Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids – 30+ Crafts To Inspire You!

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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids – 30+ Crafts To Inspire You!

Are you looking for some fun & unique Thanksgiving activities to do with kids? We have lots of ideas for Thanksgiving Crafts that will keep them busy and having fun? Some will even help them focus on gratitude this season too.
We have put together a roundup of some of our favorite activities we’ve found to give you a variety to choose from to do with your kids. During this rainy season, I definitely look for more crafty types of activities to keep my kids busy!
Many of these ideas are focusing on gratitude and turkeys, but we share lots more Fall Craft Ideas for Kids here too, so be sure to check those out as well.

Here is a roundup of Thanksgiving Crafts that we love.

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

Lets start with some of our favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts, as these are sure to be a hit with everyone this time of the year.

Turkey Wreath Craft for kids
Thrifty Turkey Wreath from You Brew My Tea

Apple Turkey Snack

Thanksgiving Turkey Snack & Kids Craft from One Creative Mommy

Handprint Turkeys from The Thrifty Couple

Construction Paper Turkey Crafts from Homemaking Hacks

Craft Stick Turkeys from Homemaking Hacks

Pipe Cleaner Turkey

Pipe Cleaner Turkeys from Homemaking Hacks

Pinecone Turkey Craft for Kids from One Creative Mommy

Turkey Trivets from The Inspired Home


Turkey Pinecone Craft from Jinxy Kids 

Dressed Turkey Thanksgiving Kids Craft from One Creative Mommy

11 Thanksgiving Handprint and Footprint Crafts  from Spaceships and Laser Beams


Pom Pom Thanksgiving Turkey Craft from Moms & Crafters

Handprint Candy Corn Turkey Craft for Kids from The Jenny Evolution

DIY Window Clings: Thanksgiving from Gym, Craft, Laundry

Paperbag Turkey Craft

Paper Bag Turkey Fun Thanksgiving Kids Craft from Creative Ramblings

Pine Cone Turkey from Trish Sutton

Cupcake Liner Turkey from Crafts on Sea

Colorful Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft for Kids from Raising Little Superheroes

Cute Cardboard Tube Turkey Craft for Kids from Raising Little Superheroes


Thanksgiving Gratitude Crafts for Kids

Gratitude activities and crafts are some of my favorite to do as a family this time of the year. It really keeps the focus on being thankful, even as the holiday business starts to creep in. Plus, they are fun to kids!

Paper Bag Gratitude Garland from The Thinking Closet

Thankerchief from Trish Sutton

How To Make a Gratitude Journal from Confessions of an Overworked Mom

We Are Thankful Wreath from Coffee With Us 3

More Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

And here are a few more ideas to keep you crafting with your kids this year!

Preschool Thanksgiving Place Holders from Coffee With Us 3

Thanksgiving Placemates for Kids from Coffee With Us 3

pumpkin pie playdough recipe

Make a batch of this delicious smelling Pumpkin Spice Playdough with your kids! You may have everything you need in your cupboards already!

Get the kids in the kitchen having fun with these No Bake Acorn Cookies, or these Cornucopia Harvest Snack Mix recipe!

Turkey Feather Countdown – Teaching Kids Gratitude Activity/Craft

I also wanted to share a cute Thanksgiving/turkey craft that I did with my daughter a number of years ago & we have done with our family together since then. It’s a Turkey Feather Countdown (you can start it anytime & count down till Thanksgiving).

This can be done in two ways::

1) Countdown to Thanksgiving by adding the number of feathers for the number of days left. So if there are 10 days left when you start, then you add 10 feathers. You then count down by “plucking” off a feather from the turkey each day & writing what you are thankful for on the feather (when my kids were younger, I wrote it & kept their ideas to remember. Now that they are older, they write their own things that they were thankful for. We took turns on who got to pull out the feather that day & write what they were thankful for. Sometimes we have all written down our ideas on each feather.  At the end, your turkey will have no more feathers & he will be ready to be gobbled up!
2) Add a feather each day until Thanksgiving – this is another way that we have done this activity. You can count out the number of days left & make that number of feathers. If there are 10 days till Thanksgiving, then you make 10 feathers. You then take turns writing what you are thankful for on the turkey (or writing all of the family member’s thankful ideas each day on the feather).  Then you add the feathers to the turkey to make him bright & colorful – the more bright & colorful as you get closer to Thanksgiving & they can count down to see how close you are by counting how many feathers are left. {This idea is not quite as visual as plucking off the feathers and making him bare & ready to be “gobbled up” by the end. But we liked the idea of making him more colorful as every day passed as my girls got to pick which color feather we would add next.

I’ve saved the responses from years in the past, so we can look back on it every year! I think this is a great tradition to start and it has definitely helped with the endless questions from my daughters when they were younger -how much longer till Thanksgiving? They loved having a visual to see how many days are left!

What are some of your fun craft ideas for fall and Thanksgiving??


  1. I tried the handprint tree with paint for the tree and fingerprint stamping for the leaves, all I can say is remember you need a long trunk for the tree, I only painted down to just below the wrist and ours look a little silly.

  2. Love all the ideas, will have to do some with my toddler. Thanks for the sweet comments about my new blog- you're not behind, I just changed it last night!

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