy discounted admission tickets ahead of time from a participating Safeway around the South Sound area, as well as the South Hill Puyallup Mall customer service center.  Tickets will be $10/adults & $7.50/kids 6-18 & seniors. 

 Watch Daily Deal Sites – There have been several deals available on the daily deal sites in the past few weeks for the Puyallup fair — so keep checking on sites such as Groupon, Living Social, Get My Perks, Amazon Local and more. Here’s several current deals going on at Amazon Local right now to check out.

Entertainment Book – There are several Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons in the 2014 Entertainment book for another way to save. These are valid only on Sept 9 & 16, 2014.

Concert Tickets – If you buy tickets to any of the concerts at the Puyallup Fair, you will get FREE ticket admission into the fair, too, so you can head there early to enjoy the fair before the concert.

Ride & Food Discounts:

Purchase Online and Save – By purchasing your ride and game tickets in advance online, you can save up to 20%. 40 ride & game tickets for $20 & 120 ride & game tickets for $50

*Best ways to save on rides are the packages below!

Rodeo Discounts:

$5 off Rodeo Tickets from O’Reilly Auto Parts Stores – Go to a participating O’Reilly Auto Parts store to get a $5 off coupon for any upper & lower Grandstand  seats (excludes $5 grandstand seats) for this performance.

    • Friday, Sept. 5 at 1 pm
    • Friday Sept 5 at 6:30pm with Clay Walker
    • Saturday, Sept. 6 at 1:00pm
    • Saturday Sept 6 at 6:30pm with Colt Ford
    • Sunday, Sept. 7 at 1:00pm – Finals!
$5 Matinee Special on Friday September 5th – Get a ticket to the 1pm Friday September 5th Rodeo show for just $5 for reserved grandstand seating. (You will still need fair admission, but if you enter before noon that day with a canned food donation, you can get free fair admission).
Season Pass for Rodeo Shows – Get a 5 show package for $85 to the rodeo ($85 savings)


You might want to think about buying a package ahead of time, considering how much you would spend on admission – here are a few packages to buy:

Fred Meyer Value Pack – For $35.95 (a $65 value), you’ll get 2 admission tickets, $10 food bucks, 6 Funtastic Rides with the exception of Extreme Scream (Rides cost $.75/ea – $4.50 value), 2 for 1 discount coupon to Saturday rodeo on 9/7 at 1pm. You can purchase this at any Puget Sound area Fred Meyer thru Friday, Sept 5th. 

Dizzy Pass Packages –

Opening Weekend Dizzy Pass Package – Get unlimited rides in Sillyville and Funtastic Midway (includes Rainier Rush coaster) + 1 free game + 1 admission to the new Vision Dome attraction on Sat 9/6 or Sun 9/7 (one day only). Does not include fair admission. You can get this package for $30 online thru 9/4 or buy it at the fair or online for $40 when you arrive on Sat or Sun. Excludes Extreme Scream.

Weekday Dizzy Pass Ride Bracelet Days – On Mondays – Thursdays, you can get unlimited rides in Sillyville & Funtastic Midway + 1 free game for one day (doesn’t include gate admission). You can buy online through 9/4 for $27.50 or at the fair or online for $35 after 9/4. I do recommend buying online, though, as these lines can get long to buy tickets so that’s one less line you’d have to stand in. You can then ride from 11 or 12pm – 10pm.

Online Ride & Admission Ticket Package – You can get a discount for tickets & rides by purchasing this deal online. Get 2 fair tickets and 6 Funtastic Rides for just $29.95 (excludes Extreme Scream). This is available online thru 9/4.

Season Pass – If you plan on going several times, you might want to think about getting a Season Pass.  These passes pay for themselves in 3 visits. $29.50 for an adult pass & $19.50 for kids 6-18. You can buy these online or in person at the Gold Gate Box Office gate only (they will not be sold at Walgreens this year). 

Save on Parking:

Free Parking at several shuttle locations – Every day, you can head to 2 lots to get free shuttles from either the Holiday Inn or Best Western Park Plaza lots, which are both right off Hwy 512 or there are 2 more on the weekends at South Hill mall and a location off River Road near the Kmart/Goodwill stores for free shuttles from the Kiwanis groups. These shuttles will then take you right to the Green Gate. They do have suggested donations, though, which I just noticed on the website.

Look for free parking by getting there early or park further away – There is free parking to be found if you look thru the downtown area of Puyallup & get there before the fair starts to find that highly coveted street parking. You may have to park far away, though, but if you really want to save, it can be done! Or find a friend who lives in downtown Puyallup to park at their house and maybe barter with some fresh veggies, bring them a meal or figure out another good trade. :)

Ride the Sounder Train on Saturday September 13th & 2oth – The Sounder Train will be operating more routes on Sat 9/13 & 9/20 if you want to ride the Sounder train & then they will have a shuttle from the Puyallup Station to the Fair gates. Depending on how many of you are going, this may or may not save on parking costs as you will pay up to $5.25/person on the Sounder depending on where you’re coming from, so parking 1 car may be a better option. Make sure to check out the discount package for Sounder rides listed above as well.

Find local businesses or homes offering discounted parking – If you just drive around a little bit instead of heading straight to the fair parking areas, you can find discounted parking. The key is to just do a little investigating before you find where you want to park to scope out the best parking deals, just as you would do in the city looking for parking. The further away you get, the cheaper it will be.

There are other types of mass transit options, too, if you want to look into those & see if those would be cheaper than parking for you

Save on Food:

Bring your own food or snacks – If you really want to save, you can bring in your own food to the fair and really save this way. You might want to bring in a main meal & then eat your snacks at the fair, if you’re craving certain fair snack foods (Scones, anyone – my personal favorite fair snack!). This works out great, though, for your picky eaters or your younger kids who don’t yet know about all the wonders of fair food so you can at least save on their food while you enjoy your favorites! (I liked doing this when my kids were younger, we’d get them an ice cream at the dairy barn & maybe one other snack but then bring their lunches or dinner to save money while my hubby & I enjoyed the fair food – of course as they get older, they have more opinions about what they love at the fair! :) ).

Pick just one meal to splurge on – If you’re going to be there the whole day, then maybe bring sandwiches & food for dinner and splurge on lunch foods (you tend to eat less for lunch so this would be cheaper to bring food for dinner). Or vice versa, but this way you’re not paying the high fair prices for food for both meals & snacks.

General Savings Tip:

The most important thing is to determine your budget for how much you want to spend at the fair & I suggest bringing cash with you instead of using your debit card as that really helps to keep you on budget if you know how much you have to spend and you agree not to go over the amount you bring in cash.

It is so easy to get caught up in all the yummy food, the fun displays of new products and more that you can really end up spending way too much money at the fair, which could really put a damper on your whole experience, so just do some pre-planning before you head there to decide on what’s most important to spend for your family!

Ideas for Family Entertainment:

Make sure to check out this post from Sounds Fun Mom with a huge list of activities to do at the Washington State Fair with kids.  She’s also got tips on nursing & diaper changing stations as well as electronic charging stations.

So, what are your favorite ways to save at the fair??


  1. Cheryl says

    I am looking at buying the Dizzy Pass for M-Thur. for $25 but there is a $2 processing fee. I guess I’ll still pay it, rather than waiting in lines to get it…. do you know of any codes for it? It has a box for codes when purchasing.

    • says

      Hey Cheryl, I don’t know of any codes for it. I didn’t realize there was a processing fee, so that basically means it’s almost the same price as buying at the fair, but at least you don’t have to wait in the lines.

    • says

      Hi Cheryl not sure if you have a Safeway in your town or near you. But you don’t have to pay the $2 processing fee! On the website I think their is two other places to buy tickets from if you don’t have a Safeway. Hope this helps!

  2. Raven says

    I remember buying hamburgers, fries, drinks and corn dogs at one gate for 1/2 of the price inside. It is worth the walk especially if you have a group coming in or a big family.

    • says

      Was this inside or outside the fair, Raven? I do know that there are cheaper places to eat right outside the fair on the street right after the fair (9th Ave) past the corner where the Gold Gate is

  3. Janelle says

    Can you confirm if you get to skip the line by buying the Dizzy Pass online? Don’t you still need to get a bracelet/stamp?

    • says

      I’ve not had experience with the Sounder going to the fair (since I live here in Puyallup :) ) but we’ve taken the Sounder in for events in Seattle & it worked great! It was so nice to not have to deal with traffic & parking for busy events. In this case, it sounds like the bus to take you to the fairgrounds would be easy to find & drop you right off as well. That’s a new thing they’re offering this year, too, with the Sounders ticket package, too, so it looks like it will be popular!

  4. Ashley says

    Wanted to give an update on our train experience. Unfortunately it was a mess and I’m not sure I would recommend it, although I will give kudos to the fair for making a bad experience as good as possible. We noticed when we bought our tickets there was no way to specify when we were planning on riding the train (as would be typical with a city train) and knew this might present a problem but decide to proceed anyways. It was pretty full on the way down (we left from Edmonds) but found one seat between the two of us. On the way back we decided to take the earlier of the two trains and unfortunately so did thousands of other people. When the train showed up it was only 4 cars long and so many people were trying to get on the train that I believe they had to ask people to get off. They had over 1000 people left and had to call for 9 buses to get people home. Thankfully the fair handed out waters and scones to people waiting but it was still a mess. I hope this helps anyone thinking of taking the train next weekend. I had really wanted it to work out and be a great experience and I have faith that the problems might be fixed in the future but wanted to share our experience today .

    • Sia says

      Thanks for letting us know how it worked out Ashley – and so sorry you had to deal with that! We went to the Fair yesterday, and it was PACKED in general….so I can imagine what the train situation must have been like for you guys. Hopefully they will learn and it will get better moving forward, I agree!!