Walmart Plus Membership Free Trial & What It Is! #walmartplus

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Walmart Plus Membership Free Trial

Walmart Plus Membership Free Trial & What It Is!

Have you heard that Walmart is now offering a Walmart Plus Membership? If you do Walmart Online Shopping, you will want to check this out. Right now you can get a 15-day FREE trial of Walmart Plus, also referred to as Walmart+, to see if it works for you.

What is Walmart Plus?

Walmart Plus Memberships are premium paid subscription memberships that give you access to things like free online deliveries, and grocery deliveries from your local stores, among other benefits. In many ways it is in competition with services like Amazon Prime plus their Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods offerings. There are some different benefits to both programs, and Walmart Plus has a lower price point available right now too.

What does Walmart Plus include?

Walmart+ offers a variety of different benefits, including:

Free Shipping available – 

  • On items shipped by Walmart
  • Excludes oversized, freight, & Marketplace items
  • Restrictions apply

Free Deliveries from your Store –

  • Get items as soon as today at the same everyday low prices you love$
  • 35 minimum on orders

Member prices for Fuel

  • Save 5¢ per gallon
  • Valid at Walmart and Murphy fuel stations
  • Plus receive member prices at Sam’s Club fuel centers

Scan and Go – Mobile, contactless checkout in the stores

  • Check out with your phone while shopping in-store
  • Contact-free!

What are the benefits of Walmart plus?

Now that we have listed out all of the things that Walmart Plus includes, here is some more detail on those benefits to asses how they might work out for your family.

Free shipping with no order minimum.

There are two things I would consider here, in comparison to other online services that do this:

a) Walmart had some of the lower prices, and better deals this holiday season. If current shopping prices are any indication, Walmart is being very competitive with their pricing strategies, and they also had more inventory then other stores it seemed this year. Even going as far back as Spring, I found almost all of the best price deals on things like blow up hot tubs, and outdoor umbrellas at Walmart this year – and the shipping was very convenient.

From this perspective, being able to order quickly and with great prices, makes this benefit a nice one. I had a number of items shipped from Walmart in previous months, and had very good experiences with that process.

b) If Walmart consolidates their shipping process (vs places like Amazon where I can make one order, and it will still arrive in 3 different deliveries), this could be a major benefit. It is hard enough to make sure you are home for 1 delivery, let alone having them spread out over many deliveries, so this is one I will be keeping an eye on.

Free delivery from your store – 

I think the ability to get groceries & more delivered as soon as today with the same everyday low prices you expect at Walmart, is a big benefit. If you look at the delivery fees from other grocery store chains, this benefit alone might make the service worthwhile. Some chains will charge you as much as the monthly fee per delivery, so to be able to get unlimited monthly deliveries (AND, have then delivered day of order), is a big benefit for those who like to do most of their grocery shopping from home these days.

(note – $35 order minimum. Restrictions apply)

Member prices on fuel

While I would not subscribe for this benefit alone, it is a nice added extra.

Mobile scan & go

If you want to avoid lines (and close contact of others) the ability to shop contact-free by checking out with your phone as you shop in-store is a nice benefit. Imagine shopping and scanning as you go, then walking out of the store, vs looking for the shortest line to wait in!

How much is Walmart plus a month?

Walmart Plus memberships are available for only $12.95/month or $98/year! That is lower then many of these similar subscription services available right now.

Get a free trial of Walmart+ right now too!

  • Right now, get a 15-day FREE trial of Walmart+ when you sign up. This is a great way to try it out risk free. Just be sure to sign up for a 15-day window when you know you will be wanting to use the services.

Is Walmart plus worth it?

This question is going to depend on how you shop. If you do alot of shopping online (and often look for best price, or brands Walmart carries), this is a great option. If you do your grocery shopping online too, then I would say this could definitely be worth it for your family.

Also, if you are someone who would like to avoid the checkout lines, then the mobile scan as you go feature is going to be very nice, and may make it worth it for you just for convenience sake.

Sign up for the free trial or find more info about Walmart+ here.