Giveaway – Win A Free Night In Cannon Beach (& Buy Nights For Just $99/Nt)

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Sharing Spree is selling nights at The Waves at Cannon Beach for just $99 a night for a One Night Stay in an Ocean View Queen Studio with Fireplace, Private Deck and a Bottle of Wine or Sparking Cider ($199 value)! You can purchase this deal here (up to 4 nights per person).

 Thrifty NW Mom has teamed up with Sharing Spree to give one night away to one of you for FREE! This is the perfect spot to take in one of the most beautiful views on the Oregon Coast, stroll the beach, wander Ecola Creek or venture off to browse the many specialty stores in the village area of Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach is one of my families favorite summer getaways. The beaches are beautiful, you are close enough to drive to Seaside for their boardwalk fun, or just stay in town and enjoy all that Cannon Beach has to offer.

Giveaway –  One Night Stay in an Ocean View Queen Studio with Fireplace, Private Deck and a Bottle of Wine or Sparking Cider ($199 value)!

This giveaway will end on Friday, January 4th at 9pm pst.

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  1. Anna Phillips says

    I love the Oregon Coast for so many reasons… First of all it is the place I will always consider my home. It is where I spent my childhood and now that I am living in Central Oregon I miss it so much! The beautiful landscape… Endless beaches and the warm inviting coastal people are just some of my favorite things.

  2. Jana Farley says

    I’ve been going there since I was a kid (every summer) and now I go with my kids. My fav vacation spot!

  3. Anna says

    I love that the OR coast because it is not far from my sister’s house so I can visit her coming and going!

  4. Trista says

    I love the beaches at the Oregon coast. Also, all the little shops to walk in and check out. And you can’t forget the salt water taffy!

  5. Christine says

    What I love most about the Oregon Coast is that it’s the ocean and a great place to relax and play.

  6. Kristi says

    Well here’s the TMI honest truth…we started our family on a camping trip on the Oregon Coast LOL we stopped at Cannon Beach on the way home from what we discovered 3 weeks later to be a life altering trip. Our little Oregon souvenir is 3 1/2 years old and the best big brother! We often talk about getting away to Cannon Beach but have yet to do it…this would be an awesome trip!

  7. Carol Raymundo says

    I grew up on the Oregon Coast and have lived away from it for almost 20 years. Nothing makes me feel more at home than on the coast!

  8. Karen says

    I haven’t been to the Oregon coast yet. It’s on my “to-do” list for the very near future. I moved to WA 5 years ago, and have slowly been exploring this fantastically beautiful area.

  9. Ashley A says

    I’ve never been to Canon Beach! It would be an amazing trip to take the kids for the first time!!

  10. Kristi says

    I liked the Sharing Spree Seattle page….thank you for hooking us up with all the greatest deals, sites, and activities!

  11. Suzanne says

    Tomorrow, 1/1/2013, my husband and I celebrate 13 years of marriage. Cannon Beach is special to us because it is where we spent our first romantic weekend together. Such beautiful memories that we will treasure forever! Happy New Year everyone!

  12. Leilani says

    What I love most about the Oregon Coast is just the beauty and peace of the ocean. So calming and relaxing.

  13. Stephanie Ostlund says

    I love that the Oregon coast is relaxing. You can walk on the beach and enjoy your husband’s company. It is the best place ever :)

  14. Dorothy Le says

    I would love to go to Cannon Beach, I love walking on the beach in the morning fog.
    And visit Sharing Spree Seattle. I have also tweeted a link to this contest.
    I hope I win.

  15. Amy S. says

    I love that the Oregon beaches are so much warmer than the ones here in Washington. I love the beach no matter what, but sometimes it is nice to be able to stick your toes in the water without them falling off. :)

  16. Heidi says

    Love the oregon coast because its so close to home, yet its still a short much needed getaway! Beautiful!!!

  17. Teresa j says

    My 2nd date with my Husband was at the beach. We took a long walk along the sand and then he gave me a LOOOONG kiss and the waves sweeped around us. It was magical. We just celebrated our 31st Anniversary but the Oregon Coast is still our favorite place to this day.

  18. Kim says

    We used to go to the Oregon Coast every summer when our children were younger. So many great memories! We keep meaning to make it back, but haven’t found the time. Hope to make a trip to the coast in 2013!

  19. Gwen says

    As a little girl, I loved our time on the Oregon Coast. I have many pictures at the Haystack Rock on the beach. Being a Thrifty NW Mom subscriber as well as liking the Sharing Spree of Seattle site, I hope I can win this and share it with someone special.

  20. kathy wilson says

    thrifty nw mom sent me. we love the oregon coast, got married in bandon, conceived our daughter in lincoln city. would love to win a nights stay…. money is tight for us these days. i miss the ocean!

  21. Danielle O says

    I love the Tillamook Cheese Factory :D It’s not the coast-coast…. but it’s pretty darn close ;)

  22. amy m says

    I haven’t been to the Oregon Coast since I was a kid and remember loving the beach. Would love a getaway!

  23. LeAndra says

    I love TNWM and I just can’t get enough. Would be great if I could win this trip to the Oregon coast, so very relaxing. As a mother of 6 kids, it is needed

  24. Tiffany P says

    I like that going to the OR coast is a quick family get-away. I like it even more if we happen to hit one of the 5 days a year the weather is nice! :)

  25. Danielle Vandenberg says

    I love the variety of beaches along the coast. Cliffs, sand, forested parks, you can find it all!

  26. Julie says

    Cannon Beach is one of my favorite places. Love the stormy weather festivals, cuddling up by the fire and walking along the beach. Even got engaged there!

  27. Jennifer McCallum says

    I love the Oregon Coast because the beaches are so beautiful and you can walk for miles.

  28. Misty Hernandez says

    I love everything about the Oregon coast. Taking my kids to the beach is probably my favorite thing to do.

  29. Jenn Romans says

    I like the the thrifty northwest mom Facebook page, it saves me lots of money & alerts me to deals!!!

  30. Bianca says

    I’ve only been to Cannon Beach once and would love to return. Loved the beach and the quaint town.

  31. Kari says

    We love spending time away from our “normal routine” as a family! Cannon Beach is the perfect getaway for all of us!

  32. Tracie Rose says

    Cannon Beach is an all time favorite for me! I shut down from the world and enjoy the amazing NW storms.

  33. Amy D says

    Since I moved to WA last year I long to stroll, briskly, along the Oregon beaches that can go on and on. I miss driving the 4 runner on the beach and doing donuts on the sand. I miss a full sandy beach of white sand which seem to be missing up here in the Puget Sound area. My pocket book misses seeing the deals at the Tanger Outlet mall in Lincoln City, OR. Also visiting the Tillomook Cheese factory is a must. The cheese curds are divine. Finally I love the dungenous crab at my favorite restaurant while looking at the tides come in and out while the sun sets over a beautiful ocean.

  34. AJ says

    What don’t I love about the Oregon Coast? My husband and I have been going to Cannon Beach for 10 years and find it to be one of the most relaxing places on earth! I love the cold, gray days and empty beaches in the winter best of all…

  35. Carol Nemec says

    I love Thrifty NW Mom Portland. The Oregon Coast is majestic and makes me fee so small. I love the sound of the crashing waves and the feel of the sand in my toes. It is beautiful year round.

  36. anne c says

    We love the Oregon coast. We just spent my mom’s 70th birthday there. Our first choice for a beach getaway.

  37. Terri W says

    I “LOVE” the Oregon Coast because it is one of the most beautiful, peaceful & has the cleanest beaches in the USA.

  38. Terri W says

    I went to the Sharing Spree Portland Page, liked it and left the following message: TNWM sent me to your page :)

  39. katy a says

    My favorite thing about the Oregon Coast is the sense of peace the water and atmosphere brings. :)

  40. arlene mark-ng says

    even in the rain & cold, the coastline is so majestic with the waves & wind showing off! it’s like being in another world but you can run inside & be safe…

  41. Kim L says

    I don’t know what I like on the Oregon Coast as I have not been yet. This would be a great opportunity for me and my family to go.

  42. Tisa says

    I grew up in Portland and would drive down almost weekly with my girlfriends. What I like most is that it is never crowded and offers so much to do…kite flying, castle building, playing in the water, etc etc etc.

  43. Courtney says

    I love that you can drive on them (when empty, of course) and that they’re sandy! (I’m from the East Coast, where the coast is rocky & you can’t drive on them.)

  44. Lisa Embry says

    I would like to enter to win this for my sister and her husband, Lori & Peter Riegelmann. Lori & Peter work at CRC, Christian Renewal Center. August of 2011 my husband Robert & I moved to Oregon to be closer to family. The kind loving folks at CRC allowed us to live at CRC with Peter and Lori while we looked for a place to live. My husband became ill shortly after moving to Oregon and in December 2011 he was diagnosed with Grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma (Brain Cancer.) During the coarse of Robert’s treatment, Radiation & Chemotherapy Lori and Peter, the folks at CRC Tim and Julie Hansen, Wes and Judy Riegelmann and our church all joined together to provide the transportation to Portland and our stay at CRC was extended far beyond our expectations. Considering the fact that Robert and I have four children still at home and Peter and Lori have two small children, we did very well living in the same home for just over one year. Our family moved into the house we bought in Salem in September and Robert is doing well, his tumor remains stable and he continues monthly maintenance chemo. We couldn’t do much outside the children for our family for Christmas. I would like to thank Peter and Lori by entering them in this contest. It would be nice to enter Tim and Julie Hansen along with Wes and Judy Riegelmann as well, but thats probably not feasible. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. This seems like a nice way to thank the ones that stood by us when we needed them most. Happy New Year Robert and Lisa Embry

  45. Andrea Tellinghuisen says

    I follow the Sharing Spree Seattle page and check on Portland deals as well because we LOVE to visit Oregon. The thing I like most about Cannon Beach (or the coast in general) is the soft sand and watching my kids run and play in it.

  46. Mary Needham says

    What I love most about the beach is watching the pure joy on my boys faces as the run and play in the water and sand.

  47. Sam says

    I’ve never been to the Oregon coast even though I’ve lived in Seattle for 8 years! If I win I have no excuse not to go!!

  48. Sarah Nielsen says

    My favorite thing about the coast: all the amazing memories our family makes every time we are there!!!

  49. Elizabeth I. says

    I love the scenery..the combination of the beaches with the mountains…beautiful!!

  50. Teresa says

    I love the Oregon coast rain or shine! It is fun to watch a good storm, but even better, when you can walk barefoot on the sand!

  51. Jessica S says

    My favorite most carefree vacation with my husband ever happened about 7 years ago on the Oregon coast in January. We’ve been trying to get back ever since!

  52. Heather Melcher says

    I love how different the ocean and sandy shores are from the dryland wheat fields where we live in eastern Washington.

  53. Heather Melcher says

    I shared this deal on facebook so that my friends will have a chance for a nice getaway too.

  54. helen says

    my husband picked out our a boy and girl name when we found out we were pregnant with our first while in newport almost 4 years ago. we wrote their names on the beach and now we have both a boy and a girl with the names we chose :) good memories.

  55. Melissa R. says

    I love that cannon beach has actual SAND! :) you don’t get that much here in the PNW.

  56. Ranita says

    I used to go to the Oregon Coast every year as a child. It has been 12 years since I’ve been and I now have 4 children of my own I dream of taking down to build a sandcastle.

  57. Susie says

    I love Oregon’s beautiful coast. So relaxing and just an amazing show of God’s majesty.

  58. Debbie says

    Cannon Beach is our absolute favorite coastal town! It is quaint, beautiful and perfect no matter the weather.

  59. Rebekah L. says

    I have never been to the Oregon coast, but I love the pictures from friends who have gone!

  60. Stephanie says

    I “like” Thrifty NW mom on Facebook. I would love to win to, the Oregon coast is beautiful.

  61. Nicole Daggett says

    I absolutely love the Oregon Coast. My family is from a small town by Mt. St. Helens, and we spent so much time at Seaside and Cannon Beach when I was growing up–I would love to be able to create some more amazing memories with my own family there. :)

  62. Rosie T. says

    The Oregon coast is one of my favorite places. I spent my childhood vacationing there and have continued that tradition as an adult. My honeymoon was at Newport and our son’s first vacation trip was to Cannon Beach last summer when he was nine months old.

    The Oregon coast has a feel that is unmatched by any other place. It’s refreshing, the sound of the waves clears your mind and the cool beach breezes have always revitalized my spirit. No matter what I have going on back at home, a visit to the coast always helps me to decompress and gain perspective.

    I can’t wait for our next trip. :)

  63. crystal Danielson says

    I love the Oregon coast for the quaint Towns and all of the great little shops

  64. Jen says

    I love the oregon coast because it is so beautiful to see the miles of sandy beaches and the horizon. So beautiful!

  65. says

    I love the Oregon coast in the winter. You can’t have a “bad” day at the beach in December. Storms rolling over the ocean, sending the waves crashing into the rocks are breathtaking to watch. Quite, cloudy days muffle sounds so all you here is the rush of water and the sand and water and sky blend together like gazing into infinity. And then there is the occasional, glorious sunny day where you dare to dip your toes in the icy Pacific…

  66. crystal Danielson says

    I like to head to the beach for the day for the fresh air,a great meal… helps me get grounded

  67. Katie says

    I love how soothing and calming it is to just sit and listen to the huge waves, that we get here on the Oregon coast, crash against the sand! For me it’s the happiest place on earth!

  68. Grommiegirl says

    My family loves the Oregon coast and for the past three years have visited Cannon Beach for family vacations. It is beautiful!

  69. Verna Almer-Tidd says

    I love the Oregon coast. And Cannon Beach is my favorite place to visit and where I am always drawn to.

  70. Jodi says

    I love the Oregon Coast because of the beauty and awesome storms!!! I love Cannon Beach cuz I went to school there 13 yrs ago and haven’t been able to go back to visit that wonderful town and beach for close to 10 yrs.

  71. Jodi says

    I love the Oregon Coast because of the beauty and awesome storms!!! I love Cannon Beach cuz I went to school there 13 yrs ago and haven’t been able to go back to visit that wonderful town and beach for close to 10 yrs. It has a special place in my heart and I get home sick for it. :-)

  72. Cristina Matasaru says

    The Oregon coast has so many attractions it’s hard to list them all: obviously the beaches and the ocean, but also Cannon Beach for the cute little shops and delicious restaurants, Seaside for the outlet mall, Ecola State Park for the breathtaking views, all the great hiking opportunities, the beautiful drive right on the coast. There’s a lot to it and I love it all!

  73. Kali says

    Only been once but enjoyed just walking along the beach and them some wine tasting along the coast.

  74. Melissa says

    I spent 4 years of my childhood living on the Oregon coast, and while that is a very small portion of my overall life, it got into my blood…. I will forever be a beach bum at heart, and the ocean will always be “Home”.

  75. Jennifer S. says

    What I love most about the Oregon coast is how the landscape changes as we make our way down to Tillamook. Peaceful bays, gorgeous, unique rock formations and tide pools….it’s what makes the Oregon coast special!

  76. Jennifer S. says

    What I love most about the Oregon coast is how the landscape changes as we make our way down to Tillamook. Peaceful bays, gorgeous, unique rock formations and tide pools….it’s what makes the Oregon coast special!

  77. Leslie W says

    I love the beaches! The whole Oregon beach experience in the summer is magical, it’s warm water, warm air & a great time for the whole family!

  78. amber Timblin says

    I absolutely love how peacefull the water is. I love just listening to the waves crash . Takes me to a warm place in my heart . And being a mother of 3 it gets pretty hard to find a true place of absolute silence .

  79. Jennifer Engelbert says

    My favorite thing about the Oregon Coast, aside from the beautiful ocean, is that my little sister and my grandma both live in Astoria. Not too far from Cannon Beach!! They aren’t too far away but I don’t get to see them that often so I would LOVE to win this so I can go visit and have an affordable place to stay!!

  80. Mila L. says

    Never been to Cannon beach so would love to explore since Iheard it’s beautiful there from friends and family.

  81. Michelle Sundin says

    I love the Oregon coast it is beautiful and so close to home, you can go there whenever u want.

  82. Rachell Coffee says

    Love the Oregon Coast for the beautiful views and quiet, sleepy town of Cannon Beach! And who doesn’t love Haystack Rock??

  83. Melissa Leggett says

    I love the crashing waves on the huge rocks.. I’ve inly been once on our honeymoon. But with 6 kiddos, we rarely get time away. Thank you for the chance!

  84. Jill Foster says

    Love the Oregon Coast, especially Canon Beach. Love the “Rock”, the ocean, the ambiance of the town.

  85. Amanda Judd says

    I love the feel of “getting away” the Oregon coast provides. It’s like I’m entering another world and u can leave all my worries behind.

  86. brigitte Fischer says

    I love Cannon Beach, goonies was filmed their who doesn’t love the sand, large rocks and beautiful ocean view!!

  87. Calonie says

    I love the wind, the waves, the smell, any season it just is wonderful scenery and a great excuse to get snuggly with my hubby!

  88. Adri Martinez says

    We love to take our kids to the beach, we spend all day building castles or flying a kite. They love it and always have good memories. It will b nice to have a getaway with my honey.

  89. Audrey Stearns says

    I love the Oregon Coast because it typically has better weather than the Washington Coast.

  90. Gale says

    I love walking the Oregon coast to look for agates and shells, and of course the beautiful sunsets!

  91. Katie says

    I love how going to the Oregon coast makes you feel like you are far away from everyone for a weekend for a perfect escape-vacation, and then you only drive a couple hours to get home. The perfect retreat :)

  92. Jaren says

    Our family loves the Oregon coast for its mix of rocky crags and cliffs, especially in Cannon Beach, and beautiful beaches. Close enough to visit often!

  93. Melody O. says

    My favorite thing about the Oregon Coast are the waves crashing on the beach when a storm comes in. Love the sound.

  94. Emily says

    I just love the Oregon Coast and Cannon Beach is my favorite! Love the food, the shops…even the rainy weather!

  95. Jeanne says

    I love haystack rock. I was so excited to see it in person especially after seeing it a million times on Goonies!:)

  96. Christina says

    The Oregon coast is beautiful. I have not seen a lot of it, but I would love to see more.

  97. DinT says

    What don’t I like about the Oregon Coast??? It is calming, relaxing, beautiful, majestic…

  98. Stephanie Thorp says

    I love the Oregon Coast because it is where I got engaged, where I spent my Honeymoon, and where my husband and I take our 3 girls!

  99. JULIE HUTT says

    What isn’t there to love about the Oregon Coast! Its beautiful and since I haven’t been there in years, I’d love to win so I can go back with my kids

  100. Julia Christie Martin says

    I love getting away to cannon beach – I’m a very busy mama of five and an artist and I use the time to recharge and get my creative juices flowing again! Would LOVE to win this!!!! I’m so in need of a break after having all five kids at home for the holidays!

  101. Shara Hulburt says

    I love the Oregon coast for all the wonderful memories I have there growing up and also the memories I am making with my kids and our little family!

  102. Kathryn W says

    The Oregon Coast reminds me of when my husband and I would make an annual trip to Haystack Rock. We haven’t been since we’ve had kids (our oldest is 8). We would love to go back and re-live those moments!!

  103. says

    We love the oregon coast because cars cant drive on the beach and the sand looks so much more whiter and cleaner then wa beaches. Also feels a lot softer on the feet! We love staying at either seaside or canyon beach because all the shops and you can walk around a lot of the area.

  104. Rachel says

    Love the salt water taffy and outlet malls on the Oregon coast (oh and the coast itself too!)

  105. Angela S. says

    I haven’t been to the Oregon Coast but it is on my Bucket List and would love to go!!

  106. Roxanne says

    I love the Oregon Coast because that is where we spent our honeymoon, so it has a lot of happy memories for me.

  107. Heather root says

    What I love about the Oregon coast….. I don’t know yet! I just moved here from Maryland and would love love love this hotel stay so I could visit the Oregon coast!

  108. Laura says

    My favorite thing about the Oregon Coast is the beautiful beaches! I’ve only been once but I have wanted to go back ever since!

  109. Bess Colpron says

    I love the cold ocean sand and waves rolling over my toes. Teaching my daughter about sea lifeforms. Puffins! And the salty air.

  110. Laura M says

    What I genuinely love about the Oregon coast is that is never super super busy. It’s easy to find a beach access where you are at most sharing a large chunk of coast with a handful of people!

  111. Emily Smith says

    I love the Oregon coast because it is so beautiful and just an hour drive from where I live! =)

  112. Carolyn Williams says

    My hubby grew up going to Cannon Beach. Boy would it be a treat to be able to bring him back there.

    • Carolyn Williams says

      I should add that it is the excitement in his eyes is what makes me love Cannon Beach. Whether it is the beach or going to the rock like in the Goonies or going to one of the parks….so fun!

  113. Barb says

    I love how calming and relaxing the beach is, and how beautiful it is, especially the sunsets!

  114. says

    I love the Oregon Coast because it is full of fun memories from my childhood. And now my own kids are making memories there, and it is priceless!

  115. Ami bennett says

    I love the Oregon Coast because no matter the time of year, there are always great family things to do.

  116. Karla Hopkins says

    I love the Oregon coast for sandy beaches and wonderful people, would love a chance to get away

  117. Rachel Clarke says

    The sound of the waves crashing in the background…ahhhhh! And the smell of salty air!

  118. Raychelle Wykes says

    My family loves to go to the Oregon coast, whether it’s a quick day trip to sit on beach for lunch or an overnight or two. We are perfectly happy with no plans, just going to the sand &water watching waves &to seagulls or flying a kite or playing in the waves. Very nice to make that short drive to the coast & get away from reality.

    I like the sharing spree Portland facebook page. TNWM sent me.

    I also like Thrifty NW Mom Facebook Page.

    I hope I win so we can go to the coast! Thank you for the opportunity! :)

  119. Laura Huhta says

    Love the beach. Such a wonderful meaning to me. As my mom brothers & I are leaving Sunday to come to your coast line to celebrate the 1 year anniv. of my wonderful fathers passing and spread some of his ashes as this coastline was my parents FAV place to get away many, many times a year.

  120. Ann Krayeski says

    We have never been to the Oregon Coast, but have always wanted to go to Cannon Beach!

  121. Nicole says

    My favorite thing about the Oregon Coast is that there is always something to do, from hiking, sight seeing, walking on the beach and of course eating the freshest seafood. It’s also where my husband proposed :)

  122. Tammy B says

    I love the Oregon Coast! My parents met at Cannon Beach! While I don’t get to go often, it has a special place in my heart. Really like the sandy beach and the walk to the rock.

  123. Genoa Blankenship says

    Instant peace on earth. Also, one of our children is named Cannon. This is no coincidence that he is lovable and calm, too.

    • Genoa Blankenship says

      Looks my post ended up on here twice…don’t know how to delete one of them!

  124. Nikki says

    My hubby and I have been going to the Oregon Coast for almost 11 years every summer, even had our honeymoon in Seaside, I love that there is so much to do, or just spend a day relaxing at the beach! Hope I win!!!

  125. Vivienne says

    I love love the sound of the waves. Even though its almost always cold there it’s peaceful and heartwarming.

  126. Genoa Blankenship says

    Instant peace on Earth. It is no coincidence that our lovable, calm son is named Cannon.