Valentine Ideas – Smores Packets & Flower Lollipops

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We attended a little Valentine’s party today with some preschool-aged gals, so I was in need of two different kinds of Valentine cards for my girls to pass out. I totally could have gotten away with them giving away just one thing together, but I knew they’d have more fun handing out their own, personal Valentine’s.  However, I was running short on time as I had 2 MOPS events that we had going on this weekend that I was in charge of organizing. We completed both of these projects in about a half hour or so & had most of the items on hand. So, if you’re still debating what to do for Valentine’s cards or projects, these are some fun ideas! {We’ll be doing something different for my older daughter’s class, though – I’ll be working on those this evening & I’ll share tomorrow with you.}

Smores Packets:

I stumbled across this super cute Valentine’s idea over on the Domesticated Lady blog yesterday and she even offers a FREE printable for the gift tag to go with it. The printable is so cute!! It looks like she has a lot more fun printables as well, so I’m excited to check out her site more. Make sure to check out the S’mores packets on her site – I changed it up just a bit but there are several different ways you could make these.

Items Needed:

  • Graham Crackers ($1.99)
  • Hershey bars (mini or snack bar size) or you could even use a Hershey’s kiss (more frugal to use the Hershey’s kiss – I think I paid around $2 for the snack bar size since I needed them today!)
  • Heart-shaped Peeps (I was actually looking for the pink heart shaped marshmallows but couldn’t find them, but these heart-shaped Peeps worked perfectly. I found them at Target for $1.99 for the package)
  • Plastic Bags – I had already gotten these sucker bags at Michaels (for $1.99 which had 20 bags, I think – I didn’t use the ribbons) but you could even use regular sandwich baggies -it just wouldn’t be as tight of a fit.

You could definitely find ways to make this much more frugal than I did, but I only had 10 to make & considering it was last-minute, I thought they still ended up not too costly. If you’re making them for an entire class, you’ll definitely want to find the marshmallows to use & then consider the regular baggies. If you have any chocolate candy leftover from Christmas clearance sales, even better!

The finished product turned out so cute! The free printable S’mores Valentine tag says “I need S’more friends like you” and on the back, it has the instructions on how to make your own smores treat in the microwave!

Lollipop Lily:

For my little gal, I needed something super easy as I made it right before church this morning. We had actually made these flower lollipop valentine’s several years ago when my oldest was in a playgroup & they turned out so cute. So simple yet a hit with the kids! Thankfully I had picked up these Tootsie Roll Pops last night at Target just in case.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before we handed them out & my daughters enjoyed their lollipops on the way home, so I don’t have any pictures to show of the ones I made. However, you can just head over to Skip to my Lou to print off the flowers – I used red cardstock paper to print them off with the pink Tootsie Roll pops & it was very colorful yet sturdy enough to hold its shape. I got the bag of tootsie roll pops for $2 at Target and I found paper 6 for $1 at Michael’s on Friday as part of their daily deal. So, this is definitely a frugal idea if you need to make Valentine’s for the whole class. It’d make a great cutting project for the  elementary kids, too – way to practice those fine-motor skills! :) Otherwise, mom gets to cut out all these little flowers! {I did do 2 at a time to make it a little faster & I only made 10, so it wasn’t a big deal.}

Here are a few other fun ideas, too, that she’s added:

  • Floral Lollipop Lily – this just uses white cardstock & prints a pretty floral print on the lily pattern
  • Butterfly Lollipop – my girls loved this one, too & again it just needs a bag of tootsie roll pops & some colored cardstock paper

What creative ideas do you have for Valentine cards or little gifts to hand out? If you made something fun & unique, we’d love to see it! 


  1. oh I wish I I would have seen this 3 days ago. our preschool party was today and found myself doing the same thing as other busy parents :( next year I am carving out enough time to do these great projects

  2. Love the smores ones, how cute. We have made smores in the microwave for sunday school before, and they were very popular, so I am sure the kids really enjoyed this valentine! Thanks for inspiring me to get busy with my kiddos.

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